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20 stunningly stylish garden patio ideas

Choose any of our garden patio ideas to turn your outdoor space into a functional and fun zone on any budget.

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Adding a patio to your garden lets you take the indoors outdoors for BBQs, al fresco dining, messy kids’ play, yoga, meditation, or just chilling. Whether you’ve got a courtyard, terrace garden, or large country garden, a garden patio is a worthwhile addition.

What’s more, garden patio ideas come in a ginormous range of styles and designs to suit every budget.

As you’ll see, it’s easy to transform a lifeless garden into a vibrant and versatile space with any of our garden patio ideas. 

Painted patio ideas

Choose the right patio materials

Before you start landscaping, take time to plan your garden patio design. Consider how you plan to use your patio.

For example, how do you like to spend your time outdoors? Do you want to entertain or relax with a good book?

Next, choose your patio materials. Think about durability, maintenance and aesthetics before making a final decision.

Some popular choices include:

  • Stone slabs
  • Slate
  • Pebbles
  • Gravel
  • Decking
  • Tiles
  • Concrete

Now, plan out the layout and design of your overall patio. Get inspiration from 2024‘s trending garden patio ideas, or get help from a professional landscaper with experience in patios and landscaping.

Before you go ahead, you might want to read our patio cost guide.

Stylish back garden patio ideas

Back garden patios are more private than front patios; a perfect place to relax and unwind. You might simply need some stylish garden furniture and a BBQ for the ideal entertaining space. Or, an outdoor fireplace with painted slabs and a pergola might be the answer to your patio dreams.

There are many ways to make a patio your own; check out ours below.

1. Focus on patio zones

Use your patio to create different zones in your garden. Combining raised patios with manufactured and organic materials in your garden patio design lets you separate large gardens into functional places.

You could have a chilled zone, a dining zone and a party zone for the fun times. Consider using garden screening for complete privacy.

Combining plants or lawns with man-man materials is an easy way to create outdoor ‘rooms’. These homeowners have got it right with an impressive, large square patio and pergola for dining and entertaining. Using wood chips and brick for the surrounding area, plus a gravel and stone path surrounded by beautiful wildflowers, creates more stunning separation.

Garden patio with pergola

2. Go cottegecore with your patio

Patios are versatile; they work well with any garden design scheme, and cottage patios are no different.

For the greatest cottage garden patio ideas, add plants to help bring the space to life. Or, build a colourful patio and display plants in coloured pots that complement the patio.

For a beautiful, relaxing space, choose comfortable furniture for your patio with outdoor textiles. You can even add a pond to your patio for a stunning garden feature.

Beautiful back garden patio

3. Mixed materials are a must

Combining different hard materials in your patio design helps to break up a large area and adds depth and interest to your patio. If you have a small garden space, you can also make it feel larger with a mixed-material patio.

Choose from various materials when designing your patio, like stone, brick, tile or concrete, and even mix it up with timber. Choosing patterned porcelain tiles for your main feature is also a great way to make a statement with your garden design.

But we love the use of mixed hard materials below, which creates an ultra-modern garden patio worth envying!

Concrete and flagstone patio

4. Make your garden patio ideas modern

Consider a marble or slate patio floor for a slick and sophisticated look. It can be pricier, but the end result is worth it.

Take inspiration from this covered modern garden patio idea. The owners have created a sheltered gazebo-style area with a fireplace in the middle and a relaxed seating area in trending grey and neutral colours. It’s a great example of merging the indoors and outdoors that lets you entertain in pretty much all weather.

Modern garden patio idea

5. Circular back garden patio ideas

Your new patio doesn’t have to be square. Go for something different, like this stone circular patio with a dining area as the centrepiece. The garden has been landscaped perfectly to complement the patio, and the pathways leading off in different directions make it both practical and stylish.

Not only does it look great, but the stone slabs used are durable and can last for years to come. Ensure you get them power-washed each year to keep them in tip-top condition.

Circular back garden patio

6. Patio fire pit ideas

Fire pits are a striking choice to enhance any patio. They help to keep you warm in the evenings and provide that WOW factor your garden’s looking for. Plus, you can use them to toast marshmallows!

Consider a circular patio with a stone fire pit in the middle, like this garden. You can build matching seating to surround the fire pit to create a focal point and space for everyone to sit together (campfire songs are optional). If a built-in fire pit isn’t your thing, opt for a chimenea or a fire pit that can be moved.

See our fire pit cost guide for more details, or get lots more firepit ideas here.

Garden patio with firepit

7. Opt for patio decking instead

Decking can be a fantastic patio option for both modern and traditional homes. Not only is it super stylish, but new products on the market make decking easier to maintain than ever before.

Using timber or composite decking like Trex can create an authentic feel in your garden. Or, use furniture to match or contrast with the decking to make it a real statement feature. You can even choose various coloured stains for your decking; opt for light to dark tones that match your aesthetic.

Find out how much garden decking costs, or get inspired with more patio decking ideas.

You might also like to know how much decking costs in contrast to traditional patios.


8. Flagstone patio ideas

Homeowners wanting garden patio ideas available in various finishes that boast rustic vibes and rich tones should consider a flagstone patio. This flat, natural stone looks exciting and can be highly durable when appropriately prepared.

You can’t deny this mosaic-style flagstone patio design is visually stunning. Surrounding this flagstone patio with lots of greenery helps to create a romantic cottage garden patio vibe.

If you’re considering a flagstone garden patio, dive into our flagstone patio ideas.

Flagstone patio ideas

9. Concrete patio ideas

Not only do concrete patios look modern and minimalist, but they are also highly long-lasting and budget-friendly. Being incredibly resistant to temperature changes, wet weather conditions and mould, concrete patios are an excellent option for any garden, big or small.

To brighten up a bland concrete patio, add some artificial turf, tiles, rugs, raised garden plants, wood surrounds or even pavers.

Check out all our top concrete patio ideas for more choices.


10. Raised garden patio ideas

Don’t struggle with a small garden patio, awkwardly shaped garden, or sloping gardens. To give the illusion of a bigger, grander garden or a professionally landscaped garden, install your patio over two or more levels.

Try using steps for slopes to build up your patio and flat area in sloping gardens. Patio steps create a tiered effect, which is particularly helpful to make the most out of a long, vertical sloping garden, like the one below.

Raised garden patio ideas

Adding a raised patio is also a fantastic way to help create zoning.

Choose a raised patio and retaining wall to create an epic garden patio for entertaining guests. We love the raised patio with a wall and built-in sink, worktop and BBQ. There is a lot of room for garden furniture to entertain guests.

There’s more where that came from; check out our favourite raised patio ideas.

Small patio idea

11. Make a statement with shading

Whether jazzing up a courtyard or a farm-style garden, make a statement with garden shading. Adding shade to your new or old garden patio lets you use it frequently.

Don’t let the UK weather ruin that birthday BBQ or garden picnic; choose a waterproof garden shade that allows you to use your patio even when the elements descend.

Adding electric outdoor heating or outdoor log burners and ambient lighting creates a beautiful space to entertain guests or enjoy retirement. Choose from any of these popular outdoor shade options;

For more garden shading ideas, check out the best gazebo ideas or our gazebo build cost guide.

Garden gazebo patio

12. Match your home’s aesthetics

When choosing your patio materials and design, think about how your choice will match the exterior of your home.

Your choice of paving will predominantly depend on the exterior of your home. For example, if you’re sporting a country-style home, go for natural-looking, rustic stone like the flagstone mentioned above; tumbled limestone would look great.

In contrast, choose a crisp, straight-cut porcelain paver with only slight tonal variations for a contemporary exterior.

Garden patio ideas

Small garden patio ideas

No matter how small your garden is, there is always space for a patio. Even if that patio is only big enough for a chair and table, the upgrade is worth the investment. Check out our favourite small garden patio ideas here.

1. Pair a patio with plants

You might be fooled into thinking it’s a good idea to pave your entire small garden space to reduce upkeep. But breaking up your patio with flora and fauna makes it work harder, breaks up the zones and creates a super visually appealing outdoor space.

Moreover, swapping grass for a patio surrounded by raised garden beds or potted plants can transform a lifeless area into one surrounded by life.

Get more inspiration when you want to transform a small garden.

Raised garden beds

2. Compact patio extension

If you only have a small outdoor space adjoining a house or a flat, use this space to create a functional and fashionable hideaway patio. You can run floor tiles from your interior out to your exterior (that match, of course) to make the concept of a larger area.

Dot some gorgeous green plants in clay pots for an extra rustic and exciting look, just like the homeowners of this compact patio have.

Compact patio ideas

3. Go for folding furniture

When your patio is not only a place for sitting and eating but for playing, garden games or sunbathing, choose folding furniture. This type of garden furniture is an excellent choice for super small patios, as you can save on space when it’s not in use.

For more inspiration, check out our favourite garden seating ideas.

Garden patio lighting ideas

4. Vie for vertical gardens

When you’ve got a small, long garden, consider a standing garden patio with raised flower beds or living walls to save space and create interest. An herb garden vertical planter will also create a pretty and practical outdoor space.

Vertical garden patio ideas

5. Light up your garden patio

Adding the proper outdoor lighting to a small patio can help you create a practical and inviting for use all year round. Focus on design features to make your small patio space super sleek and modern, like illuminating closed corners.

Consider quality built-in floor lights or wall lights that are operated via the mains electricity and look high-end. Opt for garden patio lighting ideas that suit the architecture and design of your patio, or invest in fairy lights or string bulbs for a budget-friendly option.

Find out more about the cost of exterior lights or get lit with all these outdoor lighting ideas.


6. Focus on landscaping and design

When you’re working with a super small garden patio, focussing on your landscape and design is a top idea to make sure your patio doesn’t look clumsy and cluttered.

Use light colours and mirrors to make your small patio look larger. If you have no patio floor space available, you can instead add plants to your fencing or house wall.

Landscape patio ideas

7. Add a swing chair

If you live in a metropolitan area and only have a teeny weeny garden or courtyard to turn into your outdoor oasis, consider adding a swing chair.

Swing chairs not only look super inviting and modern, but they’re also super comfortable. Instead of squeezing in furniture that is simply too small for the space, choose a swing chair that fits your outdoor space and lets you comfortably enjoy your garden.

Swing chair in small garden

8. Go for gravel instead

When space, time and money are an issue, choose a gravel patio. Gravel patio ideas are cost-effective, low maintenance and available in many stylish varieties to match your landscaping ideas.

Gravel is also a versatile building material because it can be laid in any outside space, and it’s readily available to buy.

As you can see from the stunning garden patio below, homeowners can combine gravel with other materials to create highly functional and fashionable spaces. Using gravel and brick to make this patio keeps costs down, but the result is dramatic and trendy. A circle firepit, comfortable outdoor seating and lighting complement this garden patio idea.

Garden patio ideas gravel

Whichever of these inspiring garden patio ideas you choose, remember that to get the best results, it’s often better to call in a professional tradesperson, like a patio installer or landscaper. We’d hate for you to spend all that money on materials for the end results not to be as you expected.

If you’re ready to get going on your patio project, read our guide on finding the right patio contractor, or pop your details in the box below to chat with a patio contractor today.

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