What is the Cost to Remove a Concrete Driveway in 2023? | Checkatrade
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Last updated on March 31st, 2022

Cost to remove concrete driveway

If your concrete driveway has seen better days, and you are looking to give your property a little bit more kerb appeal, read on. The following guide gives an overview of the average cost to remove a concrete driveway.

By their very nature, driveways are designed to get a lot of use. However, over time, concrete driveways are susceptible to damage that can quickly become a safety hazard. If your concrete driveway has seen better days, and you are looking to give your property a little bit more kerb appeal, read on. The following guide gives an overview of the average cost to remove a concrete driveway.

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Cost to remove concrete driveway

Cost provided itemUnitAverage cost
Concrete removalPer m2£50
Skip rentalPer week£200

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

On average, you can expect the cost for this type of job to start at £50 per square metre, but total costs tend to sit between £1,500-£2,500. Of course, this price can increase if the driveway is larger than average or requires specialist equipment for removal. If you attempt the removal yourself, you will undoubtedly save on costs. However, DIY removal is tiring work and requires specialist equipment.

Factors that influence the concrete driveway removal cost

Ultimately, the cost to remove old concrete will depend on the size of the area and the depth of the concrete. The standard thickness of a concrete driveway is four inches. However, some driveways may be five inches or more, particularly those designed to be driven on by heavy vehicles. Disposal of heavy materials is highly labour intensive; it requires a team of tradespeople and a strategy for waste removal.

Your quote will likely factor in the cost to rent a skip to keep the project site clean and the day rate for each team member. If the concrete is reinforced, the removal cost could be twice as much as unreinforced due to the tools required to remove it. The location will inevitably be another driving factor of the quote, with prices skewing higher London to reflect demand.

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cost to remove and replace concrete drivewayHow can I dispose of concrete after removal?

When you hire a professional team to remove your concrete drive-way, they’ll usually offer disposal as part of the service. If you are attempting the task yourself, you’ll have to rent a skip. This will cost approximately £200, but the price will depend on how long you need the skip for. You could also hire a grab truck. Find out about the costs in our guide.

How do you remove concrete from a driveway?

The process of concrete removal usually requires a jackhammer to complete the job quickly and efficiently. In some cases, a sledgehammer may be necessary to assist in breaking up concrete. First, the area will be prepared, cleared of debris and inspected in case of pipes or power lines below. Once ready, the driveway will be broken up into large chunks which will be dumped into either your skip or the removal truck used by the team.

Can I remove a concrete driveway by myself?

If you have experience working with concrete and have access to the set of tools required for a job of this stature, you can save money on labour costs by attempting the removal yourself. However, a botched removal will likely lead to high costs down the line if you require a tradesperson to finish the removal. We recommend contacting a tradesperson if you have any concerns about a concrete driveway removal.

Whether you’re looking to convert your driveway into a front garden or want to replace the concrete, use our tool below to find Checkatrade professionals in your area.

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