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Loft insulation cost

There are several reasons someone might want to research loft insulation costs. Firstly, it’s a great way to cut energy bills and keep your home warm. Secondly, loft insulation is a required building regulation for extensions or loft conversions.

When it comes to large extensions or heating system replacements, building inspectors will often ask for the existing attic insulation specifications. If they don’t meet the recommended requirements, an upgrade will be necessary before works can be carried out.

For this guide, we spoke to Bob Branscombe (MRICS and MCIOB qualified), who has 34 years in the industry with Branscombe Consulting. Together we have put together the average UK prices for loft insulation.

What are the benefits of insulating your loft or attic?

Insulating your loft or attic offers several benefits. Let’s take a look at three of the top reasons people choose to invest in attic insulation solutions.

Energy efficiency

For the more green-minded of us, the cost of loft insulation reduces the cost of our carbon footprint. By reducing our energy consumption, we help promote a greener world.

Heat retention

Better insulation equals better heat retention. Not only does this keep your home cosy and reduce the risk of damp or mould, it means you’re using less energy to keep warm on those chilly nights.

Reduction in bills

The main benefit of loft or attic insulation is the cost savings. Less energy and greater heat retention = lower bills. It’s a win-win.

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Different types of loft insulation

Cost of loft insulationIn this section, we’re going to discuss the various types of loft insulation on the market, including the pros and cons of each.

Blanket loft insulation

Blanket insulation is sold by the roll. Easy to install, it comes in various materials such as fibreglass, mineral fibre and sheep’s wool. The main downsides include the higher price for sheep’s wool and the potential issues with installing it – mainly due to its bulk and the fact it doesn’t neatly fit in small spaces or around obstacles.

Loose-fill loft insulation

Loose-fill insulation is often made from materials such as cork granules, mineral wool and cellulose fibre. Popular due to the availability of greener alternatives, loose-fill insulation is great for ensuring an entire area is covered. That said, it needs to be installed with safety equipment to avoid skin irritation or breathing in harmful fibres. It can also come loose in more draughty lofts.

Sheet loft insulation

Used on the sloping sides of roofs, sheet insulation is a greener option that is perfect for loft conversions and covering plasterboards. It’s also high-insulating and often comes with its own attachment system. Some downsides include higher production costs and overall expense.

Spray foam insulation

Also known as ‘blown-fibre insulation,’ installing spray foam requires a professional tradesperson. On the plus side, it’s quick to install and light to handle and cut, making it ideal for difficult-to-reach areas. That said, it’s the priciest option and less suitable for draughty lofts. For that, we recommend you choose a less free-flowing option.

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Cost provided itemUnitAverage cost
Insulating loft with basic blanket insulation£500
Blanket insulation (270mm) (materials and labour)Detached house£600
Blanket insulation (270mm) (materials and labour)Semi-detached house£500
Blanket insulation (270mm) (materials and labour)Terrace£400
Blanket insulation (270mm) (materials and labour)Bungalow£600
Blanket insulation (material only)Per m2£5
Loose-fill insulation (material only)Per m2£7.50
Sheet insulation (materials only)Per m2£10
Spray foam insulation (material only)Per m2£55
Thermal foil layer Per m2£3
Labour costPer day£175
Pipe laggingMaterials and labour£70
Upgrading water cistern insulationMaterials and labour£150
Relocating electrical wiresLabour per day£250
Loft boarding (average size-loft)Materials and labour
LabourPer day£150
Roof insulation panels Per m2£25
Spray foam roof insulationPer m2£55

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

How much does it cost to insulate a loft?

Factors affecting attic insulation costs

To summarise, the main factors that affect the cost of insulation include:

  • The type of insulation used
  • The amount of insulation required
  • Any removal of the old insulation needed
  • The accessibility of the space (limited access may cost more due to the complexity of the installation).

Spray foam insulation costs

Due to the materials and installation method, the average cost of most spray foams is higher than their counterparts.

For example, the average cost of spray foam insulation will set you back around £55 for the materials per m2 and £175 for the labour. This is because the equipment and skills required to install spray foam aren’t as readily available as more popular alternatives.

Average spray foam insulation cost (per m2): £55

Average cost of labour (per day): £175

Loft insulation labour cost

Loft insulation labour costs can vary depending on the works required. Most tradespeople will charge a day rate of around £150 – £200 for loft insulation. However, if other jobs are needed, e.g., electrical wire relocation or loft boarding, then the costs can jump up.

Average loft insulation labour cost (per day): £175

The average cost of electrical rewiring: £250

Average loft boarding labour cost: £460

Average roof insulation labour costs (per day): £150

Find a loft insulation installer

Additional costs to consider

As previously discussed, having your loft insulated isn’t as straightforward as laying it down and leaving it. You need to consider the cost of materials and the labour required to prepare the area for insulation in the first place. Additional costs can include:

  • Pipe lagging (insulation fitted around water pipes)
  • Relocating electrical wires
  • Installing loft boarding
  • Implementing loft access
  • Loft hatch insulation

Roof insulation cost

Roof insulation priceRoof insulation is the same as loft insulation. When people refer to roof insulation, they are referring to the barrier of material within your roof space, either between the joists or rafters.

Average roof insulation costs for spray foam is around £55 per m2, whereas roof insulation panels are around £25 per m2. The average cost of labour for roof insulation is £175 per day.

Attic insulation – annual savings

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that well-fitted loft insulation can save you an average of £150 per year. It also increases the value of your home by up to 16%, which we believe makes the savings worth the cost of investment.

How long does it take to insulate a loft?

The time it takes to insulate a loft depends on several factors, including the size and method of insulation. For example, blanket and quilt insulations take far less time to install than sheet or board insulations. Although the labour costs are the same, installing sheet insulation is generally twice as long.

Overall, most insulation installations take less than a day. However, this doesn’t account for any additional costs that are required.

Can I insulate my loft myself?

Hiring a professional tradesperson is beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, they’ll dispose of any excess materials for you. Secondly, they’ll prepare the area and ensure the insulation meets the required standards. Lastly, a professional knows what to look for, what equipment to use, and how to protect themselves.

Although it is possible to install some loft insulations yourself e.g., blanket or roll, the results are less likely to last. This means you’ll miss out on the cost-saving benefits that led you to install insulation in the first place.

Key insights

  • The average blanket loft insulation costs for a detached house, including labour, is £600.
  • Blanket insulation is the cheapest per m2 (£5), followed by loose fill (£7.50), sheet insulation (£10), and spray foam (£55).
  • The average roof insulation labour cost is £175.
  • Most loft insulations take less than a day to install.
  • The average return on investment is worth the attic insulation costs.

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Loft Boarding Specialist

This is a perfect post to read because it gives you more detail on how much lofts insulation cost.

Tom Blake

Hi Diana, many of our vetted tradespeople can help you with this project of yours. Search for a local loft insulator right HERE. Enter your postcode and those nearby will appear for you to reach out to. Thank you and good luck!

Diana Jane Bateman

I would like to have some loft insulation, are any of your trades people licensed under the governments Green Homes Scheme. Many thanks

Tom Blake

Hi Richard, If you already have insulation installed you can qualify for a 'top up' under the scheme. It's not so clear cut on replacement, but it's thought the grant won't cover the replacement of the insulation you already have.

Richard Frederick Dawson

Can additional loft insulation(where the existing insulation is below the recommended thickness) be claimed for under this new scheme ?

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