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Summer house ideas

So, you’re here and thinking about starting your own summer house project? We’ve covered everything from the type of summer house to the way in which you can furnish it.

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Ideas for your new summer house

So, you’re here and thinking about starting your own summer house project? We’ve covered everything from the type of summer house to the way in which you can furnish it.

The possibilities are endless, from an entirely new living space to creating a new office or gym.

Natural garden summer house idea

Choosing a summer house that perfectly blends into your garden is an excellent way to immerse yourself in nature. Had a stressful day? No problem, relaxing in this summerhouse will have your stress melt away in no time.

Capture this natural garden summerhouse idea using greens, browns and beiges. Plus, use the wooden cladding to add authenticity.

Unique summer house idea

Combining timber and brick creates a stunning contrast while the unusual shape of the summerhouse inspires curiosity. This unique summer house idea uses dark and light materials with bespoke windows and even a chimney.

To build a unique and customised summerhouse like this may be a little costly but will be well worth the investment.

Dramatic summer house decor idea


This dramatic summer house decor idea is designed with a stunning contrast of black walls and wooden frames. What’s more, the garden has been perfectly landscaped to complement the summerhouse, creating a striking finish.

If your space is small, this compact summerhouse would make a bold garden feature.

Minimalist summer house idea

Keeping to a minimalist design scheme can be tricky as clutter loves to intrude into any well-used space.

Unsure where to begin? This minimalist summer house is split into two parts. On the right is an enclosed space for storage, and the left is an open space with floor to ceiling windows perfect for enjoying your garden in all weathers.

Summer house ideas (interior)

Imagine working in your own private office with alluring garden views throughout the year. A dark grey feature wall and sofa add drama as they contrast beautifully with the other neutral white walls.

This idea for inside a summer house helps to promote creativity and productivity with space for relaxing during well-deserved breaks.

Painted summer house ideas

Here the owners have chosen a modern light grey, but there’s nothing stopping you from going bolder, and brighter! Your only limit is your imagination. You could also choose natural colours to blend into your garden or bold colours to make your summer house stand out.

Debbie McGettrick from ufurnish says “your summer house should be decorated and furnished to reflect your personal style, creating a special place you’ll want to spend all of your free time in”. So, take the time to choose your paint colour.

Summer house bar ideas

Using our summer house bar ideas, you can create a stunning space for relaxing and entertaining. This option wouldn’t look out of place in an upmarket bar and you would be surprised how simple it is to replicate.

Using planks of timber, a mini fridge and bar stools you could convert your summer house into your very own garden bar. You can even consider adding authentic decorations or draughts.

Summer house flooring ideas

Walking over your summer house flooring should be a pleasant experience, particularly if you want to create a haven from modern life. This summer house flooring idea is a great option year-round because it incorporates underfloor heating for extra comfort during the winter.

Summer house lighting idea

This summer house lighting idea is bold and stylish, and thanks to its bendy light frames can be customised to fit any space. Choosing the lighting for your summer house can be a fun and rewarding experience. Don’t be afraid to be creative and daring, this will only serve to enhance the look and feel of your summer house.

Corner summer house idea

Corner summer house idea

“In terms of furnishing your summer house, less is more” explains Debbie McGettrick from ufurnish. This is especially true when it comes to looking to compact, corner summer house ideas. This image shows an airy summer house encompassed by vibrant green plants, trees and bushes.

Modern summer house

Modern summer house

This small summer house is designed using the white and black shades used in modern design.
There is even space for a welcoming, squishy sofa. So, grab a book and soak in that vitamin D.

Garden summer house ideas

Garden summer house inspiration

Choosing luxurious planters like this option from ufurnish will bring an authentic elegance to your new outdoor indoor space. Team this brass planter with natural interior colours like greens, creams and browns to infuse life into your summer house.

Summer house decor ideas

Summer house decor ideas

Choosing a theme when designing your summer house can be the perfect way of injecting your personality into your space. This is a fantastic summer house décor idea so don’t be afraid to roll with it.

Unsure where to begin? Incorporate this beautiful brass planter from ufurnish for extra décor points.

Small summer house ideas

Small summer house ideas - coffee table

Worried your garden may be too small for a summer house? Worry not, our small summer house ideas are here to help you effectively use your outside space. You may be surprised just how spacious a small summer house can look with lightly coloured floors and walls!

Small furniture can help considerably as well, such as this compact rattan coffee table from ufurnish.

Interior summer house ideas

Interior summer house ideas - Rattan sofa

“What I love most about summer houses is just how adventurous you can be with the interior” Deirdre McGettrick from ufurnish explains.

If you’re going for holiday vibes, why not invest in something like this cosy sofa like this rattan piece from ufurnish?

Summer house with natural seating

Summer house with natural seating ideas

Bringing the luscious warmth of your garden into your summer house has never been easier with this rattan chair from ufurnish. Seating is essential in any summer house to give you a place to unwind in peace.

Drawing you in, this rattan chair is perfectly designed for long hours reading surrounded by the tranquillity of your garden.

We hope you have found these summer house ideas inspirational!

Now you’ve seen some ideas for your new summer house, it’s time to get one built!

For pricing information, check out our summer house cost guide and outbuilding cost guide.

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