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Last updated on April 12th, 2023

Kitchen design cost guide

The kitchen is the heart of the home - it's only right that you're looking for something bespoke and tailored to your home, family and taste. Here's how much it costs to design a kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It not only needs to be a comfortable, enjoyable place to spend time in, but it must be practical, functional and meet all your family’s needs.

If you’re planning a new kitchen, there are a whole host of factors to consider, including the layout and appliances you want to include, through to the details and finishing touches, such as tiling and flooring. Not to mention whether or not you will look to enlarge your kitchen by opting for a kitchen extension.

If you’re unsure how to start planning your kitchen renovation project and budgeting for a new kitchen, our kitchen design cost guide is here to help.

How much does a kitchen design cost?

The cost of your kitchen design will depend upon the size of your kitchen, the design elements you choose to incorporate and the materials you plan to use.

Some kitchen designers are included in the entirety of the cost of the new kitchen work.

How much will a kitchen designer cost?

The average cost to hire a kitchen designer can be anywhere between £770 – £4,600 depending on the size of your project and the detail you need.

On the largest of projects, the kitchen designer cost is likely to take the form of a percentage of the overall project cost, typically around 8%.

You can find local kitchen designers and kitchen fitters in a matter of minutes here on Checkatrade. Even better, all our members come recommended by hundreds of your neighbours!

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Kitchen design cost calculator

To calculate your kitchen design price, you need to have a good idea of what you want to achieve. Once you have this, you can consider all of the costs involved in achieving your vision for your kitchen.

When calculating the price, you’ll need to think about whether you need to build an extension, add an island, and how much tiling you want on the floor and walls, plus the different finish levels on fixtures and fittings. Size comes into it too, with quotes for a larger kitchen redesign cost obviously being higher than smaller ones, both in terms of labour and materials.

As an example, installing a kitchen island with electrics, plumbing and a sink (£3,650), and a 5m2 glass splashback behind the cooker (£150 per m2) would cost you on average £4,400.

Costs for kitchen island options

Kitchen island costsRange - lowRange - highAverage
Standard island carcass plus basic worktop--£770
Island with electrical plumbing and sink--£3650
Island additions - fridge£650£810£730
Island additions - dishwasher£325£490£407
Island additions - boiling water tap£450£1200£825
Island additions - additional counter seating per m2£100£200£150
Island additions - sink£121£245£183
Create custom slimline island£900£1200£1050

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

If you’re planning a spacious, open-plan kitchen, an island can provide a great focal point and create the perfect space in which your household can cook, eat and socialise.

There’s a huge range of kitchen island designs to choose from. From bold colours and finishes that will really make a statement, to toned-down designs that fit seamlessly into the rest of the kitchen, you should have no problem finding something that achieves the look you want to achieve, as well as suiting your lifestyle and the way you use your kitchen.

Opt for the same worktop style that runs throughout your kitchen design, or go bold with contrasting materials such as marble, mirrored glass or even burnished metal.

The majority of kitchen islands incorporate seating, whether that’s bar stool style seating for smaller spaces, or lower-level, table style seating at one end of a longer island. You can also integrate a sink, fridge or dishwasher, or utilise the island to create extra storage space.

How much does a kitchen island cost?

The cost of your kitchen island will vary significantly depending on the size, style and functional features you choose. Whatever your budget, with careful planning, it’s possible to design an island that meets your needs. For inspiration on selecting the right island for your kitchen, read our on kitchen island ideas.

New kitchen island with sink and dishwasherSmall, basic islands that purely provide a bit of extra space, will naturally be much more affordable than a large, multi-functional island. Equally, the materials you choose will have a major impact on the overall cost of your new kitchen design.

A standard kitchen island carcass with a basic worktop will likely cost you around £770, depending on factors such as the size and design. Meanwhile, an island with electrics, plumbing and a sink, will cost more in the region of £3,650.

If you want to add a fridge into your island, you can expect to pay around £650 – £810 extra, while a dishwasher would increase the cost by approximately £325 – £490. When it comes to island storage, adding a set of three basic, internal drawers will cost between £162 – £200, and wire baskets usually cost around £12 each.

Or, if you’re opting for a smaller, portable island that you can move around your kitchen, a set of castors will cost around £12.50.

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Cost for kitchen extension options

Kitchen extension costsRange - lowRange - highAverage
Single storey standard extension per m2 - excl pro fees£1650£2300£1975
Professional fees10%15%12.5%
Single storey standard extension London per m2 - excl pro fees£2025£2925£2475
Average kitchen extension--£30,000
Adding new basic kitchen to basic extension£5000£6000£5500

A kitchen extension is one of the most popular home improvement projects. And it’s easy to see why.

Extending your kitchen will not only ensure you have plenty of space to create your dream cooking and entertaining space, it also adds considerable value to your home. This will make the cost of your kitchen design worthwhile in the long run.

When planning your kitchen extension, consider how much additional space you’ve got to work with, as well as what you’re hoping to achieve.

  • Do you want more functional space to cook?
  • Would you like to create space for kitchen dining?
  • Do you want a multi-functional space that can be zoned into different areas for the whole family?New kitchen extension and island

If your kitchen is at the back of the house, bi-fold doors are a great way to introduce light into your extension, creating a seamless flow into your outdoor space. If you’re adding a side extension or you’ve got limited outdoor space, roof lights could be a better option.

Adding a kitchen extension will most likely be the biggest expense in the total kitchen redesign cost, depending on which option you go with, so it is worth taking your time when planning your extension.

How much does a kitchen extension cost?

All in all, the average cost of a kitchen extension is around £30,000.

The cost of a kitchen extension will vary significantly depending on a range of factors. When calculating the cost of your kitchen extension, you’ll need to factor in the cost of your kitchen, as well as build costs, professional fees, planning permission, flooring, tiling and decoration.

For a single storey standard extension, you can expect to pay £1,975 per m2 on average, or £2,475 per m2 if you live in London. You’ll need to budget for professional fees, which are usually around 10 – 15% of the cost.  Then there’s the cost of the kitchen itself which will usually start from around £5,000 for a basic model.

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Cost for kitchen tile options

Kitchen tile costsRange - lowRange - highAverage
Standard ceramic tile 13 x 13 per m2£25£45£35
Ceramic tile installation - one person£380£2200£1290
Ceramic tile floor installation - two person labour per day only£150£250£200
Glass splashback per m2--£150
Tile above worktop to cupboards£250£300£275

From classic metro tiles to bold colours, unusual shapes and unique designs, there are plenty of tile options to choose from. If your kitchen design is bold and colourful, simple, neutral tiles can really help to balance things out and allow the rest of the kitchen to take the limelight. Check out our article on kitchen tile variations that are available.

On the other hand, if your kitchen is minimal and understated, a bold tile design can add a unique touch of personality.

Many people also choose to tile their kitchen floor to create a surface that is durable, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. Typically this will not add much more to your total kitchen design cost, however, it can make a huge aesthetic difference.

How much does kitchen tiling cost?

The cost of kitchen tiling will depend upon a range of factors, including the price of the tiles, the size of the space, your location and the tiler you choose to complete the work.

Bright kitchen tiles

If you’re opting for standard ceramic tiles, expect to pay between £25 – £45 per m2 for the tiles themselves, and anything from £380 – £2,200 for the installation.

Many people choose to tile between their upper kitchen cupboards and their worktops – this usually costs between £250 – £300 per project. If you’re tiling your kitchen floor, the average cost for labour only is £460 per day, based on larger tiles of 600 x 600mm or more.

You’ll also have to keep in mind the cost of additional materials, such as adhesives, primers and grout, as well as sealant if required.

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Is a kitchen designer worth it?

If you’re planning on updating your kitchen, calling in a professional kitchen designer will make sure you get the best results and the highest quality of work.

Kitchen designers are experts in taking a space and maximising it in terms of what you need from it, so it’s definitely worth getting a professional perspective on how best to transform your kitchen. It’s their job to propose clever, functional and beautiful elements that can really elevate a kitchen and give it the wow factor.

With all this in mind, kitchen designers are definitely worth the cost.

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The Checkatrade guarantee

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