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15 inspiring garage conversion ideas

Converting your garage can be a great way to increase your home’s footprint without the cost of building an extension. Check out these garage conversion ideas, including photos, to get inspired.
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Looking to increase your home’s footprint? Don’t want to fork out on a full-blown extension? Converting your underused garage into a room could help you unlock usable space and add value to your home without the price tag that comes with extending.

Here, we’ll share a selection of simple tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your new usable space. So, settle in and let us inspire you with these 15 garage conversion ideas.

Single garage conversion ideas with photos

Single attached garages are the most common garages in the UK. While they won’t offer as much space as their double counterparts, this has its perks as their small size will help keep your garage conversion costs down. So, without further ado, here are some exciting single garage conversion ideas.

1. Add an extra bedroom

Garage bedroom conversion ideas

Not everyone is blessed with spare rooms for guests, which is why turning your garage into a bedroom makes sense.

As featured, you don’t need to spend a fortune converting your garage into a sleep sanctuary. These homeowners chose to keep things clean and simple with a cottage-chic aesthetic. Light decor with interesting features such as a floral bedspread and naked wood floors is a nice way to add warmth without boxing in the room.

Check out our selection of guest bedroom ideas for more design inspiration.

2. Convert it into a playroom

playroom garage conversion ideas

If you have kids, why not turn your garage into a playroom? Not only will this give you a dedicated child-friendly play space, but it’ll also allow you to close the door on the chaos at the end of the day!

A few musts include a safe floor such as laminate or rubber to help avoid accidents, plenty of toy storage for minimising clutter, and a low table for colouring in and crafts. Floor mats, puzzles, and toy trunks are all great additions that won’t cost you a fortune. And don’t forget to opt for bright and colourful decor to provide extra enrichment for young imaginations.

Check out our selection of top playroom ideas for more inspiration. To be extra safe, it’s worth hiring a professional to install a playroom in your garage, who will be able to advise on materials and safety regulations.

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3. Treat yourself to a boot room

boot room garage conversion

Just think how much easier life would be if you could contain your messy boots and wet coats in a dedicated boot room!

Luckily, converting your attached single garage into a boot room isn’t rocket science. You just need to invest in plenty of shoe and coat storage, a comfy bench for taking shoes on and off, and a hardwearing floor that’s easy to clean.

If you have the budget to install plumbing in your garage conversion, why not take inspiration from this homeowner? They’ve incorporated a purpose-built dog shower to hose down soggy pooches before they drag mud through the rest of the house. You could even go a step further and add a washing machine so your boot room can double up as a laundry room.

Double garage conversion ideas

If you’re lucky enough to own a double garage, you’ll have lots of space to play with. This will give you tons of flexibility when you’re deciding what to do with your garage conversion. Here are some double garage conversion ideas that might float your boat.

1. Turn it into a games room

Game room in cheap garage conversion

Make your garage space somewhere to have fun and unwind by turning it into a dynamic games room.

A double garage will leave plenty of room for all the games you could ask for, as well as a fun chill-out zone and plenty of storage. These homeowners have included a football table, basketball hoop, wall-mounted TV, and seating area.

By painting the walls grey and accessorising with eye-catching ‘all-in’ artwork, they’ve given the space an industrial yet playful feel that’s bang-on-trend.

2. Maximise space with a double-storey garage conversion

double-storey garage conversion

Why not double the footprint of your garage conversion by making it double-storey instead of just single-storey?

If your garage has the necessary height, you could add a galleried sleeping area or a small bedroom and en-suite in the rafters – while still getting to use the area below for extra living space.

In fact, if space allows, you could even make your double garage into a self-contained annexe. We’re thinking sleeping quarters at the top with a living room and kitchen down below. It could be a great way to add value to your home as building an annexe can increase your property’s value by a whopping 20-30%.

3. Opt for a partial garage conversion

Small garage conversion with car

If you currently use your garage for car parking, it can be a difficult toss-up over whether to sacrifice this in favour of extra living space. But if you’re savvy, a double garage could allow you to get the best of both worlds.

We love the idea of sectioning off a portion of your garage to create a downstairs toilet, study, or utility room. Meanwhile, leave the rest of your garage as it is so that you still have room to park a car and store your bits and bobs.

Here, the homeowner has maximised their remaining garage space by installing a robust garage shelving unit that allows them to store their belongings higher up and away from the floor. This leaves plenty of space underneath to hang bags, ladders, vacuums, and other items. Plus, a simple tiled floor that’s both strong and stylish gives this garage a practical yet tidy finish.

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Detached garage conversion ideas

A detached garage will often cost more to convert than an attached one as it’s more work to add electrics, water, and gas. However, converting your detached garage will give you a dedicated space to enjoy away from the main house – so it can definitely be worth it! Here are some detached garage conversion ideas to muse upon.

1. Create a home office or workshop

Industrial decor in garage conversion

With home working on the up, converting your detached garage into a home office could be a great shout. Especially as it’ll be removed from the main house, minimising distractions so you can work in peace!

Similarly, making the most of your garage’s industrial feel to create a workshop will give you a dedicated place to get productive. Plus, any noisy equipment will be less likely to disturb the rest of the household since there’ll be some distance between you.

This garage conversion boasts a green workbench and shelving combo that slots neatly against the back wall. It works well with the space’s existing industrial aesthetic while standing out against the grey walls and floors. Don’t forget to check out our garden office ideas for more inspiration.

2. Burn off steam in a home gym

home gym garage conversion ideas

Instead of queueing up to use your local gym’s equipment or forking out on pricey membership fees, why not create a home gym in your garage?

While you could save money by simply adding some gym equipment to your existing garage set-up, converting the space into a swanky home gym will reap its benefits in the long run. After all, an insulated, well-lit, and aesthetically pleasing space will be so much more appealing and give you that itch to work out much more often!

This garage gym concept is ideal for getting you fired up to burn off some steam, with its black and red colour scheme. We particularly love the matching wood floor and ceiling, with black stripes adding a modern twist. Make sure to check out our garage gym ideas for more tips.

3. Rock out in a music room

music room garage conversion ideas

A detached garage is the perfect candidate for a music room. Especially if you’re looking for somewhere to practice the drums or get together with your band!

Just think, the lack of shared walls with your neighbours will hopefully mean fewer noise complaints – although it’s always worth investing in good soundproofing too to be safe.

This music room has been set up perfectly for band practice or recording sessions. Spotlights and a fluffy rug make it an inviting place to hang out, as well as a practical one.

Integral garage conversion ideas

An integral garage is similar to an attached garage but it’s slotted into the house rather than being joined onto the side or rear. That means it’s already taking up valuable living space, so a garage conversion could help you to realise your home’s untapped potential. Here are some integral garage conversion ideas to help.

1. Add a living room

living room garage conversion

If you have an integral garage, the chances are your house is top-heavy, with more space upstairs than downstairs. Why not readjust the balance by making your garage an extra living room?

Install floor-to-ceiling windows in place of your garage door, add recessed downlights, and replace your garage’s concrete floor with wooden flooring or laminate.

Then, fill the space with an inviting corner sofa. You could even take a leaf out of this homeowner’s book and install a screen and projector instead of a TV. That way, you can make the most of your new living space for chilled-out movie nights with friends and family!

2. Relocate your kitchen

Kitchen conversion in garage idea

Converting an integral garage is a fantastic chance to rethink your home’s existing floorplan. If your current kitchen is small, dark and pokey, why not move it to your newly converted garage? Your old kitchen could become a pantry, utility room, or even a downstairs loo!

This kitchen design is a great example of what you can achieve. The homeowner has made the relatively small space stylish and functional with a little know-how.

White kitchen cabinets contrast nicely with the black tiled splashback, creating depth and height. Meanwhile, the wooden breakfast bar adds some warmth to this black-and-white kitchen to create a modern design that doesn’t overpower the small square footage.

3. Open plan garage conversion ideas

open plan integral garage conversion ideas

Removing the wall separating your integral garage from the rest of your home can expand an existing living room or dining room to create an open plan space. Just remember to check whether the wall is load-bearing first!

You can unify the separate areas by running the same flooring throughout the space. Or, get inspired by this open plan dining room, which mixes tiles and wood flooring to zone the separate areas. We love how the wooden table, sideboard, and stair treads tie the tiled area in with the rest of the space, while still maintaining a sense of separation.

Our guide to creating an open plan living space has tons more tips and tricks.

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Small garage conversion ideas

If your garage conversion is particularly small, you might be wondering how to make it feel big, bright, and airy. Here are our top small garage conversion ideas.

1. Declutter with storage

small garage conversion ideas

The key to coming up with a successful design for any small space is storage.

Clutter can make a small space feel overcrowded and uncomfortable. On the other hand, incorporating plenty of storage will allow everything to have a place so it can be easily tidied away.

This garage-to-office conversion concept features long industrial-style shelving that extends to the ceiling and even around the corner, maximising every inch of available space for storage. It allows the desk and floor to remain clear of clutter, making this small space feel bigger.

2. Decorate it wisely

Small garage conversions

You’d be surprised how much of a difference decorating can make when it comes to turning your garage conversion into something that feels bright and airy.

This basement garage has been completely transformed using a lick of paint, new floors, and inset ceiling lights. The light-coloured walls and furniture together with clever lighting mean the space feels bright and spacious, even with minimal natural light.

As minimalism is a trend set to continue in this modern world we call home, you can spend less while making a big impact.

3. Consider lighting carefully

garage conversion lighting ideas

Garages typically don’t have many (if any) windows and the lighting tends to be quite functional. But when you convert your garage into a room, your lighting design will be crucial to making it feel homely and inviting. Especially if you’re working with a small space!

This garage conversion concept boasts glass patio doors where the garage door would once have been, as well as a skylight to increase natural light.

Recessed downlights ensure that the room feels light and bright even on a gloomy day. Meanwhile, wall and table lamps offer the option to switch to mood lighting in the evening.

Garage conversion ideas key takeaways

  • Attached garages can help you to easily expand your living space. For instance, use yours to extend a living room or add an extra bedroom.
  • Detached garages cost more to convert but can be incredibly useful as a home office, guest annexe, or even a music studio.
  • Make a small garage conversion feel bright and airy by maximising natural light and decorating in light neutrals.

Ready to turn your garage conversion ideas into a reality? Simply find a trusted expert to convert your garage into your dream space by entering your postcode below.

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Like what you see? There’s more where this came from. Check out Checkatrade’s blog for more tips, ideas, how-tos, and inspiration.

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