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Loft ladder installation cost

Storage capacity is something most of us look for when moving into a new home. We don’t always want everything we own on display, which is why having safe and secure storage away from the rooms we use the most is helpful when it comes to maximising space.

Use this loft ladder installation cost guide if you’re looking for usable loft space but have no way of accessing it. It can also help if you’re considering a loft conversion or looking to have loft boarding installed.

Cost provided itemUnitAverage cost
2 section aluminium ladder fitted into an existing hatchMaterials£120
2 section aluminium ladder fitted into an existing hatchLabour£130
2 section aluminium ladder and hatch installationMaterials£350
2 section aluminium ladder and hatch installationLabour£150
Folding timber loft ladder and new hatchMaterials£150
Folding timber loft ladder and new hatchLabour£130
3 Section aluminium loft ladder using existing hatchMaterials£150
3 Section aluminium loft ladder using existing hatchLabour£140

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Loft ladder installation cost

Loft hatch and ladder installation costs vary, with the labour required depending on the ladder option you choose. For example, most ladders fitted into an existing hatch will cost around £130, whereas ladders that also require a hatch installation will cost around £150. Most installations shouldn’t take longer than a few hours.

An average loft ladder installation price: £140

Average loft hatch and ladder installation cost: £150

How much does loft hatch installation cost?

The average cost of installing a loft hatch in the UK is in the region of £150 – £500. The exact price will depend on the size, location and complexity of the installation, as well as the individual tradesperson and their experience. To widen a loft hatch the average cost is around £250.

Different types of loft ladders

Loft ladders come in various designs and materials. Below we’re going to give a brief overview of the main types of ladders available and the pros and cons of each.

Sliding loft ladders

Sliding loft ladders are less expensive options and suitable for most lofts. Made from lightweight materials like aluminium, they come in two or three sections that you slide up and down to achieve the right height for easy loft access.

Ideal if you’re only using your attic occasionally, their main drawback is how much space they take up. They don’t fold away neatly, so you’ll need extra storage in your loft and enough clearance below the hatch to make buying them a viable option.

An average loft ladder installation price (materials only) is: £120

An average loft hatch and ladder installation cost (materials only) is: £350

Find a loft ladder installer near you

Loft hatch fitting costFolding loft ladders

Great for space-saving and improving insulation, folding loft ladders are fixed to the hatch door. This means they fold out as the hatch is opened and fold in as the hatch is closed. Made from wood or metal, they can be designed to fit any space and match any decor.

Average loft hatch and ladder installation cost (materials only): £150

Concertina loft ladders

Concertina ladder designs are the most compact options. Fixed to the hatch door, they collapse in on themselves and can be used even when there’s little to no space beneath the hatch. Made from wood with deeper treads to maximise safety, they are popular options in homes with limited or confined spaces.

Telescopic loft ladders

Like the concertina designs, telescopic ladders are compact sliding options that require a small amount of storage space. They come in various styles that suit every need and hatch.

Factors affecting the cost of loft ladder installations

Loft ladder installation costThe cost to install a loft ladder depends on two factors. The first is the type of ladder you’re looking for, and the second is whether a new hatch is required. For example, aluminium sliding ladders will cost less than concertina or telescopic ladders, whereas bespoke folding ladders will cost more than other options.

If any of the ladders also require a hatch installation, the cost of materials and labour will increase. This is because a hatch needs to consider ease of access and be able to withstand the weight and bulk of the chosen ladder. It also needs to avoid weakening the roof or causing any structural irregularities.

Can I install a loft ladder myself?

Loft installations are delicate operations. Without loft boarding, attic floors can’t take our weight. Ladders also need to be installed along the joists and not across them, so it’s always best to hire an expert tradesperson to get it right the first time. That way, you’ll get a professional finish and a snug fit that is structurally sound.

Some simple hatches and ladders are supplied as home installation DIY kits. That said, we wouldn’t recommend them unless you’re completely confident in your installation abilities. Like all things, if you’re looking for quality and longevity, it’s worth the initial investment.

Key insights

  • Be sure to match your loft ladder to your attic requirements. For example, an attic used for storage purposes won’t be visited as often, which means it probably isn’t worth investing in an expensive ladder
  • Ladders, hatches and labour are separate costs, so calculate the overall price before committing to one installation over another
  • An average attic ladder installation cost (labour only) is: £140
  • The average loft hatch installation cost + ladder installation cost (labour only) is: £150
  • The average loft hatch fitting cost + ladder installation cost is (materials only) is £350

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