The Checkatrade Standard

To show their commitment to service and quality, we recommend every Checkatrade member agrees to adhere to The Checkatrade Standard throughout their membership. This ensures our members provide best practice to customers in these areas:

  1. Working safely in consumer's homes
  2. Personal and Professional Conduct
  3. Communications
  4. Quotes, payments and contracts
  5. Customer reviews
  6. Resolving issues
  7. Membership requirements

The Checkatrade Standard applies to all members including all directors/owners and employees or sub-contractors.

Failure to comply with any of the Checkatrade Standards will result in a full review of the tradespersons membership and could lead to suspension or termination of membership.

Working Safely in consumer's homes

We are spending more time at home than ever before, so it’s no wonder that many of us are now looking to improve and maintain our homes – our recommended and vetted tradespeople are here to help. We have worked directly with the BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) and introduced additional guidance for our trade members to ensure that they get your job done safely.

Members agree to:

  • Follow advice and guidelines as stated on the government website.

  • For more information, please visit or your local government site.

Personal and Professional Conduct

We expect Checkatrade members to behave honestly and professionally in all dealings with customers.

Members agree to:

  • Be courteous and respectful to all customers, their properties and belongings at all times
  • Will not act in a verbally or physically confrontational manner towards customers or general public
  • Respect customers privacy and maintain confidentiality with regards to any information obtained by working with customers and their properties
  • Keep the site and surroundings safe for the duration of the works being carried out
  • Make arrangements prior to any visits to customers properties
  • Comply with current Health & Safety requirements and only carry out works that fall within their professional ability
  • Goods supplied should meet customers requirements, be fit for purpose and comply with UK legislation
  • Only obtain contact information for potential customers via lawful means and do not undertake door to door sales

The key to a successful business is good communication, we put the following guidelines in place to help support all our members when communicating with customers.

Members agree to:

  • Provide honest and realistic information about work dates, the length of the job and price
  • Inform customers if they are unable to carry out agreed works, to enable customers to locate an alternative
  • Keep to all appointments booked and to the time agreed. If they are unable to make the original time or date, they must contact customers to try to re- schedule wherever possible
  • Inform customers of any call-out charges before attending the works
  • Respond to all customer communications and contact in a professional, timely manner
Quotes, payments & contracts

We ask our members to make sure that they are open and honest when providing documentation that is required for your job. This will then assist when works are underway so you are kept fully informed, during and after the works are completed.

Members agree to:

  • Be specific and set out a clear, detailed quotation document
  • Before or during works, agree in writing any changes to the agreed quote/contract value prior to the work/additional work being completed
  • Terms & Conditions to be provided (and in accordance with the Consumers Rights Act 2015) and to include 14 day cooling off period if applicable
  • Invoices to be supplied to customers with payment terms
  • Full payment will not be taken until work is completed and payment should not be demanded in cash
Customer reviews

Customer reviews are the very essence of Checkatrade. Our members rely on reviews to build their reputation and Checkatrade rely on reviews to be able to monitor members.

Members agree to:

  • Request a review from every customer and not exert pressure on a customer to leave a review
  • Collect reviews following our guidelines on how to obtain reviews
  • Will not provide non genuine/falsified reviews as this a serious breach of the Checkatrade Standard

To ensure the Reviews are genuine, Checkatrade have a dedicated reviews team that aim to authenticate reviews in various ways. This includes phone calls to customers who have left a review, tracking of IP addresses, emailed verification links and other methods. Falsifying Feedback is strictly forbidden and would result in suspension or termination of membership.

Resolving issues

By choosing Checkatrade to source your tradespeople, you will have access to the support network our company provides where our experienced team of customer service experts will be on hand to provide you with advice you might need if things dont go to plan. We will be able to communicate with yourselves and the tradesperson in question, with the aim to resolve any issues which can not be directly solved between you; giving you extra peace of mind.

If you have any reason to complain about the work of one of our members, please See our page on resolving issues

Membership requirements

All Checkatrade members must pass our robust vetting checks prior to being accepted for membership, but it doesn’t stop there! We complete ongoing vetting and monitoring to ensure members continuously meet our standards.

Here are the membership requirements we expect all members to adhere to:

  • Provide accurate information in order to complete all required vetting checks throughout membership
  • Hold valid, up to date Public Liability Insurance throughout their membership, if a members policy is not up to date this will be shown on their profile page
  • Only complete work that falls within their professional competence and supply proof of accreditation where legally obliged to hold
  • Inform us of any changes to the business, including change of ownership, legal status or address
  • Settle any consumer County Court Judgements (CCJ)
  • Handle all complaints in a professional and timely manner
  • Comply with the Checkatrade Terms and Conditions