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Planning consultants: How they can help you

Ever wonder what planning consultants do? Check out our handy guide covering how they can help with your project plus how to find a planning consultant.

planning permission consultantsUndertaking any renovation, extension or conversion can be an incredibly rewarding experience, so why let planning permission throw a spanner in the works? As you may be aware, the process of applying for planning permission can be complex and time-consuming. Using planning consultants can help to guide you through the confusing stages of this process.

If you’re baffled or lost when it comes to the legalities around your home project, this article’s designed to simplify the process of planning permission. We’ll be looking at the role of planning permission consultants, answering ‘how to find building planning consultants near me’ and the average costs involved.

What are planning consultants?

Most major home improvements will be done over a long period of time. This lengthy construction process is in addition to the time you’ll need to wait for planning permission. So, if your application is rejected this can mean further delays. In order to increase the likelihood of your planning permission application being accepted, why not hire a planning consultant?

Planning consultants are independent tradespeople who can assist with your renovation or extension. They will help to guide you through the process of obtaining planning permission, acting as an intermediary between you and your local authority.

Ultimately, hiring a planning permission consultant will greatly improve your chances of obtaining planning permission.

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planning consultants what do they doPlanning consultants – what do they do?

If you’re considering speaking to a planning consultant, it may be useful to know more about their role in your renovation. Anyone can hire a planning consultant, but they’re particularly useful for more complicated jobs.

So, planning consultants, what do they do? Below are their main duties:

  • To help you to obtain planning permission, especially for complex projects.
  • To have an in-depth knowledge of regulations, rules, obligations, charges, officers and more.
  • To understand the politics of planning permission like appeals, committees and more.
  • To increase the likelihood of your project being approved.
  • To liaise with your local planning authority and streamline your application.
  • To work closely with architects to strengthen your planning permission application.

How to find planning consultants in the UK

Now you know a little bit more about the role of planning permission consultants, you may be wondering ‘how to find building planning consultants near me?’ The following list should help you to find a planning consultant and know what you need to look out for:

  • Always ensure that any planning consultant you hire is a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute.
  • Check customer reviews before hiring a planning permission consultant.
  • Get a range of quotes from different professionals and don’t just choose the cheapest. You should also consider the experience and service offered.
  • While you can use a search engine like Google, this can be difficult to navigate. Our free search feature will instantly connect you with a range of UK planning consultants. What’s more, you’ll be able to see reviews and testimonials from other clients.

planning permission applicationHow much do planning permission consultants charge?

It can be tricky to give exact figures of how much planning permission consultants charge as this will depend on a number of factors. The experience level of your planning consultant will affect the cost as well as the level of service they offer.

The average cost for a planning permission consultant is between £500 and £1,000.

Should I hire a planning consultant?

If you’re still on the fence about whether to hire a planning consultant, consider the risk of not working with one. If your application for planning permission is rejected, this can mean costly delays and you may need to abandon your home improvement dreams. Working with a UK planning consultant will vastly reduce the risk of rejection.

For large or complicated projects, we would recommend hiring a planning consultant to ease you through the process. The quickest way to reach a number of highly qualified planning consultants is to scour our database of members. Just click here and enter your postcode for rapid results.

Other costs to consider

If you’re embarking on a renovation, extension or conversion, it can be useful to know some of the costs you may need to pay. Below are three great resources for costs, considerations and tips:

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