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Cost of a new banister and spindles

The staircase in your multi-storey home doesn’t have to be purely functional. With a little thought given to banister design, you can transform a flight of stairs into a centrepiece to be proud of. Replacing your banister can even add value to your property, giving the entrance a grand appearance. But what is the cost of new banister and spindles?

If this is a project you’re planning to take on, we recommend sourcing a professional to help you with the installation. Before sourcing quotes, read the following guide to familiarise yourself with the average UK cost of a new banister?

New banister cost

MaterialStaircase componentCost+VAT (Range low- high)Average cost
White oakBannister£11-£200£105
Primed woodBannister£9-£53£31
Panel brackets£7-£20£13.50

Also known as a handrail, the banister is the length of wood or metal that lines your staircase. They are supported by balustrades or spindles – a row of pillars that enhance the safety of the staircase and contribute towards the overall look and feel. Over time, banisters and spindles can look tired or worn from use. Whether you’re renovating your entire home or eager to give your staircase a facelift, this could certainly do the trick.

The cost of new banisters and spindles will vary depending on the material. The cost of a new banister tends to start at around £40 for softwood, £90 for hardwood and £120 for a metal handrail.

The price for new spindles will also factor into the total cost if you are renovating the entire staircase, with prices sitting between £30 per metre and £150 per metre for more high-end materials or custom-made solutions.

How much does a new staircase banister cost?

To properly install a new banister, you will need to hire a professional tradesperson with the expertise and awareness of safety compliance. Carpenters, blacksmiths and general builders will be able to help fit your new banister depending on your requirements.

The average cost for a carpenter in the UK typically ranges between £60-80 per hour, but this does not include materials. 

new staircase banister costWooden banister cost

Diverse, durable and easily customisable, wood is a common choice for homeowners installing new banisters. The type of wood you choose will inevitably determine the cost of a new banister.

For example, a highly sought-after white oak can create a luxurious, contemporary look and typically costs around £105. White oak spindles will be charged at an average of £13.50 per spindle.

Although much cheaper, pine can make your staircase stand out and is particularly suited for homes with matching pine furnishings. An average price of £35 can be expected for a new banister, while pine spindles will cost £7 on average per spindle.

Metal banister cost

Metal and composite handrails are highly popular as they are durable, stylish and eye-catching. More intricate designs benefit from the use of metal, as do homes with an industrial aesthetic. On average, you can expect to pay around £120 for a new metal banister and £6 per spindle. This doesn’t take into account bespoke ironwork. For more information on handrail installation costs, read our dedicated guide. 

Find a local staircase expert

cost for new banisterFactors affecting the cost of new banister and spindles

The average cost for labour will be £60-80 per hour. However, the quote you receive will depend on the scope of the work Other factors affecting the cost of banister and spindles include:

  • The overall size of the staircase
  • The complexity of the fitting
  • Type of banister and spindles requested (custom designs will cost more.)
  • Any prep or finishing work required
  • Access to the staircase
  • Any waste removal required

Can I install new banister and spindles myself?

Although it is possible to install a new banister and spindles, it isn’t recommended unless you have considerable carpentry experience. Work of this nature tends to be complex and requires an understanding of safety regulations. We suggest you find a professional tradesperson who can fit your new banister and spindles correctly. This will prevent further costs from catching you out in the future.

Depending on your requirements and budget, you may want to replace the entire staircase. If so, head on over to our new staircase cost guide for average UK prices.


new banister cost

How long does it take to install a handrail?

It takes a professional tradesperson an average of 2-3 hours to install a new handrail. Problems with access or custom requirements will naturally increase the time taken, as will the need for prepping the staircase. All in all, the duration of the job will rarely exceed a day.

How do I change the spindles on my banister?

Spindle replacement is fairly straightforward for a specialist. First, the old spindles will need to be removed with a lever. If you are only replacing the spindles, it’s critical that you do not damage the handrail in the process. Spindles will be cut at the correct angle before being glued and nailed into grooves about 6mm deep. If you need to replace the fillets (the pieces of wood between spindles), they will also need to be cut to size to fit neatly between each spindle, before they glued and nailed in to place.

How far apart should banister spindles be?

UK building regulations state that the spacing between spindles must be less than 4 inches or 100mm apart at their widest point to avoid potential accidents.

Whether you want to install new banister and spindles or have certain components replaced, use our search tool to connect with a professional tradesperson in your area. 

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