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Mark & James Crutchley - Digitech Media (Fareham): member for two years

Ecolek Wales Ltd: Solar sheep shearing using PV & battery storage in the Welsh hillsides

  Here is a great example of Victron Energy and one of our installers (Ecolek Wales Ltd) coming to the rescue. Why you may ask? The facts are that not everyone in the UK has grid connected electricity and a cabled phone line. Would you pay £142,000 to have mains electricity connected and then payRead the full article →

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Goodbye Admin, Hello Sage One

  Trade discount for Checkatrade members Sage One Accounting is the perfect solution to manage your bookkeeping online and on the go. Whether you’re in between jobs or rushing to your next project, Sage One is readily available with any internet connection on your laptop, mobile or desktop. Trade discount for Checkatrade members, receive 50%Read the full article →

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Careful planning of your property project can make the difference between success and horrible failure!

By Kate Faulkner – Managing Director Designs on Property My introduction to the property business was when I tried to buy my very first home, back in the 1990s. I realised you could buy a house that needed a bit of work at a discount and, if you did it up, then you could easily sell itRead the full article →

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