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Last updated on November 18th, 2022

Green Homes Grant cost guide

The Green Homes Grant was a government scheme to help homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their homes. This scheme is now closed, but we have useful information if you're still looking to make your home more efficient.

Here’s the latest information on the Green Homes Grant from

  • You can no longer apply for a Green Homes Grant voucher. If you applied for a voucher before the closing date, your application will still be processed and we will be in touch to confirm if your application is successful. If you have already been issued a voucher, you can still use it to get the work done.” (source:
  • There is further information on how to request an extension to your voucher at
  • “Green Homes Grant installers can continue to work in people’s homes during current coronavirus restrictions. Your installer must follow the COVID-19 Secure guidelines.” (source:

The scheme was designed to give vouchers to eligible homeowners in England and Wales to cover part of the cost of carrying out certain energy-related home improvements. Insulation, heat pumps, draft proofing and double glazing were included.

The below cost guide is still useful to those of you who wish to invest in your home without the green grant.

Green home solutionRange - LowRange - HighAverage cost
Loft insulation (basic blanket)--£500
Cavity wall insulation£330£725£530
Window glazing (8 windows)£1,500£4,000£2,750
Energy-efficient front door£600£800£700
Smart heating installation--£225

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

The cost to build a green home

The Green Home Grants used to cover two-thirds of the total cost to improve your home up to a value of £5,000. This meant that if the total cost of your eligible green home solution costs £3,000 then £2,000 was covered by the government voucher and you’d pay the other £1,000.

The lowest income households could apply for a voucher of up to £10,000 towards these improvements. And these poorest homeowners won’t have to contribute anything to the total cost (as long as it’s £10,000 or less).

Loft insulation cost in green homes

What jobs were included in the grant and are still worth exploring for my home?

Vouchers were also available to cover some of the costs of the following secondary green home solutions:

  • Draught proofing
  • Double, triple glazing, or secondary glazing (when replacing single glazing)
  • Upgrading to energy-efficient doors (when replacing doors installed before 2002)
  • Heating controls, including things like appliance thermostats and smart heating controls
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Which tradespeople were eligible for the Green Homes Grant scheme?

Green home cavity wall insulation installation

For costs to be covered by the voucher, there were strict rules that you had to hire a tradesperson who is registered with TrustMark or Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation.

Many of our members are already registered under one of the above schemes and you can be assured that they will have also been checked by our vetting team, reviewed by your neighbours and then checked by us again!

Insulation costs

Basic loft insulation with blanket insulation will cost around £500. To find out more, read our loft insulation cost guide.

Cavity wall insulation costs

If you’re looking to insulate cavity walls in your home, the average cost can range from about £330 – £725.

You can see more information in our cavity wall insulation cost guide.

Green home secondary glazing costs to install

Window glazing costs

The average price for replacing single glazing with double glazing in a home, based on eight windows, is in the region of £1,500 – £4,000. Want to know more? Read our secondary glazing cost guide.

Energy-efficient door costs

For a double glazed front door, the average cost is between £600 – £800. See more information about energy-efficient door prices in our double glazing doors cost guide.

Smart heating costs

Upgrading your heating system to smart heating can be a quick and easy improvement to enhance your green home – and costs around £225. Check out our smart thermometers cost guide to find out more.

To find out more about the Green Home Grants scheme and to keep up to date with the latest, keep an eye on the government website.

See the tradespeople we've checked and recommend for your job

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What others think of this article:


Hi Arun, the Green Homes Grant covers the cost of two-thirds of up to £5,000. I would recommend contacting a trade near you to find out more information about costs.

Arun Kumar

Hi, Can I get solar roof panel fitting under green grant homes? How much this will cost and what would I need to pay. Say we need 6 panels. Thanks Arun


Hi Paul, thank you for your comment. I recommend visiting the government website to find out your eligibility

Paul Dawson

Hi I had solar panels with a battery system installed on the 6th of January 2021. Would it be possible to claim the money from the green home grant I have invoices to prove I have had them installed

Jonathon Nunn

It is time that in the case for double glazeing that it can be much more eficient if the glass is low emissivity glass which has a coating that reflects heat and so is keeping warm in the cold and keeping cool when it is hot in the summer so reducing the need for fans.. I have had this for nearly 25 years and is still performing well.


Hi Nigel, thanks for the comment. We've published two guides on both of these which will help you: Ground source: Air source: I hope this answers your questions. Take care, Tom


Where do I find info to explain what a "Heat Pump" is air source or ground source? I need to replace old night storage heaters. Thanks


Hi Geoffrey, Double glazing replacement isn't covered in the Green Grant Scheme (only for those with single glazing). However, it may be worth your time to look into other schemes which may benefit your need to replacement double glazing. There is a 'double glazing grant scheme' and an energy saving grant known as the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) which may cover it also. Here's more information about the Double Glazing Grant Scheme:

Ray Winfield

One of the problems with blanket insulation for lofts is that you suddenly discover you cannot store anything any longer. In our case we want to add a bedroom in the loft but blanket insulation makes that impossible. It would be helpful if the government included panel insulation to fit between the roof timbers.

Geoffrey osborne

I have solar panels but need replacement double glazing windows.


Hi Linda, the grant works with a 'primary' job being undertaken alongside a 'secondary', which is where the new windows come into it as a secondary. It's also worth noting that to qualify you must be replacing single glaze windows.


Hi Joseph. Well, it certainly looks like you did the correct thing and had your home checked at the beginning, something we recommend is done by a qualified and properly accredited tradesperson. Cavity wall insulation is not suitable for all properties and there have been many stories in the press about the issue you mention. We always recommend calling one of our experts local to you to get first-hand advice. Remember if you are planning to use the Green Homes Grant mentioned in this article for any improvements, there is a strict rule that you must hire a tradesperson who is registered with TrustMark or Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation. When hiring professionals lookout for these particular accreditations. Many local businesses listed on Checkatrade are already registered under one of the above schemes and you can be assured that they will have also been checked thoroughly by our vetting team. Thank you for your comment as it is worth making other homeowners aware of potential problems and for highlighting that some homes are NOT suitable for this insulation method.

Joseph Key

interesting but I read that cavity wall insulation is no longer recommended due to problems it creates and that coating the wall with a repellent prevents the wall from getting wet which aids insulation. My house was investigated and I was told my cavity wall was not suitable.

Ivan Bond

I cannot find any information or installers for Solar Roof Panels

Linda Fee

I own my flat and would like new windows but unable to have the 3 items before can have windows so does this mean we miss out if so not fare

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