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Loft hatch installation cost guide

If you’re anything like us, no matter how often you size up, you’ll still never have enough storage space. That’s why utilising every inch of your loft is a great way to go. But of course, that might well involve widening, moving or even installing a new loft hatch. So, how much exactly does loft hatch installation cost?

Use our guide below to get an overview of costs and our free search tool to find a professional.

Moving a loft hatch cost

Getting a loft hatch professionally installed can cost as little as £150. That said, for this price you should expect the cheaper materials and finishes. At the other end of the scale, you could easily pay between £450 to £500 for the more premium options.

Loft hatch and ladder installation cost

Cost provided itemTypical cost+VAT
Loft hatch installation£150 - £500
Loft hatch widening£250
Loft hatch and aluminium ladder installation£200
Loft hatch and wooden ladder installation£350

You can easily get a loft hatch and aluminium ladder installed for around £200-£250 – just £50-£100 more than getting a basic loft hatch fitted on its own.

That said, ladders can vary hugely in price. While you can find them online for as little as £50, you can also regularly see them at £550. Plus, getting a wooden ladder installed could cost you around £150 more than an aluminium one if we assume all the other factors are the same. Read our dedicated guide to loft ladder installation costs to find out more.

Remember to get a range of quotes so that you can find the best price for your needs.

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Loft hatch installation cost considerations

There are a number of factors that can influence the cost of loft hatch installation:

loft hatch and ladder installation cost

Do you need to widen the opening?

Most loft hatches are designed to fit between standard 600mm timber ceiling joists. But loft hatches in older properties are usually quite a bit narrower (if they’ve been installed at all). Plus, if you want to store large objects in your loft, widening your loft hatch could allow you to get things up there more easily.

Loft hatch widening could add around £25 to your installation costs.

What kind of loft hatch do you want?

Depending on what kind of finish you’d like, you can choose between getting a bespoke loft hatch built or buying a ready-made one that already fits into your opening. Ready-made hatches vary a lot in price and quality. Some even come insulated! While this will add to the total cost, don’t forget that it could also save you a significant amount of energy.

Are you planning to install a loft ladder?

If you’re installing a new loft hatch, getting a ladder fitted at the same time can be cost-effective. And of course, it will make your loft hatch a lot easier to access.

Loft hatch installation cost summary

  • The cost of loft hatch installation can vary from £150 to £500.
  • Choose between bespoke or ready-made loft hatches.
  • Get a range of quotes to get the best loft hatch and ladder installation cost.

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