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Last updated on October 5th, 2022

How much does carpet fitting cost?

When you’re planning to fit a new carpet, it’s important to work out your budget. The cost of getting a new carpet fitted will vary from home to home and carpet to carpet.

Fast Facts

  • Average cost of a carpet fitteris £120 – £150 per day
  • The average price for carpet is between £6 – £40 per m2
  • A 3-bed house takes 2 days to carpet from top to bottom

Whether you’re renovating your property or you’re looking for a quick and easy way to give a room in your home a fresh new look, new carpets are a great way to revamp a space.

Depending on what type of carpet you choose and the overall look you’re going for, replacing your carpet can be a surprisingly affordable way to transform a room. What’s more, there are few things more pleasurable than sinking your toes into a luxuriously soft and thick new carpet at the end of a long day.

Of course, when you’re planning on getting new carpets, it’s important to consider the carpet fitting cost so you can work out your budget. The cost of getting a new carpet fitted will vary from home to home and carpet to carpet.

How much does carpet fitting cost?

Carpet costsAverage price
Carpet installer hourly rate£15 - £18 per hour
Carpet installer day rate£120 - £150 per day
Carpet (not including installation)£6 - £40 per m2
Standard size bedroom £85 - £95 + VAT
Standard size lounge£55 - £65 + VAT
Single straight staircase£75 - £100 + VAT
Underlay fitting£1 - £4 per m2

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

The cost of carpet fitting varies significantly depending on a number of factors, such as the size and shape of the room, the type of carpet you’re having fitted and, of course, the carpet fitter you choose. As a ballpark cost, a carpet fitter will charge between £120 – £150 per day.

Other factors that may impact on the cost of having your carpet fitted include the location of your property and how accessible it is. For example, if you live in a sixth-floor apartment right in the heart of Central London, you can expect the cost to be higher than if your home was on single or double-storey and in a less built-up area.

Equally, if your room is rectangular, the cost of fitting the carpet will be less than if the room is an odd shape, with rounded edges or irregular proportions for example.

You will also need to consider whether or not you will require underlay when you have your carpet fitted. Underlay helps to ensure that the carpet sits properly on the floorboards underneath and wears evenly, boosting insulation and ensuring the carpet looks its best over time. Adding underlay will usually increase the costs involved in having your carpet fitted.

Other costs to consider include the door threshold strip and the carpet grippers (these are usually included in the cost, but double-check to make sure).

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Carpet fitting areas to consider

Cost of carpet fitting on stairsStandard size carpet stair fitting

Let’s start with the stairs. To give an example, the cost of carpeting a straight, single staircase will usually be around £75 – £100. If the staircase has a number of changes in direction, the cost will be more.

If you require underlay, you will need to pay an additional fee for this, usually between £1 – £4 per m2. Again, this cost will depend upon the quality and quantity of the carpet, as well as the location and accessibility of the staircase.

Additional carpet sundries, such as bars and staircase rods will also affect the cost and will usually be charged as optional extras.

Standard size lounge carpet fitting

Generally speaking, it costs around £55 – £65 for a carpet to be fitted in an average size lounge. This doesn’t include the cost of underlay and gripper rods.

How long does it take to fit a lounge carpet?

The time it will take to fit a carpet in a lounge will depend on a number of factors, including the size and shape of the room, as well as the carpet fitters in question. However, as a general rule of thumb, it should take no more than a day – usually half a day for straightforward jobs.

Of course, if there are any nooks and crannies or odd-shaped walls in the room, this can add to the time. Other things that can add to the time taken include any necessary flooring repairs, the ripping up of old carpet and flooring and the removal of furniture.

Standard size bedroom carpet fitting

In general, it usually costs around £85 – £95 to fit a carpet in a standard size double bedroom. Again, this doesn’t include the cost of any underlay or gripper rods that might be required.

How long does it take to fit a bedroom carpet?

If you’re wondering how long it will take to fit a bedroom carpet, the answer is that it depends. You’ll need to take into account the size and shape of the bedroom, the type of carpet you have chosen, and whether the fitters will need to clear your bed, wardrobe and other bedroom furniture out of the room.

Fitting a new carpet in an average-sized bedroom with minimal preparation should take no more than a day.

How much should carpet fitting cost for a full house?

Whether you’ve just moved into a property and you can’t wait to rip up the old carpet and replace it with a fresh new one, or you are renovating your home from top to bottom, fitting new carpet throughout your house is a big job. It’s important to understand the costs involved before you make a start.

If you’re having a new carpet fitted throughout an entire property, a fitter will usually charge a flat rate, rather than an hourly or per meter squared rate. This will typically be around £500, but again this will vary depending on your home and your carpet, as well as the preparation work required.

Cost of carpeting a three-bedroom house

If you’re carpeting an average three-bedroom house in the UK, we would suggest that the price for fitting will usually be between £4 – £7 per m2, including the underlay.

How long does it take to carpet a full house?

The amount of time it will take to fit a new carpet throughout your home will depend on many things. From the size of the house and the individual rooms to the type of carpeting, the shape of the rooms, the experience, approach and the number of fitters working on the project, there’s much to consider.

You’ll also need to factor in any preparation work that needs to be done before the new carpet can be fitted. For example, if furniture needs to be moved, old carpet or flooring needs ripping up, or the floorboards need repairing or levelling, the process will usually take longer.

On average, a three-bedroom house in the UK should take no more than two days to carpet from top to bottom. It may take longer if furniture needs moving prior to the carpet being fitted or if the floor needs repairing, or if any of the rooms are irregular in shape.

Of course, when it comes to carpet fitting, it is the quality of the fitting that is important, rather than the speed. Don’t be too worried about how long the process will take (unless you’re on a tight deadline or you’re being charged by the hour) – it’s more important that the job is done properly and professionally.

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Cost of carpet fitting per m2

Carpet is measured in square metres, so it can be easier to estimate the cost of a new carpet when you know the price to fit a single m².

The cost of carpet from type to type can vary significantly. However, the average price for carpet is between £6 – £40 per m2, with premium carpets upwards of £50 per m2.

How long does it take to fit carpet per m2?

The amount of time it takes to fit a carpet per m2 will vary significantly depending on a whole host of factors. As a general rule, a team of professional carpet fitters can usually fit around 14 metres of carpet in an hour, including underlay.

Your chosen carpet fitter should be able to give you an estimated time for fitting the carpet, so feel free to ask them before they start.

Other carpet fitting costs

When it comes to having new carpets fitted, don’t forget the extras. There are a number of additional costs you will need to consider and factor in.

Clearing the room

If the room or rooms being carpeted have got furniture or other belongings in them, your carpet fitter may charge you to remove them. The same goes for clearing the old carpet or flooring you’re replacing.

Speak to your chosen carpet fitter to see what is included in the cost, and how much they would charge for any extra services you need. That way, if it’s out of your budget, you can ensure the rooms are cleared prior to their arrival.

Issues with the floor

When your current carpets or flooring is lifted, your carpet fitter may discover that there are broken floorboards or an uneven floor lurking underneath. Depending on the problem, this may need to be resolved before the new carpet can be fitted.

If your carpet fitter is experienced in floor repair, they may be able to carry out the levelling or repairs for you. However, this will likely incur extra costs.

As a general rule, floor levelling tends to cost around £10 – £15 per square metre if the floor in question is downstairs. It will usually cost slightly more to carry out the same work upstairs. If a staircase needs levelling or repairing, you should expect to pay approximately £35 – £45.

Again, if you suspect this will be an issue, speak to your fitter.

Adjusting doors

A new carpet is likely to be thicker than your old one, which will have properly fallen victim to years of wear and tear. This means that, when your new carpet is fitted, you might find that your doors need to be adjusted so they can continue to open and close effortlessly, and without damaging your brand-new carpet.

Your carpet fitter may offer this service. If not, you will need to call in a carpenter or a handyman. This will usually cost around £20 – £30 per door.


Underlay plays a key role in the carpet fitting process. When you buy your carpet, you may find that underlay is recommended to go with it. If this is the case, you should always add underlay to your order.

Underlay not only extends the lifespan of the carpet by up to 50%, but it will also add insulation, help to reduce energy bills, eliminate noise and enhance the comfort and appearance of the carpet.

The cost of fitting underlay ranges from £1 – £4 per m(for the underlay and installation) and, again, depends on the quality and quantity of the carpet being fitted, as well as property location and access. Always make sure you discuss this with your carpet fitter to avoid unexpected additional costs once the fitting begins.

Measuring carpet in roomCarpet delivery

If delivery isn’t included in the cost of your carpet, you will need to take this into account when budgeting to have your new carpet fitted.

Of course, delivery charges vary from retailer to retailer, but as a rough guide, you should expect to pay approximately £30 or more if your property is in London.

It’s always best to get your carpet fitted by a professional if you want to ensure that you get a perfect fit and the optimum longevity from your new carpet.

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