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10 garage gym ideas: Your ultimate workout space

Are you tired of queuing up for your local gym's treadmills or weight machines? Sick of shelling out your hard-earned cash on monthly memberships and fitness classes? Us too, you've come to the right blog. We're going to inspire you to turn your garage into the perfect, personalised home gym.

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If you’re looking for garage gym ideas, then you already know your glorified shed has more potential than storage for your car (or clutter). It can also become the fitness sanctuary of your dreams, whether it’s for letting off steam after a long day or saving you precious pennies on gym memberships.

However, we know it’s not always easy turning a dingy garage into something you actually want to spend time in. So, here are our top home gym garage ideas to help you turn your dead space into a fitness oasis.

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Essential equipment: Begin with the basics for your garage gym ideas

uncluttered gym decorating ideas

No garage gym is complete without the essentials. For example, a power rack, a bench, a barbell, and an assortment of weights.

Your fundamentals should be versatile and cover a broad spectrum of exercises, making them ideal for a compact home gym.

However, if you’d rather transform your garage into a yoga retreat or a personal Zumba class, you’ll just need the appropriate mats, mirrors, and sound system.

Clear the clutter: Start your home gym with a clean slate

Simple home gym ideas

Before you dive headfirst into your garage gym renovations, stop to declutter and organise your space first.

Dispose of any and all unnecessary items, then sort your tools and start your transformation from scratch.

Another crucial first step in setting up your home gym is to plan and measure your garage.

Work out what exercises you want to do, how much space the equipment will take up, and what finishing touches you’d like to add.

We recommend using chalk to draw everything out so you don’t over or under fill your space.

Flooring matters: Invest in quality mats

Garage gym ideas for Checkatrade blog. Mats down for workout safety.

Don’t overlook the importance of your garage gym floor. Firstly, you don’t want to damage any screeding you’ve done. And secondly, you don’t want to upset your neighbours with loud footfall or dropped weights.

Enter: high-density rubber mats or interlocking foam tiles, both of which provide the cushioning and protection you need for rigorous workouts.

Look for options that are easy to clean and don’t retain moisture. The last thing you need are mouldy or stained floors!

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Keep your garage gym well-ventilated: Cool downs are important

garage conversion to gym cost

We all identify with the Goldilocks folk tale in the UK, don’t we? We like our porridge and weather ‘just right.’

So, considering garages are often stuffy in summer and chilly in winter, your ability to regulate the indoor temperature is important.

That’s why it’s worth investing in a good HVAC system. If that’s a tad pricey, install fans and insulation to regulate the temperature instead.

A comfortable environment is essential for proper warm ups and cool downs.

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Create the right ambiance: Garage gyms need good lighting

Gym lighting ideas

Effective lighting makes a significant difference when it comes to safety and motivation. Garage’s don’t all have windows, so working out in the dark is obviously a no-no. Similarly, poorly lit spaces make you sleepy.

Consequently, we advise you to install bright LED lights to replicate natural daylight. Furthermore, why not add dimmable options for a cosier atmosphere during your yoga or pilates classes?

Proper lighting sets the mood, ensures safety, and optimises your workouts.

Check your form with mirrors: A small home gym trick

Garage gym ideas - mirrored walls for greater ambience

Full length mirrors aren’t just for ballerinas. They’re great for checking your form and motivating yourself during any type of workout.

They’re also an excellent decorating trick. This is because mirrors make your space feel bigger and brighter by reflecting light and creating the illusion of extra depth.

So, consider installing one in your home gym garage to enjoy a multi-faceted design.

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Save space with multipurpose workout stations in your home gym

Garage gym ideas: multipurpose equipment for saving space

Consider multipurpose gym equipment like a foldable squat rack, a wall-mounted pull-up bar, a Smith machine, and a power tower.

These space-saving options let you maximise your gym space when you’re not working out.

Another way to work out what equipment you need is to plan your exercises and goals. When you’ve worked out a plan, only buy the equipment you need to reach your targets.

This saves you space and optimises your workouts at the same time.

Garage gym ideas for staying organised: Clever storage solutions

Home gym in garage storage solutions

Invest in wall-mounted storage racks for your weights, resistance bands, and other fitness accessories. Maintaining an orderly space means you have easier access to your equipment. Furthermore, it keeps your gym looking neat and less overwhelming.

Look at custom cabinetry options or shelving units that match your gym’s aesthetic. These will help you hide clutter while maintaining a sleek and organised workout space in line with your design goals.

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Stay motivated with a sound system: Gym garage soundproofing

A tradesperson installing garage gym soundproofing for the home

What’s a workout without some form of entertainment to drive away the monotony?

Whether it’s a podcast, white noise, or your favourite tunes, install a high-quality sound system to maximise the value and keep your energy levels high.

Whatever it is that motivates you, create a playlist that fuels your workouts and keeps you on track.

Add your aesthetic: Garage gym design ideas

Fun gym decorating ideas - garage gym

You don’t need your garage gym to look like every other gym. Inject your personality into your design, whether that’s with plants, motivational posters, wall decals, smart storage solutions, a mini fridge, or your favourite sport memorabilia.

Let your garage home gym reflect your personality. You want to make it a space your enjoy being in and helps your reach your fitness goals.

So, pick a colour scheme and style, then turn your garage into a unique and personalised home gym.

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Setting up a home gym: Should you try DIY or hire a professional?

Once you’ve decided how your gym is going to look and what you need to populate it, you have two options for making it a reality: the DIY route or hiring a professional.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

DIY home gym pros and cons


  • It’s cost-effective
  • You’ll have full creative control
  • There’s a satisfaction that comes with doing it yourself


  • It’s time-consuming
  • There are potential safety hazards if you don’t do it correctly
  • It may lack a professional finish

If you’re confident in your DIY skills, go for it, but be prepared for some hard work and lots of research.

Hiring professionals to install your garage gym


  • They save you time
  • Their expertise almost guarantees a professional finish
  • The safety risks are minimised


  • Your upfront costs are higher

Consider hiring the following tradespeople for different aspects of your garage gym setup:

  1. Electrician: For wiring lighting, fans, and any electrical outlets
  2. HVAC technician: If you’re installing heating or cooling systems
  3. Carpenter: To build custom storage solutions or any wooden gym equipment
  4. Flooring specialist: For a proper installation of rubber mats or tiles
  5. Handyperson: To assist with general labour and tasks

Remember, if you choose to go down the DIY route, be careful in regards to electrical work and heavy equipment installation. Remember that it’s safety first, always.

Final thoughts

Turning your garage into a home gym is a fantastic way to prioritise your fitness goals.

With these garage gym ideas and a little planning, you’re able to create a workout haven that’s convenient, inspiring, and tailored to your needs.

Whether you go down the DIY route or enlist the help of professionals, your garage gym is about to become your favourite place to break a sweat.

Did you find this garage gym ideas blog helpful? If so, there’s more where this came from. Check out our blog for more ideas, how-tos, and expert advice.

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