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The best alternative to tiles in a bathroom

In this post, we outline the alternative to bathroom tiles. We look at shower tile alternatives, the alternative to tiles in bathroom walls, and the best alternative to floor tiles.

The best alternative to bathroom tiles

The bathroom is constantly exposed to moisture, so when deciding on the best material for the shower area, walls, or floor, it’s important to consider the water-resistant qualities alongside cost, maintenance, and the overall aesthetic.

There are a number of innovative, new options for walls, and plenty of alternative options for the floor, which are really effective in the bathroom.

Let’s take a look at some of the tile alternatives available.

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Two great shower tile alternatives

Tiles do range in price, but the material cost can escalate once you’ve calculated the total area you need to cover, plus the labour to instal them.

While it’s quite traditional to have a tiled area around the shower, there are a number of shower wall alternatives out there.

Wall panels

PVC wall panels

For a cheap alternative to tiles on the bathroom wall, you might be interested in shower wall panels.

Shower design and technology have progressed, now presenting the opportunity to take interior design into the bathroom!

Wall panels come in a range of different colours and finishes, including marble-effect, concrete-effect, wood or textile-effect, or even large-scale floral prints.

  • They’re quicker and easier to instal than tiles, so you’ll save money on installation.
  • There’s no grout, which makes them easy to clean and maintain.
  • They’re durable and completely waterproof, so they’ll look great for years.
  • Create a feature wall in your bathroom with a striking wall panel design.

Resin walls

Resin wall panel in shower cubicle

If you’re looking for shower wall options other than tile, you’ll love fully water-resistant resin walls.

Resin walls are made of stones, minerals, and acrylic materials, creating a solid surface with a natural appearance and feel.

It gives a high-end, elegant look to a bathroom, and can be custom-made to match the colour or design of your choosing.

Without the joins of a panel or the grout of a tile, you’ll achieve a truly seamless finish on your bathroom walls.

A luxurious alternative to tiles in bathroom walls

Marble-effect wall panels in bathroom

For an eye-catching alternative to wall tiles, opt for marble-effect wall panels.

  • Get the luxury look of marble, without the price tag.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • No grout needed.
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Cheap alternative to floor tiles in a bathroom

Tile flooring is a good investment for homeowners as they’re long-lasting and will generally add to the value of your home.

However, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to floor tiles in a bathroom, you’ll be pleased to know you have options.

Vinyl flooring in a bathroom

Vinyl floor in bathroom

Vinyl is a very cost-effective flooring option for the bathroom. Not only due to the cost of the material, but the installation cost is typically cheaper than tiles too.

It comes in a range of colours and patterns, so you’ll be sure to find vinyl flooring to suit your style. And it can cleverly mimic more expensive flooring options, such as stone, tiles, or wood for a fraction of the cost.

It’s comfortable underfoot, especially compared to tiles, which can be hard and cold. And it’s really easy to keep clean and maintain.

It is water-resistant, however, it’s not very forgiving if water is allowed to pool. And its soft texture does make it susceptible to scratches or punctures if you’re not careful.

Concrete flooring in a bathroom

Concrete floor in bathroom

A modern tiles alternative for the bathroom floor is concrete.

It’s hard-wearing, sleek, and modern, and can be a cheaper alternative to tiled flooring.

If it’s sealed properly, you’ll find it won’t stain, it’ll look better with age, and is incredibly durable.

Generally speaking, it’s easy to clean and low maintenance, but you may need to repolish the flooring every few years to maintain its appearance. As with tiles, it can be cold and hard underfoot.

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What can I use instead of tile in a bathroom?

Tiles are traditional for bathroom walls, however, design and technology have progressed making it possible to make more of a statement with your walls. Try resin walls, PVC wall panels, or marble-effect wall panels for a striking effect.

What can be used instead of tiles for floor?

Alternatives to floor tiles include vinyl, which is available in a range of different colours and designs, and concrete.

What is the cheapest flooring to instal?

One of the cheapest types of flooring to instal is vinyl flooring.

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