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Kitchen fitting cost guide

A brand new kitchen can transform a tired room into an inspirational space – adding value to your home and increasing your enjoyment of your property.

In most cases, your kitchen fitter will be employed by the business that you purchase your kitchen from. But, if you are a builder, developer or If you’re confident at managing trades yourself, then employing an independent kitchen fitter can have many benefits.

In this kitchen fitting cost guide, we look at the average cost of fitting a kitchen and the cost of a kitchen fitter per day, as well as detailing what is and isn’t included in a kitchen fitting quote.

Why use a kitchen fitter?

Kitchen fitter to fit your kitchen

Kitchen fitters are independent professionals who will install your choice of a new kitchen.

Kitchen fitters provide what’s called a ‘dry fit’. This includes building your units and fitting them, along with all kitchen furniture including the sink, taps, appliances and all fittings. Crucially, kitchen fitters will not connect devices to mains supplies or configure them for use.

What a kitchen fitter will do:

  • Kitchen fitters will rip out your old kitchen (if requested)
  • Kitchen fitters will fit a kitchen
  • They will install your choice of units and worktops
  • They will install your appliances, sinks and taps
  • They may plaster and re-tile walls and floors
  • Some may paint your kitchen too for an additional fee

What a kitchen fitter won’t do:

  • Kitchen fitters will not connect appliances, sinks or taps to mains services
  • They won’t collect or store your kitchen
  • The won’t be able to provide any missing parts
Cost providedUnitPrice range (low - high)Average cost
Fit an average-sized family kitchenPer job£1200 - £1800£1500
Kitchen worktop fitting costPer job£200 - £450£325
Kitchen fitterPer day£120 - £180£150

How much does kitchen fitting cost?

The average cost of fitting a new kitchen is £1,500, but this depends on your location. This is for an average-sized family kitchen and covers just the labour cost, not the supply of the kitchen, appliances and accessories. The cost of a new kitchen including fitting is not included in this guide.

A cost of kitchen fitter per day is around £150, but expect to pay higher rates if you are based in London and the south-east.

The total cost of fitting a kitchen will vary, according to several factors detailed below. We recommend that you get a selection of kitchen fitting quotes and compare them before selecting an appropriate tradesperson.

You can ask for references and examples of previous work, which they should be happy to share with you. What they won’t do is provide a kitchen fitting cost per unit, instead, you’ll get a quote for the whole job.

If you are looking to upgrade an existing kitchen, a reasonable kitchen worktop fitting cost to budget for is £325.

Benefits of using a kitchen fitter

Kitchen fitting cost

There are significant benefits that can be gained from using a kitchen fitter and other professional tradespeople, rather than paying one business to completely supply and fit your new kitchen. These include:

  • Greater control over all aspects of the design and fit of the kitchen
  • Management of the timeline
  • Greater accountability, with tradespeople working for you
  • The ability to mix-and-match products from different suppliers
  • Potentially lower-costs from using individual trades

Your kitchen fitter will have a contract with you directly, rather than sub-contracting through a retailer. This means that they are accountable to you and will have to work to your standards.

However, if there is a problem with your kitchen fitter or the kitchen fitting, you will have to deal with the issue yourself, rather than complaining to the retailer.

It’s up to you to ensure that you have everything that your kitchen fitter needs, including all cabinets, appliances, fixtures and fittings. Kitchen fitter costs do not include any time spent waiting for parts to be delivered.

If there is a delay in providing these, your whole kitchen fitting programme could be in jeopardy.

How long will it take to fit a kitchen?

The average time it takes to fit a kitchen is 10 days (2 full weeks). However, this timeframe depends on the factors detailed above.

What do I need to provide my kitchen fitter?

You will be responsible for providing everything your kitchen fitter needs to do the job. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Kitchen designs
  • Kitchen units
  • Worktops
  • Tiles
  • Appliances
  • Fixtures and fittings

Your kitchen fitting cost will include transport to your home and the supply of all tools required to complete the job.

Factors affecting kitchen fitting costs

The total cost of fitting a kitchen depends on several factors, including:

  • Size of the kitchen being fitted
  • The area to be tiled (floor and walls)
  • Cost of units and appliances
  • Location of your property
  • Storage of kitchen
  • Any plastering, replacement of plasterboard or refinishing prior to kitchen fitting`

While it may be tempting to use a kitchen fitting cost calculator, we recommend that you speak to a tradesperson instead. They will visit your property and provide a bespoke quote for you.

If you are looking to minimise the total cost of kitchen fitting, you can remove your old kitchen and dispose of it. Ask your tradesperson to quote for kitchen fitting only.

Other kitchen fitting costs to budget for

As well as employing your kitchen fitter, there are other costs that you should be aware of and budget for, including:

  • Removal and disposal of old kitchen cabinets
  • Safe recycling of old appliances
  • Individual trades that are required to complete the kitchen, including an electrician and gas engineer
  • Any alterations to mains services (water, gas and waste)
  • Structural work that may be required
  • Finishing, including painting (although some kitchen fitters do offer this service)

Can I fit my kitchen myself?

Fitting a kitchen is a job for a professional or a highly skilled amateur. While many kitchen units may be flat-packed and easy to assemble, fitting a kitchen from scratch is a challenging job.

We recommend that you use a professional to fit your new kitchen.  If you are searching for a kitchen fitter, you’ll find a selection of the best tradespeople on Checkatrade.

Key kitchen fitting takeaways

  • The average kitchen fitting cost is £1,500.
  • This is solely to pay for the labour to fit your kitchen.
  • It should take around 10 days to fit a kitchen.
  • You will be responsible for providing the kitchen, the appliances and arranging other trades.
  • Budget for other costs, including those listed above.
  • Costs can increase due to unforeseen situations arising.
  • Kitchen fitting is a specialist trade and is a job for a professional.

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