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Cost to move stairs

Why move a staircase?

There are many reasons you may wish to move a staircase. From the practical to the cosmetic, moving a staircase can completely transform your living space. Whether you are looking to change the layout in your home or are adding an extension, positioning your stairs is an integral part of the process.

Moving your stairs can create a more open living space and if done well can mean extra light flow to your rooms. In addition, incorporating a beautifully finished staircase can be an eye-catching feature to increase the aesthetics and value of your home.

The following guide has been compiled to assist you if you are considering moving a staircase, with helpful information on the costs to move stairs.

How much does it cost to move stairs?

Staircase moving costsCost + VAT
(Range low - high)
Average cost
Moving a staircase£2,000 - £4,000£3,000
New staircase (assumed softwood)£400 - £5,000£2,500
Labour to install a new staircase£300 - £500£400
Removing old staircase (labour and skip hire)£150 - £250£200
Handrail£50 - £150£120
Carpet for stairs£25 - £50 per square metre£37.50 per square metre
Laminate for stairs£35 - £70 per square metre£52.50 per square metre

For a breakdown of each cost we spoke to the online estimators at My Build Estimate – a professional estimating company monitored by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). This guide features the estimated stair moving costs they provided.

When estimating the cost of moving stairs, we have considered the following:

  • New staircases are assumed to be softwood. Other types of staircases will be more expensive.
  • No allowance for structural works.
  • No allowance for structural alterations.
  • No allowance for skimming, decorating, skirting or making good.

With the above in mind, the cost to move stairs can be broken down into three parts; the cost to remove the old stairs (£200), the cost of new stairs (£2,500) and the labour costs involved (£400). Please note if you are reusing the old stairs in a new location this will likely reduce the overall price.

The average cost to move stairs is £3,100.

Different materials used for staircases

  • Softwood: Often used for straight staircases, softwood is affordable and simple to work with.
  • Hardwood: More expensive than softwood, hardwood is strong but does require maintenance.
  • Metal: Metal is strong and durable. It is most commonly used with spiral staircases but can be quite noisy.
  • Glass: This material gives a modern finish and fantastic aesthetics but can be expensive.

Find a stair moving expert near you

Cost of moving a staircaseTypes of staircase

One of the best things about choosing a new staircase is the wide variety available, from decorative to practical. Depending on the new location, you’ll need to choose a design that best fits the room. There are options to fit most spaces including:

  • Straight: By far the simplest and most common type of staircase, straight stairs are very popular and are usually quite affordable.
  • Quarter turn: A good option if you are looking to save space, quarter turn stairs are more visually appealing than straight stairs and increase privacy between floors.
  • Half turn: With a landing and resting space halfway up, half turn staircases fit well into structural designs and are popular in care homes.
  • Winding: Aesthetically stunning, winding staircases take up less space than other varieties and can be used throughout several floors.
  • Spiral: Usually constructed with metal, spiral stairs fit perfectly in small spaces and can incorporate complex designs.

New vs replacement staircase

When moving a staircase, you have the option of transferring the old staircase materials or investing in a completely new staircase. When deciding whether to keep your current stairs or not, it is useful to consider the following:

  • Condition: If your current staircase is in poor condition it may not be structurally sound once it has been moved.
  • Style & size: Depending on the current style of your staircase and the shape of the new space you may have no choice but to choose a different style and size of staircase.
  • Updating: It may be possible to move your old staircase to the new location and give it an update with decoration and support so that it fits seamlessly into your new design.

If you do want a change, you should read our new staircase cost guide.

How long will it take to move stairs?

It is difficult to estimate the time required to move stairs as simple straight designs will likely take 3 – 4 days but complex designs could take months. Depending on the complexity of your new staircase you may need an architect to draw up plans which will increase the time required. Another important consideration is the manufacturing time of a new staircase.

Cost to move interior staircaseFactors affecting the cost of moving a staircase

  • Finish: Once the stairs have been moved, unless they are in pristine condition, you will likely need to pay for decoration which may include flooring, plastering and painting.
  • Style of new staircase: Each style or type of staircase will be priced differently.
  • Extra design features: Adding on extra features such as spindles, handrails, caps or turned posts can increase the overall cost of moving stairs in a house by up to 10%.
  • Ease of access: More difficult to access staircases will take longer to install and increase labour costs.
  • Scale of new staircase: Larger and more complex staircases will be more expensive than simple, small staircases.
  • Inspection by local building authority: This may be necessary with an average cost of £200.

Average cost to move stairs

Taking into account the above factors will help you adjust the cost to move an interior staircase accordingly. The average price will be generally be around £3,000.


Do I need planning permission to move a staircase?

This depends on where you are moving the staircase and what magnitude of structural work needs to be done. If you are simply replacing an old staircase you are much less likely to need planning permission than if you are installing a completely new staircase.

What are the building regulations for moving stairs?

There are strict regulations for staircases, and you should speak to a professional to ensure these are adhered to. In general, they cover areas such as dimensions, headroom, number of stairs before a landing is required and the angle of the stairs.

What extras will I need to pay for?

Once your new staircase has been installed you will need to pay for design extras such as flooring, painting and decorative touches. For example, the average cost of carpeting for stairs is £37.50 per m2, the average cost of laminate flooring for stairs is £52.50 m2 and the average cost for a handrail is £120.

Can I move a staircase myself?

cost of moving stairs in a house

While it is certainly possible, it is not recommended you move a staircase yourself. If you are considering this, please read the following before proceeding:

  • When moving a staircase, measurements must be exact, even a tiny error will ruin the look and fit of your new staircase.
  • Moving a staircase can be complex and hard work.
  • No matter what type, style and size of staircase you choose, you must comply with building regulations as a legal requirement.
  • Kits are available online at a cost of £250 – £700.
  • It is very unlikely, unless you have training, that you will achieve a professional finish when moving a staircase.
  • If the staircase is not structurally sound and safe you are putting yourself and your family at risk of falling or worse.

To find a local, reputable, tradesperson in your area and get a personalised stair moving quote use our free search feature.

Useful stair moving checklist

  • Moving a staircase can completely transform and open up your living space.
  • There are many styles of staircase such as straight and spiral.
  • You may need to budget for extras in addition to the cost of moving stairs, such as flooring, plastering and decorating.
  • You may need planning permission and you must comply with building regulations.
  • It is not advised you move a staircase yourself, but kits are available to purchase.

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