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Horse stable builders in Sheffield

If you’re looking for stable builders in Sheffield, the chances are you don't want to spend hours searching. We can help speed up the process and our members are even recommended by your neighbours.

There are two ways of finding horse stable construction companies in your area:

  1. Look online for local equestrian barn builders and contact them directly.

  2. Save yourself the effort of scrolling through Google by using our request a quote feature. Send us the details of the work you need doing and we’ll find three horse stable builders in Sheffield. We’ll pass them your details and they’ll send you a fair quote.

  • What is a livery?

    Also known as an equestrian yard, a livery is a stable where horse owners can safely keep their horse. This allows people with smaller homes and less land to still enjoy the benefits of horse ownership. These stables aren’t free, and if you plan to keep your horse in a livery, you’ll need to pay a regular fee.

    Not all liveries are the same and many offer different levels of care. The right livery for you will depend on the time and energy you plan to spend looking after your horse yourself.

  • What does a livery yard do?

    As well as somewhere for your horse to live, livery yards offer different services depending on your requirements. These services may include:

    • Feeding

    • Grooming

    • Exercising

    • Mucking out

    • Schooling

    Remember, the more care offered by your livery, the higher the monthly/weekly fee will be. As these people are taking care of your horse’s needs, it’s worth spending time ensuring you choose the right livery for your horse.

  • What are the different types of livery?

    As we mentioned previously, different liveries or equestrian yards offer different services. This means there are a few different types of livery you can choose from. Below is a brief summary of each type:

    • DIY livery: Your horse will have a stable and space to graze but you’ll care for your horse’s needs.

    • Part livery: As well as providing a stable and grazing space, part liveries also offer different services to look after your horse. These may include mucking out, feeding and grooming. You’ll need to cover certain aspects of your horse's care yourself.

    • Full livery: For busy horse owners, full liveries cover every need your horse has. This means you’re free to spend more time away from your horse knowing they’re properly cared for.

  • How much does it cost to stable a horse in the UK?

    The main thing to consider when budgeting for horse stabling is the level of care and type of livery you need. Depending on whether you take on all, some or none of the aspects of looking after your horse yourself, the cost to stable a horse can vary.

    The average price of keeping a horse in a livery is £2,652 a month. However looking at different types of liveries, you could pay anything from £250 for a DIY livery to over £1,000 a month for a full livery. It's also worth noting that if you choose a DIY livery, you’ll need to budget for food, bedding and other costs.

  • How much is a horse stable?

    If you have the space on your property, building a horse stable is a great way of keeping your horse safe and comfortable. In addition, you won’t need to travel to see your horse on a daily basis. Having a stable is also a great place to store your equestrian equipment, keeping your home tidy and organised.

    The cost to build a horse stable will vary due to the size, materials and facilities you choose. For example, a stable reinforced by steel will be more sturdy but also more expensive.

    Horse stable cost

    Once you know the type and size of stable you need, you can set your budget for the project. To help guide you, the average cost to build a horse stable ranges from £880-£2,700. You can find more information and prices in our horse stable cost guide.

  • How to build a horse stable

    While it’s possible to build a horse stable yourself, this is not a project for a DIY beginner. For starters you’ll be working with large, dangerous tools and equipment. Plus this isn’t a quick and easy job.

    If you want to know more about how to build a horse stable, use the below tips to help you get started:

    1. Base: Make sure you choose a stable, solid base for your equestrian stables.

    2. Ventilation: Horses need a good amount of ventilation, you could add a window to your stable giving your horse a nice view.

    3. Size: The larger your horse, the bigger the stable you’ll need. Having a large stable helps your horse to stay comfortable and clean.

    4. Storage: It’s worth adding extra space to allow you to store your equestrian equipment neatly.

    5. Ceilings: Make sure you use high ceilings to allow more air into the space.

    6. Kickboards & chewstrips: Don’t forget to add these.

    Want to speak to horse stable builders in Sheffield?

    Whether you’re planning to buy a horse or want to move your current horse nearer to your home, building a stable is a great idea. What's more, we can help you find the right horse stable construction company in your area. Our members pass 12 checks and are recommended by your neighbours.

    So, how can we help you find the right equestrian barn builders? One option is to use our online search feature. It’s completely free, just type in your postcode and we’ll show you a range of stable builders in Sheffield.

    Alternatively, our request a quote feature is a great option for busy horse owners. Fill in our online form and we’ll send your information to three horse stable builders near you. They’ll then get in touch with you to ask for more details or offer you a quote.