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Last updated on December 22nd, 2023

Roof lantern blinds cost guide

Roof lanterns have become a popular staple in single storey extensions, but sometimes that wonderful source of additional light flowing into the room needs a bit of controlling – that’s where roof lantern blinds come in. In this roof lantern blinds cost guide, we look at the types of blinds available and the average prices in the UK.

Roof lanterns have become a popular staple in single-storey extensions, but sometimes that wonderful source of additional light flowing into the room needs a bit of controlling – that’s where roof lantern blinds come in. In this roof lantern blinds cost guide, we look at the types of blinds available and the average prices in the UK.

Roof lantern blinds are a great way to control light and temperature, helping to reduce glare from the sun and simultaneously protect furniture and surfaces from the damaging sun-fading effects of UV rays.

The roof lantern blinds prices included in this article are meant to serve as a guide. For accurate prices in your area, we recommend contacting your local roof lantern blinds specialist to get a detailed quote and cost breakdown.

ItemRange - Low Range - HighAverage cost
Roof lantern roller blinds (blinds only)£1,050£3,300£2,500
Electric blinds (supply and installation)
2,000mm x 2,000mm--£2,790
1,500mm x 3,000mm--£3,285
3,000mm x 3,000mm--£4,425
3,000mm x 4,000mm--£6,600
4,000mm x 6,000mm--£9,150

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

How much do roof lantern blinds cost?

The price you pay for roof lantern blinds can vary considerably but, on average, the cost is around £1,050 to £3,300 for the blind itself – plus the cost of installation.

If you’re looking for electric roof lantern blinds, the average price ranges from about £2,790 for a 2,000mm by 2,000mm blind to around £9,150 for a 4,000mm by 6,000mm electric blind. Those prices include supply and installation of the blinds with a hardwired electric system.

Factors affecting the cost of roof lantern blinds

As you’d expect, the price of roof lantern blinds will vary depending on a number of factors. Most notably the size of the blind, and whether it’s a manual or electric system. The main factors you’ll need to consider, include:

  • Size of the blind
  • Type (manual or electric)
  • Shape or complexity of design
  • Quality of fabric and other materials used
  • Any prep work needed
  • Where you live
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Roof lantern blinds installation

Benefits of roof lantern blinds

If you’re still deciding whether you need roof lantern blinds or not, here are some of the benefits of having them installed:

  • Cover hard to reach windows with bespoke roof lantern blinds that are often made to measure, so they’re the perfect fit.
  • Regulate temperature in the room, whether you’re keeping the heat of the sun out in summer or keeping the warmth of your home’s heating in during winter.
  • Avoid annoying glare from the sun, particularly useful if you have a TV screen or monitor underneath the roof lantern that usually gets hit by direct sunlight.
  • Match the style of your interior style by choosing from the range of colours and fabrics available for roof lantern blinds.

Types of roof lantern blinds

When we talk about the ‘type’ of roof lantern blinds, we’re actually talking about a few different aspects of the blinds. They are: the frame structure of the blind and how it is covering the roof lantern, the movement system for the blind, and the use of material for the blind itself.

Roof lantern blinds structure

Due to the structure of the roof lantern itself, there are two main ways you can install a blind. You either follow the shape of the roof lantern and install the blind against each glass panel, or you install a flat horizontal blind that covers the bottom of the roof lantern opening.

Often the choice comes down to personal preference, but it will also affect the cost of the roof lantern blinds so it’s worth discussing the options and prices with your local roof lantern blinds expert.

Roof lantern blinds movement system

Roof lantern blinds can either be installed as a manual or electric system. Due to the location of a roof lantern, it can often be trickier to open and close the blinds using a manual method, but it is possible. That said, electric systems tend to be much more possible for convenience.

Nowadays you can also get automated smart roof lantern blinds that you can control with your phone or tablet. They can also integrate with your existing smart home systems or digital assistants, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home – for ultimate ease of use.

Smart roof lantern blinds may cost more, but they do come with a range of additional benefits thanks to the integrated technology.

Roof lantern blinds materials

The main choices you’ll find for roof lanterns are either pleated or roller blinds, each with varying costs. For small or medium sized roof lanterns, both pleated and roller blinds offer excellent results so personal preference will play a big role – as material and way it sits will be the most visible part of the blinds, so you want to like what it looks like.

For larger roof lanterns, where the blinds will be bigger than 1,800mm by 2,500mm, roller blinds are the better option. Due to their structure and operating using wire tracks, pleated roof lantern blinds aren’t suitable for covering very large surface areas.

Useful roof lantern blinds checklist

  • Research your options and contact your local roof lantern blinds specialist for their professional advice and accurate quotes of prices in your area.
  • Shop around for fair and competitive roof lantern blind costs.
  • Always hire a tradesperson with relevant experience and ask to see previous examples of their roof lantern blind installations.
  • When hiring a tradesperson, check the ratings and reviews from recent customers to confirm the quality of their work.
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