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Kitchen tile ideas: Getting the wow factor

Once you’ve planned your kitchen layout and design, it’s time to select the finishing touches. Tiles are a great way of adding character and personality to your space. What’s more, the possibilities are endless, as these kitchen tile ideas show.
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When you’re tired of your dull and uninspired kitchen, adding some unique kitchen tiles is a great way to revamp the space.

From wall tiles to floor tiles to backsplash tiles, each type can bring a unique touch to your kitchen. You can choose from classic subway tiles, bold geometric patterns, or even intricate mosaic designs.

Not only do kitchen tiles add visual interest, but they’re easy to clean, which is a huge bonus. So let’s get creative!

Kitchen tile shades

Available in every shape, texture, pattern and colourway you can think of, you can create a unique feature wall, splashback or floor in your kitchen that is sure to inspire.

Tonal shades

One popular trend that has stolen the limelight lately is combining tonal shades in your chosen tile design. Instead of using one shade for your kitchen tiles, you can play with different shades of the same colour to achieve a harmonious and cohesive look.

Why not transform your kitchen into a work of art with a variety of green tiles, ranging from light and airy to dark and moody. Pair them with pristine white cabinetry for a sophisticated and timeless look.

Mix pattern with plain

Have you considered mixing a busy pattern with a plain or neutral design? This approach not only adds a fun twist to your kitchen space but also creates a sense of harmony. You could go for a bold geometric pattern on your backsplash or a textured tile floor with a sleek white countertop.

The key is to find a combination that speaks to your unique style. If you have white cabinets and want to add a splash of colour, a green or blue tile backsplash can really make your kitchen stand out.

On the other hand, if you’re more of a traditional or coastal person, natural stone or brick veneers might be the way to go.

Kitchen tile ideas for your kitchen

Firstly, you need to determine the overall look and feel you want to achieve in your kitchen. Mosaic and patterned tiles are great if you create a focal point or make a statement in your kitchen, whereas classic metro-style tiles or natural stone tiles such as marble or slate can help you create a classically stylish environment.

Here we’ve put together some of our top kitchen tile ideas to give you the inspiration you need.

Kitchen wall tile ideas


The most popular tile option for kitchen walls is to create a backsplash with subway tiles. These tiles are typically rectangular and can be arranged in a variety of patterns, such as running bond or herringbone.

Subway tiles come in a range of colours, from classic white to bold colours like navy or emerald green, so you can choose a shade that complements your kitchen’s existing colour scheme. Another idea is to use patterned tiles to create a focal point on one wall.

Moroccan inspired

Moroccan-inspired tiles feature intricate geometric designs that add texture and a sense of fun to your kitchen space.

You could use these tiles to create a feature wall behind your stove or sink. Or why not try a single row of patterned tiles as a border around the entire kitchen, which would add a touch of colour without overwhelming the space.

Cupboard Tiling

When it comes to tiling cupboards you can get all fancy with hexagonal or diamond-shaped tiles for an artsy vibe, or go for a modern look with some sleek natural stone or porcelain tiles. And if you’re feeling beachy, why not throw in some blue or glass tiles for a refreshing coastal feel?

Kitchen floor tile ideas

Kitchen floor tiling

Floor tiles needn’t be boring. Spice it up with some creative and stylish options. Here are 3 kitchen floor tile ideas that can transform your kitchen into a luxurious space:

Geometric Patterns

These tiles come in various shapes and sizes, and create a mesmerising effect when arranged in unique patterns. You can choose from herringbone, chevron, or diamond patterns.  Geometric patterned tiles are perfect for creating a modern and sophisticated look.

Natural Stone

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen, natural stone tiles are ideal. Marble, granite, and slate all offer durability and versatility. They come in various colours and textures, making it easy to find the perfect match for your kitchen.

Bold Colours

If you want to make a statement with your kitchen floor, bold coloured tiles are a great way to do it. Opt for bright reds, blues, or greens to add a pop of colour and personality to your kitchen.

Bold coloured tiles work really well with neutral coloured cabinets and walls, making them stand out even more.

Kitchen backsplash tile Ideas

Stove backsplash protects your walls from all those splatters and spills, but it doesn’t have to be dull. Spice up your cooking space with a chic and trendy backsplash.

Slate is a natural stone that exudes a timeless beauty with its unique patterns and textures. Its dark, muted appearance can complement various colour schemes, particularly white cabinetry and marble countertops. Not only does it look great but slate’s durability and heat-resistant qualities make it a practical option in the kitchen.

Do you prefer a more contemporary feel to your kitchen? Then you could use large-format tiles or install a geometric pattern. Alternatively, you can opt for a mosaic backsplash that adds texture and depth to your kitchen.

Modern kitchen tiles design

Modern kitchen tiles are all about creating a clean and minimalistic look with a touch of elegance. Here are some ideas to help you achieve that modern feel in your kitchen:

Large format tiles

These tiles are perfect for achieving a seamless look in your kitchen. They come in various sizes and can be used on both the floor and walls for a sleek look.

Metallic tiles

Adding metallic tiles to your kitchen will instantly give it a contemporary and luxurious feel. They come in various finishes like brushed nickel, copper, and gold, and can be used as accents or as a full backsplash.

Geometric tiles

Geometric tiles come in bold patterns and shapes that add a touch of modern art to your kitchen. They can be used on the walls, floor, or even as a statement piece behind your stove or sink.

Incorporating these modern tile designs will give your kitchen a fresh and updated look while still maintaining its functionality. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different tile styles to create a unique and personalised look for your cooking space.

Tile countertop ideas

Tile countertops are durable, easy to clean, and come in a variety of colours, patterns, and textures.

Natural stone tiles, such as granite or marble, offer a high-end look and are heat-resistant meaning you don’t need to worry about placing hot dishes on them.

Ceramic tiles are also a popular choice for their versatility, as they can mimic the look of other materials like wood or concrete. A local kitchen designer can help you make the most of your space and ensure your tiling job is top notch.

Kitchen tile looks

Metro tiles for a bistro vibe

Why not transform your space into a trendy bistro haven with the chic and timeless appeal of metro tiles. Boasting sleek rectangular shapes and edgy bevelled edges, these tiles exude a classic charm that pairs seamlessly with modern decor.

From bold hues to subtle shades, and from petite to grand sizes, there are many design possibilities giving you the freedom to create a truly unique and personalised ambiance.

Choose the kitchen tiles that speak to your style and personality, and soon enough, you’ll have a kitchen that you’ll love spending time in. Hire a tradesperson who can advise you and get the job done!

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Natural stone tiles for a smart, contemporary kitchen

Materials such as marble, limestone, slate and travertine are great for kitchen tiles. These tiles come in a range of textures, from smooth and polished to more rugged and aged, so you’re bound to find some that complement the look you’re going for.

Marble tiles are perfect for kitchen walls in contemporary kitchens and contrast beautifully against darker worktops in grey or navy. If you want to achieve more of a country kitchen feel, slate is great for a textured, natural floor surface.

Kitchen tiled floor

Bold patterns for walls or floors

If you want to create an eye-catching statement in your kitchen, why not go for patterned tiles? There are so many options to choose from, such as traditional Victorian style patterns, geometrics and Moroccan themes, that work equally well on walls and floors.

Patterned tiles are also great if you want to create a small feature area, say, behind a range cooker or sink. If your room is spacious enough, you could even take a patterned tile all the way up your wall.

Eye-catching mosaics

Mosaic tiles look neat and crisp up close and merge into an interesting texture from a distance. They’re perfect for an eye-catching splashback or filling the space up to your kitchen wall units or shelving with colour and pattern. The finished look can be modern or traditional depending on the style and finish you choose.

Use bold colours to make a statement

Bright kitchen tiles

The majority of people choose neutral colours for their kitchen units and incorporate colour into a space through tiles and/or accessories. This is an excellent way of adding bold colours that don’t overpower a room, and if you want to change things up, it won’t cost as much as it would if you wanted to change your kitchen cupboards and worktops.

You could choose to use a neutral tile on the walls in most of your kitchen and select a certain area, such as behind your cooker, for a bold coloured tile if you want a splash of colour.

Herringbone and chevron

Stretched metro tiles laid in a herringbone or chevron design are having a definite moment right now. You could even interchange the colours if you want to cover a large wall space and draw the eye in.

Classic white metro tiles with dark grouting

Metro tiles have been a staple in many people’s homes over the past few years, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They look great with almost every style of kitchen. A darker grout provides contrast and keeps the style modern and current.

3D textured tiles

For a unique look that captures attention, 3D textured tiles are perfect. They have a depth that casts a shadow depending on the direction of light, great if you want to create a design-led kitchen that feels chic and luxe.

Before you purchase your tiles, it’s best to get some samples so you can get a feel for how they will look in your space.

You will also need to find a professional tiler who can ensure your tiles are perfectly laid.

Using our simple Checkatrade Search, you can find recommended and vetted tradespeople in your area who can help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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