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Steve Dicker - Anthony’s Traditional Chimney Sweep (East Preston): member for five years

Who said sheds can’t be beautiful?

We’ve all heard of the Man-shed. Typically cobwebbed, cluttered and overflowing with tools, they act as retreats for men nationwide who seek sanctuary from houses full of boisterous children and nagging responsibilities. Man-sheds have, for years, served their purpose as a den for husbands and fathers who have managed to contain their hobbies, passions andRead the full article →

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What the Checkatrade Foundation has coming up in 2016!

One of the first things I noticed when I joined Checkatrade 4 years ago, was the compassion every member of staff felt towards helping those less fortunate than themselves. If there is an opportunity to raise money for a good cause or support it in anyway, we are never short of volunteers from our amazingRead the full article →

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Flats and Renovations by Kate Faulkner

The rules on renovations for a flat can be very different compared to when you own a house in terms of what you are allowed to do. The reason for this is that the majority of houses are owned under a legal system called ‘freehold’, while flats are owned on a ‘leasehold’ basis. The mainRead the full article →

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Recent feedback

Very good workmanship, would highly recommend. Polite and on time.

– Customer in Bromley, 6 February 2016