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Garden landscaping ideas: Water features to splash out on

May 5, 2020

Water features can transform an outdoor space into a tranquil oasis, with their beautiful aesthetics and soothing sounds.

From rock ponds and birdbaths to garden fountains and waterfalls, there are many different ways to add a peaceful garden water feature to your outdoor area.

Why have a water feature in your garden?

Water features offer more than just decorative benefits to your garden or outdoor space. They extend your living area and bring a sense of peace and inner calm that’s ideal for those living in busy neighbourhoods or cities, and for those looking for some escapism.

To add to this, they attract birds and wildlife to your garden so that you can absorb the views and sounds of nature, enjoying your water feature too.

Different types of water features

Whether you’re imagining an ornate feature with complex jets or a small pond and fountain with a single output of water, there are a huge number of possibilities when it comes to adding a water feature to your outdoor space.

To give you an idea of the different available water features, we’ve put together some ideas below to provide you with some inspiration. If you are ready to explore what you may expect to pay for a variety of water features, please check out our water feature cost guide.

Solar garden water features

Solar-powered water features are highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly. They include a solar panel connected to a water pump. When sunlight hits the panel, it generates a voltage that powers the pump and activates the water feature.

As long as they have good access to direct sunlight during the day, solar garden water features offer great flexibility and low-cost benefits. Easy to install with no need to conceal pipes or wiring, they require little maintenance and come in a range of designs and sizes.

Depending on the style and design you choose, you can buy and install a quality solar-powered water feature from just £50.

Find a local landscape gardener

Small water features

Even the smallest of gardens can benefit from a water feature. There are countless shapes and sculptures you can choose from, such as a spout water feature or a mini fountain integrated into a small garden pond.

small water feature

If you opt for a small pond with a running fountain, average costs start from around £350.

Medium water features

If you have a little more garden space to play with, you could opt for something like a pondless waterfall.

This is a waterfall or stream of water that re-circulates without a pond. You don’t need to have a particular type of landscape for this type of water feature, and they’re great for those who don’t want a substantial garden pond or too much maintenance.

Water feature medium sized

Depending on the type of pondless waterfall you choose, average costs start from around £600.

Large water features

For large outdoor spaces, you can really push the boat out! For example, you could add streams along meandering paths and walkways, which all flow back into a relaxing pond with a fountain in the centre as a focal point.

Or, why not opt for a waterfall wall or several different pondless waterfalls in different areas of your garden? You can get really creative with water features in a larger garden, so think about enlisting the creative eye of a landscape gardener to really explore what’s possible.
large water feature with waterfall
Large water features vary in prices, but average costs start from around £1,000.

If you’re looking to create a water feature in your garden and want to find a landscape gardener you can trust, look no further. Use Checkatrade search to find a vetted and monitored tradesperson in your local area today.

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