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Cost to install fence panels

Why install a new fence?

Installing a new fence can have a huge effect on the appearance of any outside space. It can make your garden more private from neighbours, increase security by making it harder for burglars to gain access to your property and can be used to create separate zones and areas outside your home.

Alternatively, you may simply wish to create a fresh new look for summer or to replace an older, broken fence. No matter the reason, installing a fence can completely change your garden style and function, giving you a space to be proud of.

How much should I budget?

When installing a new fence there are various costs to consider, the most vital of these is the cost to install the fence panels. There are many types of fence panel; ranging from lap fence boards to weaved fence boards. The cost widely varies depending on which type you are using.

The average fence installation cost is: £1,400

The average cost of fencing panels is: £36.50 per panel

Fence typeUnitCost + VAT
(Range low - high)
Average cost
Fencing panelsPer panel£15 - £58£36.50
Featherboard/ close board fencingPer panel£35 - £65£50
Post and rail fencingPer foot£1 - £4£2.50
Chainlink fencingPer foot£7
Concrete/timber fence posts6ft – 8ft posts
£10 - £35£22.50
Fence installation4 ft height£550 (36ft) - £2,050 (200ft)£1,300
Fence installation6 ft height600 (35ft) - £2,400 (200ft)£1,500

Common types of fence

If you have already spent time and money creating your perfect outside area, you may wish to match your new fence to a theme. However, if you are just beginning your journey to a fantastic garden you may be more open to all the different types of fence on the market.

Not only is the appearance of fencing important, the function – such as durability or security – is also vital and should therefore be considered before choosing a fence type.

To help you decide we have compiled the most common types of fence with a brief description of each:

Wooden fences: These are probably the most common types of fence and with good reason. They are usually an excellent cost-effective choice, can be easily painted and come in a huge variety of styles such as featherboard or slatted.

Unfortunately, they are also not particularly durable. They need to be regularly treated to protect against the elements and are not designed to last forever.

Fence installation cost

Metal fence: These are less commonly used in residential areas and more likely to be found surrounding business or industrial sites. They are more expensive than their wooden counterparts and installation is more complex.

On the plus side they are extremely durable, very strong and designed to last.

Plastic fences: Not a common material choice, PVC fences are almost impossible to paint, can be easily stained and are not especially durable.

Despite this they are much easier to maintain than wooden fences (that need yearly treatments) and are usually not difficult to work with.

Factors affecting the cost of fencing

The cost to install fence panels is not something that can be easily estimated due to the sheer volume of factors that can have an impact on the price. Here are some of the most important factors to bear in mind when calculating the cost of your fencing.

Number of panels needed: The size of your garden and the length of fence you need, will determine the number of fence panels you require. Most panels are usually six foot wide, therefore once you have measured the space where your new fencing will stand you will be able to conclude how many you need.

simple fence low maintenance garden

Height of the new fence: Usually fence panels come in 4 – 6 foot height, however there are other options if you require a higher or lower fence. As a general rule, the higher the fence, the higher the cost will be.

For example, a 36 foot fence with 4 foot high panels costs on average £1,300 and with 6 foot high panels cost on average £1,500. Luckily, the price increase is not exponential, with 6 foot high panels not costing a third more than the 4 foot panels.

Quality of the new fence: Even when looking at the same fence type, you’ll find not every supplier provides the same quality materials. It is vital to check the quality of your new fence before purchase as this can widely vary, which will affect the overall cost.

Type of fence: It is important to take into account that fence installation costs largely depend on the material and style of the fence. For example, a simple post and rail wooden fence will be much cheaper than a custom designed metal fence.

Finish required: If you have basic DIY skills you may choose to treat or paint a wooden fence yourself in order to save money, in which case you will only need to pay for the materials. If on the other hand you are looking for a more professional finish then you will need to budget for the materials (which may be priced differently through a trader) plus any labour costs.

Location of fence: If your fence will be located in an area that is difficult to reach, or the surface you are building on is uneven, this will increase the cost.

How much does it cost to install fence panels?

How much does fencing cost

In order to estimate the raw materials cost, you will need to consider:

  • The cost of the fence panels/materials
  • The cost of other material such as fence posts

If we use average costs then you’ll be looking at £36.50 per panel + £22.50 per post.

If choosing to have the fence panels installed, then the cost will include the price of the panels themselves plus extra materials and labour.

Excluding the cost of materials, the average cost to install fence panels is £1,400 for labour.

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Close board/ featherboard fencing cost per metre

One of the most common types of wooden fencing, featherboard or close board fencing is popular due to its versatility and simplicity. To calculate the close board fencing cost per metre let’s consider that the cost per panel is on average £50. As standard panels are 6 foot or 1.82 metres wide, this means an approximate cost per metre of £45.

Post and rail fencing cost

This type of fencing is commonly used in fields and countryside settings. It is inexpensive and doesn’t obstruct views although it is by no means durable. On average, post and rail fencing costs £4 per foot plus any labour costs if using a professional.

Chainlink fencing installation cost

As one of the most affordable types of fencing, chain link fencing is easy to install and is often found in residential and commercial areas. An average chain link fencing installation cost is £7 per foot added to any labour costs.

Can I install a fence myself?

slot fence panelling

In certain cases the answer to this question is yes it is entirely possible to install a fence if you have strong DIY skills.

However, this only applies to very simple, lightweight fencing that does not need to be dug into the ground and properly anchored against the elements.

For other types of fencing please take the following into considerations: –

  • Risk to yourself: Most types of fence and fence panels are quite heavy and cumbersome to move around, as such installing these fences poses a risk to yourself and anyone assisting.
  • Difficulty: In order to properly install fencing there will need to be some sort of posts and possibly gravel boards. Usually posts will need to be dug into the earth with concrete or other methods of support. This is not an easy job so it is recommended to hire a professional.
  • Finish: If you are planning to install a fence yourself but are looking for a professional finish, this can be hard to achieve without considerable practice.
  • Quality: Hiring a professional guarantees a certain level of quality to the installation e.g. weather resistance and durability. This means the finished fence will be likely to last years longer than if the job is done by a nonprofessional installer.

With these factors in mind unless you are undertaking a very easy and small installation project we would recommend hiring a professional.

To find a local, reputable, tradesperson in your area and get a personalised cost to install a fence use our free search feature.

Key takeaways

When calculating fence installation costs you should consider that:

  • Fencing comes in many materials and styles, so it is important to research these to correctly pick the perfect fence for you.
  • Fences come in different lengths and heights, often in 6 foot panels.
  • Installing a fence yourself is risky and the result may not be professional.
  • Post and rail, and chain link fencing is very affordable.
  • The most common type of fencing is featherboard wooden fencing.

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