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New kitchen cost guide

The kitchen is the heart of the home where we spend time cooking, dining, entertaining and, for many homeowners, a new kitchen is something they dream of, that could totally transform their living experience. If your existing kitchen is looking old and out of date or is otherwise no longer suitable for your needs, installing a modern solution could be the answer. Yet, a new kitchen could be expensive and it’s important to understand what budget you have to work with, in order to establish which options are available to you.

The kitchen is the most important room in your home because it is the centre of your family’s day-to-day living. When you are planning your new kitchen ensure you search for a professional experienced and vetted kitchen fitter to install it. You can search the Checkatrade website to find a local kitchen fitter near you who has been checked.

When fitting a new kitchen there will be a need for tradespeople to deal with gas, electric and water. A good kitchen fitter will understand this and make sure the contractors they bring in are certified to make sure the work they do is safe and meets the correct standards needed. With this in mind, you should avoid attempting to install your new kitchen yourself, expert kitchen fitting requires considerable experience, knowledge and qualifications, so leave it to the experts.

If you’re looking for a reliable kitchen fitter rather than the design or choosing of your kitchen, then you will want to read our kitchen fitting cost guide.

New Kitchen CostsProduct TypeCost
Kitchen UnitsSmall kitchen£1,000 - £2,000
Kitchen UnitsMedium kitchen£4,000 - £6,000
Kitchen UnitsLarge kitchen£7,000 - £8,000+
Laminate WorktopPer M2£25 - £75
Granite WorktopPer M2£250 - £500
Quartz WorktopPer M2£400 - £700

So, how much does a new kitchen cost?

When it comes to the cost of fitting a new kitchen, the answer really can vary. How large is the room? How many units are you looking to install? What materials will you choose? How much surface space is required? Will you be purchasing new appliances? With so many factors influencing the overall budget required, it’s important to understand what you need from your new kitchen and to have a clear plan in place to help you to get the most for your money.

Designing your new kitchen.

One of the key steps to success when designing your new kitchen is to put together a well thought out plan. Whether you are simply updating certain aspects of your existing kitchen on a budget, or are looking to strip it all out and start afresh, planning is absolutely vital. By design, we don’t mean simply considering the colours and other aesthetics. You must also consider the practical elements of your kitchen, such as lighting, plug sockets, flooring, storage options and many more things which come into play when making these decisions.
Working with a professional designer may be the key to helping you to understand how far your budget can stretch. They will also have the knowledge to help you with choosing the right layout for your needs and will ensure that you remember everything which must be considered.

Find a local kitchen expert

Choosing your worktops

When choosing your new worktops, the aesthetics are something to consider, but they should not be the only influence on your decision. In fact, the first decision to make is which material you wish to purchase. Although laminate worktops can be bought for very affordable rates, it is unlikely that they will last for as long as a stone such as Granite. There are pros and cons to each material:

Laminew kitchen costnate worktops – these are a budget-friendly option which can mimic the appearance of more costly materials, although they are unlikely to last as long and can be damaged easily.

Wooden worktops – This material can look excellent, but requires regular upkeep, making them an often costly option. They are also porous, which can be an issue when it comes to keeping them clean.

Granite worktops – No two cuts will be the same with this natural stone, with incredible aesthetics and an extremely durable surface. Difficult to scratch, you will find this material stays looking shiny and new for years to come. They are porous but will be sealed; meaning day to day cleaning is simple. Over time, if this seal does begin to wear, you might find your worktop is susceptible to staining and liquid absorption.


Quartz worktops – This man-made material is exceptionally tough and will withstand the hustle and bustle of everyday use. Although it does not quite achieve the aesthetic depth that natural stone provides, it does come in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles which means that there is a cut of Quartz to suit every home. Non-porous and extremely hygienic, you will find that Quartz provides you with a long term solution that suits your needs.

Choosing your new kitchen cupboards

When it comes to choosing your new kitchen cupboards, you must take into consideration what your priorities are. What do you need to store within them? How many shelves do you need? Would you prefer lots of thinner shelves or would fewer taller ones benefit you more? Where will you be placing them? How many cupboards do you need? Do you need to invest in any other additions to your cupboards, i.e. built-in wire racking? Design your kitchen in such a way which means that every small nook and cranny can be utilised to its best ability – you’ll be surprised to realise just how versatile kitchen units can be; you can fit a cupboard or drawer almost anywhere.

Find a local kitchen expert

The materials must also be taken into account. Are you going to be looking for solid timber units, or wood-veneered? With such a range of patterns, styles and materials available to choose from, planning well in advance is essential.

Selectingranite worktop new kitchen cost guideg the right appliances

Another thing which homeowners must take into consideration when installing their new kitchen is whether or not they are going to be installing completely new appliances. It might be that you have an excellent oven already that you don’t want to lose, but if that’s not the case and you’re looking for modern solutions which will match and complement your new design, then there are certain things which must be considered.

Are you going to be opting for all-new built-in kitchen appliances? Will you need a rewiring job carried out to meet the needs of your new layout? Are you having gas appliances? If so, have you got contact details of a reputable gas qualified installer? It’s essential to think about not only the type of appliance you require but also the costs and practicalities.

How long does fitting a kitchen take?

The duration of a kitchen fitting really does vary from project to project. It might be that you have a small, simple kitchen which can be fit in a day or two by a professional. Alternatively, if you are attempting a DIY installation, this could take longer. The level of work required will affect the timescales surrounding the project. For those having everything ripped out, new flooring installed, walls re-decorated, units added, appliances fitted, splashbacks and tiling installed, worktops to be cut… the list goes on and the greater the project, the longer it will take.

Should you hire a professional kitchen fitter?

We would always recommend hiring a reputable professional to take on any big installation projects in your home. They will not only be able to get things done quickly and efficiently but will also have the skills and insurance in place to ensure that safety is paramount.

To find a local tradesperson near you, take a look here.

Find a local kitchen expert

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