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Last updated on February 7th, 2024

How much does a double glazed door cost?

There are a wide range of uPVC double glazed doors available, from double glazed patio and french doors to stable doors and front doors. In this guide we look at the average double glazed door cost in the UK.

Fast Facts

  • A double glazed front door costs around £600 - £700
  • On average, French doors (1.2m x 2.1m) cost around £950 - £1,050
  • Non-standard door sizes and accessories will usually increase the cost

How much should you pay for your double glazed doors?

The costs featured below don’t include any additional building work that might be required prior to fitting the doors.

Door TypeGlazing StyleAverage Cost
French 1.2M x 2.1M Fully Glazed£950 - £1,050
French 1.5M x 2.1M Fully Glazed£1,000 - £1,100
French 1.8M x 2.1M Fully Glazed£1,075 - £1,175
Front Standard Roller Lock Arched Top Light£600 - £700
Front High Security Lock Arched Top Light£675 - £775
Front Standard Roller Lock Diamond Leads£600 - £700
Front High-Security Lock Diamond Leads£650 - £750
Bifold Fully Glazed£5,000 + depending on size
PatioFully Glazed£450 - £1,800 depending on size

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

Our expert double glazing door expert Jason Phillips from All About Windows says that:

“You should consider investing in the best quality you can afford for your front door. Cheaper solutions are often not as durable and will likely require replacing after a short period of time.”

Double glazed front door costs

The average price of a double glazed front door in the UK is around £600 - £775.

This price will depend on a number of factors, including the size and style of door you choose.

A standard front door size is usually 900mm x 2,100mm. Larger or more unconventional door sizes will usually cost more for a double glazed version.

To find out more about other front door prices, take a look at our guide to front door costs.

Labour costs

The average cost of labour to install uPVC double glazing doors is around £225 - £300 a day

Like any home improvement project, labour costs will vary across the country and between individual tradespeople.

The best way to find out local prices is to contact double glazed door fitters near you and ask for a quote.

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Double glazed door fitter hourly rates

You can expect to pay between £225 - £300 a day in labour to fit a door. Some fitters may charge an hourly rate, others may charge a day rate, and some may quote for the project as a whole.

Bear in mind that there are considerable regional variations in price across the UK, with rates in London and the South East being more expensive.

Double glazed door cost calculator

When calculating the total price of your new double glazed doors, you need to factor in a number of  costs:

Cost of door (materials) + Labour + Additional costs* = Total double glazed door cost

*These may include charges such as non-standard door installation, upgraded glass, or specific non-standard locks.

Double glazed door fitters

Factors affecting the cost of double glazed doors

There are a number of factors that will affect the price you pay for a double glazed door. They include:

  • Door size: Larger doors require more materials and potentially additional services (like cutting, painting, etc) to support them
  • Style of door: Prices will vary for basic uPVC glazed doors to more expensive bespoke door designs
  • Quality of materials:  As with most materials, the higher the quality of the door, the higher the price
  • Door colour: White is usually the cheapest option, and you’ll pay more to choose a more bespoke colour
  • Accessories: Handles, locking mechanisms and other special accessories will add to the cost of your double glazed door
  • Where you live: Typically labour will cost more in London and the South of England, compared to the rest of the country

How to get double glazed door quotes

When pricing your double glazed door project, it’s important to get a number of quotes from different tradespeople in order to decide on a price and professional you’re completely comfortable with.

Thankfully, we’re here to help and we’ve made it super easy to get multiple quotes from approved local double glazed door installers with our request a quote feature.

Simply enter a few details and we’ll reach out to experienced tradespeople in your area and get them to contact you directly.

Alternatively, use our quick and easy online search. Enter your postcode in the box below to search our online directory of approved local tradespeople.

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Double glazed doors onto the garden

Reasons to invest in double glazed doors

Double glazing has many benefits. Not only does it offer more strength and security to older single glazed windows and doors, but it also provides many thermal benefits.

Double glazing will help to keep your home warm in the winter while also keeping the cool air circulating indoors in the summer.

These additional benefits may save you money on your heating bills over time, therefore becoming an investment worth making.

The aesthetics

For many people, the key thing they wish to consider when installing a new door on their property is whether it looks good. This is particularly true for external doors that your neighbours can see.

These different styles all offer their own appeal, and the choice you make will often depend entirely on the existing design of your home.

If you have a more country rustic property, then a stable door may suit you best.

For those with a modern property, then something more streamlined will be far more suitable. In terms of appearance, the decision remains up to you.

It’s also worth remembering that a good looking front door can add kerb appeal. So, if you’re planning on selling, you might want to invest in new doors to boost the appeal of your home for buyers.

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Choosing a double glazed door

Here are some questions to think about:

  • Do you want a back door that slides, or would you prefer bifold doors to bring your garden even closer to your home?
  • Are you looking for a larger glass pane on your front door, or do you require a smaller amount of privacy glass to allow some light into your hallway?
  • What type of handle do you want? Make sure to strike the right balance between good looks and practicality.
  • Are you willing to compromise on aesthetics to spend your budget on getting a door with the highest possible security fittings?

These are all things to consider.

You must establish what budget you have for this new door and then take into consideration what your priorities are.

Any good double glazed door fitter will be able to offer you advice on which options they feel best suit your home.

They’ll also be able to explain any pros and cons of the options available to you.

What are the differences between patio doors and French doors?

Although both doors make great additions to your home, there are many differences between the two.

The main difference is how each door opens. French doors open outwards on a hinge, whilst patio doors slide along a track and open sideways.

They also feature many aesthetic differences. Patio doors are generally more modern and best suited to a modern property.

On the other hand, French doors tend to look great in period and heritage properties.

Find the best double glazed door fitters near you

Luckily, you’re in the perfect place to find the best local tradespeople in your area.

All Checkatrade members have to pass 12 checks. And, once their profile is live, you’ll be able to see recent photos of their work and reviews from their customers.

To search approved double glazed door fitter near you, simply enter your postcode in the box below.

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