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Showcasing your best work: Using photos to create a positive brand image

They say that a photo says a thousand words, right? This is certainly the case when it comes to connecting and engaging with your target market as a trader.

A vital part of boosting your brand image, photos play a huge role in raising awareness of your work. They demonstrate the quality and performance of the services you provide. If you showcase using great images all the various services you offer you will stand out and are much more likely to get a call from a new customer. Developing your online profile will pay rewards quickly. Uploading your best work to your website, onto social channels (Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram), or if you are a Checkatrade Member on your personal profile will attract potential customers. Check out Pete Haines gallery of images (see below), they entice you to flip through and the images shout professional quality!

photography showing best work

Why are photos so important in the trade?

Trade photos are a crucial element of any marketing campaign, helping you to raise awareness and generate sales. Photos can also have a significant impact on a customer’s final buying decision, influencing them to invest in your brand… or not.

Whether you’re building your business, or you already have years of experience under your belt, photographs have been proven to enhance the marketing efforts of both start-up and established trades.

After all, images show your customers exactly what you do and how well you do it.

Taking photos of best work


Before and after shots

One of the main advantages of before and after shots is that they motivate consumers to take action.

Showing exactly what’s possible, before and after images are effective for all types of trades, particularly the construction, gardening and remodelling sectors.

photography showing best work

Pete Haines showcases his “After” work using well lit and immaculate framed shots

Demonstrating the effectiveness of a service, these types of images are a great way to portray the efficiency and aesthetic appeal of what you do.

Of course, in today’s digital world, before and after shots are a core selling tool on social media. They make great content to reach out to potential customers with, encouraging engagement and generating those all-important sales.

Boost your branding and credibility

There’s an actual scientific reason why images boost branding. According to research, people are likely to remember only 10% of the information they hear three days later, whereas they retain 65% of the information they’ve have seen in an image after the same period.

Investing in good quality images can work wonders for your brand’s credibility. Images can completely transform the look and feel of your on and offline marketing, as well as your social media accounts.

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How to take the perfect image on your smartphone

Although it’s always worthwhile investing in professional, high-quality images to use online and off, it is also possible to take great images and videos on your smartphone.

And, with the majority of us permanently attached to our phones, it’s now easier than ever before to capture images. From before and after shots through to project progression images and final result images, there are plenty of ways to use eye-catching visuals to capture customers’ attention.

Taking a good photo is easy to do. Simply use the gridlines on your phone’s camera to balance your shot, set your camera’s focus, experiment with different perspectives and once you’re happy, take the shot!

You should also make sure that you use a flash indoors or within dark spaces. Shoot against a plain background unless you are taking pictures outdoors.

Don’t just tell your potential customers what you can do, show them!




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