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Dan Shaw - Top Plumb (Portsmouth): member for three years

Competition & Marketing Authority

The CMA (Competition & Marketing Authority) published a report about online reviews and endorsements on 19th June 2015 that mentions websites such as Amazon, Tripadvisor, Expedia and Checkatrade. This report is very much welcomed by Checkatrade as we believe the industry (which is unregulated) is in dire straits and that many websites fail to takeRead the full article →

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Defibrillator and staff medical training donated to local school

Selsey-based has donated a lifesaving defibrillator to a local school and paid to train 12 members of staff how to use it. Staff at Seal Primary Academy, also in Selsey, were shaken and upset when they heard an ex-colleague and friend had died from a heart attack. “We were deeply saddened by what hadRead the full article →

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DIY faux pas to adding value through home improvement

  There are many reports carried out which suggest that adding extra space to your home can impact positively on your property’s value. The recent Barclays Home Improvement study suggests that this is so much the case that our love of moving may have waned and been replaced with over half (53%) choosing ‘home improvementsRead the full article →

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– Customer in Feltham, 4 July 2015