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Last updated on February 20th, 2024

How much does a boiler service cost?

Boiler servicing is essential to keep your boiler in working order for longer. Use our guide to understand the typical boiler service cost.

Fast Facts

  • Average cost of boiler service is £100
  • Boilers require servicing once a year
  • Boiler cover ranges from £8 - £13

Getting your boiler serviced can help you avoid costly boiler repairs in the long run, and give you peace of mind that your boiler is safe. But how much does a boiler service cost? We’ll reveal all here.

Average boiler service costs

The average boiler service cost ranges from £100 depending on the type of boiler you have.

Type of boilerUnitCost+VAT
(Range low - high)
Average cost
Gas boiler One off service cost£80 - £120£100
Oil boilerOne off service cost£75 - £110£92.50
Electric combi boilerOne off service cost£70 - £110£90
Commercial boilerMinimum call out fee-£95

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

These costs assume you’re paying for a one-off annual boiler service. However, you could instead choose to pay an annual charge for boiler and central heating cover – a type of insurance that covers your boiler and central heating.

What does boiler cover cost?

On average, boiler cover costs fall between £8 - £13 per month depending on the provider. Meanwhile, boiler and central heating cover costs are around £180 - £300 per year.

This works out slightly more expensive than paying a one-off fee to have your boiler serviced each year. However, boiler cover will also cover you for any repairs and breakdowns.

In this way, it could help to ease your cash flow and give you full peace of mind. Just bear in mind that for older boilers, its possible parts may not be covered or available.

Type of coverUnitCost+VAT (Range low - high)Average cost
Monthly boiler cover costMonthly fee£8 - £13£10.50
Boiler & central heating coverAnnual fee£180 - £300£240

If you have home insurance, speak to your provider about adding boiler insurance to the package. This should cost less than taking out a separate policy. Plans are also available with gas, electrics, plumbing and other services are covered for an additional cost.

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How much does a gas boiler service cost?

A one-off gas boiler service can cost anything from £80 - £120. However, the average cost is £100.

During a gas boiler service, a specialist Gas Safe engineer will inspect the boiler and controls to check for functionality. They will also check for leaks to make sure the pressure is correct and test the flue in case of toxic fumes.

How much does an oil boiler service cost?

The cost of an oil boiler service is typically between £75 - £110.

However, regular boiler servicing can help you to avoid a build-up of dust, soot or debris in your boiler, which will make sure your boiler is as energy efficient as possible. In this way, getting your boiler serviced should save you money on fuel costs in the long run.

If you have an oil boiler, it’s best to get it serviced every 12 months by an OFTEC qualified engineer.

How much does a combi boiler service cost?

The average price of a combi boiler service is around £90, although the work can cost anywhere between £70 - £110.

Combi boilers are the most popular type of boiler, heating both your water and central heating.

They can be either gas or electric. Generally speaking, gas combi boilers are less prone to breakdowns than gas and oil boilers, so service costs may be cheaper in the long run.

If you’re thinking about replacing a gas boiler with an electric boiler, familiarise yourself with the typical new boiler costs in advance.

Combi boiler service cost

How much does a commercial boiler service cost?

It isn’t only residential units that need maintenance. Commercial boilers will also need regular servicing.

For a commercial boiler of 40 kW or under, you’ll be looking at a minimum call-out fee of around £95. Alternatively, you can choose to pay extra as part of your insurance plan to have call-out fees included as part of your cover.

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Why service a boiler?

When the summer is in full swing, it’s easy to put an annual boiler service on the back burner. But when the colder months creep in, we realise the importance of keeping our boilers in good working order.

Here are just a few key reasons to service your boiler.


When you pay for a boiler service, you’re also paying for assurance that your boiler is safe for continued use.

You can be confident that your boiler isn’t releasing any lethal gases (for oil and gas boilers). In particular, regular boiler servicing for a gas boiler will minimise the risk of carbon monoxide leaks.

Prevent breakdowns

A professional heating engineer can identify any problems early on, helping to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

That way, you’ll be less likely to run out of hot water and heating in the winter.

Avoid expensive repairs

By spotting problems early on, you’ll be able to catch them before they develop into bigger, more expensive boiler repairs.

You’ll also be able to avoid costly emergency callout fees that come with breakdowns. So, paying for annual boiler servicing is a great way to save money in the long run.

Reduce running costs

On the topic of saving money, getting your boiler serviced can also reduce your running costs.

This is because regular servicing will help to make sure your boiler is running efficiently, keeping your house toasty while reducing your heating bills.

Gas boiler service cost

Lengthen the lifespan of your boiler

Boiler servicing is an important part of maintaining your boiler.

It will help you to increase your boiler’s lifespan and prevent you from needing a new boiler for as long as possible.

Manufacturer warranties

Several manufacturers have warranties that only remain valid if you have up-to-date servicing on your boiler.

With boiler warranties ranging from 2 to 10 years, keeping your warranty in place will ensure you continue to receive free repairs, or even replacements, during the warranty period.

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How often should a boiler be serviced?

It’s worth getting your boiler serviced every 12 months at least.

Getting it serviced in the summer can make sure it’s working properly ahead of the colder months and prevent you from tapping into your Christmas funds for an urgent repair.

Do I legally have to have my boiler serviced?

Unless you’re a landlord, having your boiler serviced isn’t a legal requirement. However, if you are a landlord, you’ll need to get any gas appliances serviced in line with manufacturer guidance – which includes gas boilers!

Landlords also need to arrange gas safety checks by a registered Gas Safe engineer. The cost of a Gas Safety Certificate ranges from £60£90 for a property that has one boiler, one gas hob or fireplace to check.

What are the legal regulations for oil boiler servicing?

While gas-fired boilers must be checked by Gas Safe registered engineers, oil fired boilers should be serviced by OFTEC registered engineers.

Like with gas boilers, getting your oil boiler serviced isn’t a legal requirement unless you’re a landlord. However, it’s a wise move to save you money on fuel costs, increase the safety of your home and reduce the risk of boiler failure.

By budgeting for annual oil fired boiler service costs, you will be compliant, know that your tenants are safe (if you’re a landlord), and remove any future risk or insurance issues.

Average boiler service cost

What maintenance does a boiler require?

Regular boiler servicing is a vital part of maintaining your boiler. However, there are some other steps you can take to look after your boiler alongside servicing. Here are some tips.

Run simple boiler checks

The best way of maintaining your boiler (other than servicing) is to check it regularly.

Depending on where your boiler is housed, it’s good to make a habit of periodically checking it for signs of leakage. This can be a sign of internal damage and will need to be fixed urgently.

Similarly, if you can see the pilot light in your boiler, then make sure it has a strong blue flame.

You don’t need to check the boiler too often, but if you do it every month or so then you’ll know you’re safe.

Run some boiler tests

As well as checking your boiler for signs of damage, it’s a good idea to run some boiler tests for yourself from time to time.

Just turn the heating on and check to see that all the radiators have come on.

Even in the summer, it’s worth running the test as it will prevent any components that haven’t been used in a while from seizing up.

Bleed your radiators to improve heating performance

When you’re checking your radiators, you might notice that some heat up quicker than others.

This happens when air in your radiator builds up over time, and prevents your radiator from working as effectively as possible.

If this happens, you’ll need to bleed your radiators to remove the excess air. This is a relatively straightforward job and can be carried out by most homeowners – check out our guide to bleeding radiators to learn how.

Alternatively, a professional will be happy to help. Head over to our guide on the cost to prevent winter freezing damage to find out more.

Boiler maintenance bleeding radiators

Try a power flush to remove sludge

power flush is a popular gas boiler maintenance process, which helps remove the sludge that’s built up inside a central heating system.

Most heating installers and large gas companies will require homeowners to carry out a power flush when fitting a new boiler. Flushing out these unwanted by-products can extend the life of your boiler and prevent it from failing prematurely.

What’s more, once the system has been cleaned, the installer will inhibit the system and fit a system filter. This will mean that moving forward, the boiler has a better chance of staying clean, which will prolong its lifespan.

Don’t delay in getting boiler repairs

Of course, even if you pay for regular boiler servicing, there’s still a risk of a broken boiler.

If you notice any common boiler faults – such as the thermostat not responding, the boiler switching off for no reason, your utility bills being higher than normal, or cold radiators, it’s important to call in the professionals sooner rather than later. That way, you can be sure to catch any issues before they become worse and risk causing longer-term damage to your boiler.

How much do boiler repairs cost?

The cost of boiler repairs will vary depending on the issue, the make and model of your boiler, and its age.

However, boiler repairs cost on average £100 - £500 for both parts and labour.

Just bear in mind that costs will be higher if it’s an emergency. The typical emergency boiler repair price is around £222 - £600.

Boiler service cost checklist

  • The average boiler service cost is £100
  • Alternatively, you could add boiler and central heating cover to your current home insurance plan
  • Boilers should be serviced at least once per year
  • This job requires expertise and should be performed by a qualified Gas Safe registered central heating engineer

To get started on maintaining your boiler the right way, just find a central heating engineer near you to complete your service.

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How do you service a boiler?

How you service a boiler will depend on the type of boiler (i.e. gas, electric, oil.) A visual check should be performed for a gas boiler service to make sure the boiler and pipework are correctly positioned.

The boiler casing should then be removed to clean the internal components and check for any problems. You must have your boiler serviced by a qualified, Gas Safe registered engineer. They will be able to make sure your boiler is working safely and carry out any potential repairs.

Is it worth getting a boiler serviced?

Yes, it’s absolutely worth getting a boiler serviced.

As well as giving you peace of mind that your boiler is safe and in good condition, it will likely save you money in the long run. This is because boiler servicing can help you avoid costly repairs and reduce your energy bills by making sure it’s running efficiently.

Am I eligible for a boiler service grant?

In the UK, there are several schemes that can help with the cost of a boiler service.

These include the Fuel Poverty Scheme in Wales, the Warm Home Scheme in Northern Ireland and grants from local government and energy suppliers. We recommend you contact your local authority who can provide advice on the right grants for you.

What are the boiler fuel types?

The main boiler fuel types you’re likely to come across include:

Gas boilers

For those with gas mains, the most popular choice is a gas boiler, powered by natural gas.

Unlike oil boilers, there is a constant supply of fuel through the gas mains, making these the easiest type of boilers to run. Condensing boilers can achieve over 90% efficiency, with non-condensing models providing around 80% efficiency.

Oil fired boilers

These boilers are essential for the four million homes in the UK that aren’t connected to gas mains. Rather than running on gas, an oil tank is fitted on site which is used to power the boiler. They’re just as efficient as gas boilers, with some condensing oil-fired boilers able to achieve more than 90% efficiency.

Oil tanks are generally filled a few times a year, depending on the size of the home. Oil boiler service costs are slightly more than gas, due to this tank.


Another popular option for homes without gas mains is to install an LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) boiler.  As with oil boilers, you’ll need to install a tank on your property and have periodic deliveries of new fuel to keep your boiler running.

They are beginning to overtake oil boilers as they are cheaper to buy and produce fewer emissions. It is even possible to convert some oil boilers to run on LPG.

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Hi Matt, not generally. Minimum call-out fees are to cover the engineers travel time and expenses should minimal/no work be required on the boiler when they arrive. Request a fixed quote for a boiler service by providing the boiler make and model to the engineer before they arrive. Any further problems/issues discovered during the service will be extra though.


Do engineers tend to charge a call out fee on top of the service charge?


Hi Richard, thank you for your comment. We asked one of our members for advice on your question and Justin Waterhouse from J Waterhouse Heating has said, "Yes, it should definitely include a gas analyzer test, then the boiler book should be filled in along with a Gas service sheet."

Richard Saunders

Should a combi boiler service include a gas analyzer check? What paperwork should be provided on completion of a service?

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