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Rupert Taylor - (Hassocks): member for four years

What makes a good tradesperson

Over the course of my career, all 20-plus years of it if I’m honest, I’ve constantly been faced with the challenge of picking and choosing between different tradespeople. I’ve made mistakes – who hasn’t – but I’ve also learnt a good few lessons about what to look out for and about what sets those alarmRead the full article →

Craig Phillips announced as new ambassador for Checkatrade

TV personality, DIY and construction expert, Craig Phillips, has been chosen by Checkatrade to join them as part of their team of ambassadors.  Craig’s appointment further highlights his excellent reputation within the trade industry and he supports Checkatrade’s dedication to connecting consumers with reputable tradespeople, services and businesses. Craig’s passion for all things construction and DIYRead the full article →

12 marathons in 12 months completed by Founder Kevin

Around 16 months ago I wanted a personal challenge combined with something to help others. Redwood Park School for mentally challenged teenagers needed new sports changing rooms so I decided to run 12 marathons in 12 months. Well, I’ve now finished and boy am I pleased. It has been the toughest challenge I’ve faced, manyRead the full article →

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