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Blind repair cost guide

Blinds are a great accessory for windows and french doors, but when they break it can be a nightmare. Thankfully, it’s usually cheaper to have blinds repaired than to replace them. In this guide, we look at the average blind repair cost in the UK.

From a damaged cord or a broken frame to a sticky slider, the cost to repair venetian blinds will depend on the type and extent of damage to your blinds. The prices of blind repair cost quoted in this article are meant as a guide.

For accurate blind repair costs in your area, we recommend speaking to your local window blind specialists.

ItemRange - LowRange - HighAverage cost
Window blind repair hourly rate£35£50£40
Blind repair cost (per job)£40£230£80

How much does blind repair cost?

The average hourly rate for window blind repair is about £40 per hour. If you’re looking at a cost for the job, that can range from £40 to £230.

In general, parts and labour are fairly inexpensive for most types of window blind repair. The high costs are typically for repairing electric window blinds that have mechanics, wiring or electric elements that need replacing.

There are a number of factors to consider that will affect the cost to fix your blinds, including:

  • Style of blinds
  • Type of damage
  • Extent of damage
  • Quality of materials used
  • Any electric system involved
  • Where you live

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cost to repair venetian blindsCost to repair venetian blinds

The average cost of a job to repair venetian blinds is about £80, including labour and generic parts. For specialist parts, there may be additional costs on top of the repair itself – and they may need to be ordered in if they’re not generally held in stock.

The venetian blind repair cost includes common damage, such as:

  • Restringing or replacing cord
  • Damaged slat repair or replacement
  • Cord lock repair and replacements
  • Tilt mechanism repair and replacement
  • Re-laddering
  • Cleaning

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Types of window blinds

When we talk about window blinds, there is actually quite a wide variety of styles to suit different size and style windows. Here are some of the most common:

Horizontal slat blinds

The most popular type of window blind in British homes, available in a range of materials. The slats are bound on both sides (left and right) and draw vertically, with gathering at the top when you want them open. Venetian blinds are the most well-known style of horizontal blind.

Vertical slat blinds

Vertical blinds are often used for french doors or full-length windows. They’re bound at the top and bottom and are drawn left to right (or vice versa).

Roller blinds

One of the most simple blinds to install, roller blinds hang down into the window space. They tend to be most popular for smaller windows, but come in a variety of sizes to fit almost any window. The material rolls at the top of the window and is opened using a cord.

Pleated fabric blinds

These blinds are made up of a single piece of fabric or material, sewn or constructed to create strong pleats. When opening a pleated blind the fabric folds back on itself, with Roman blinds being a common example of a pleated blind.

Useful blind repair checklist

  • Speak to your local window blind specialists for accurate quotes for blind repair in your area.
  • Always shop around for fair and competitive costs.
  • When hiring a tradesperson make sure they have relevant experience and ask to see examples of their previous work.
  • To ensure the quality of a tradesperson’s work, check out their reviews and ratings from recent customers.

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