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Skills & expertise

  • Tree Surgeon
    • Crown Reduction
    • Crown Thinning
    • Emergency Tree Surgeon Service
    • Logs
    • Stump Grinding
    • Tree Felling
    • Tree Pruning

Skills & expertise

  • Tree Surgeon
    • Crown Reduction
    • Crown Thinning
    • Emergency Tree Surgeon Service
    • Logs
    • Stump Grinding
    • Tree Felling
    • Tree Pruning

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JJ&B Treecare Bromley Tree Services - http://www.jjandbtreecare.co.uk

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Our Comprehensive Tree Services include:

Crown Reduction – Tree Service - The reduction of the crown in height and spread by the removal of branches back to good selective growth points defined by a percentage or height. Good for maintaining over-grown trees.

Pollarding - Tree Service - An old Victorian method of tree maintenance the upper branches of a tree are removed, promoting a dense head of foliage and branches, pollarding is used primarily to maintain trees at a pre-determined height. 

Felling - Tree Service - The complete removal of the tree from the ground level only when there is enough clearance and space to do so. There are normally a number of valid reasons to fell a tree. Either the tree is diseased, dead or has become dangerous and needs to be removed entirely.

Dismantling - Tree Service - The removal of the tree by hand in smaller sections usually with the aid of lowering equipment, this method is used to avoid obstacles i.e. sheds and greenhouse’s etc.

Crown Thinning - Tree Service - The removal of selective branches within the crown defined by a percentage whilst maintaining the overall shape, with the aim of allowing more light through or to reduce the weight and the sail effect of the crown.

Crown Lifting - Tree Service - The raising of the canopy by the complete removal or pruning of the lower branches to a desired height. Crown lifting involves the removal of any lower branches that may be causing an obstruction. We do this by either removing whole branches or those parts that extend below the desired clear heights to provide clearance under the tree.

Dead Wooding - Tree Service - The removal of dead, dying or diseased wood, the main reason for dead Wooding to be carried out is safety, trees that demand such removal are usually old mature trees that overhang properties, public roads and footpaths and gardens.

Coppicing - Tree Service - A traditional method of cutting down trees to ground level and allowing the stump to regenerate and after several years repeating the process, trees which are coppiced are kept in a juvenile state and can last many more years than a tree left to grow untouched.

Stump Grinding - Tree Service - The removal of stumps by means of a mechanical machine called a stump grinder this machine away the stump to a depth to around 4 – 6 inches below ground level all that remains will be wood chips.

Formative Pruning - Tree Service - The pruning of young trees, removing any co-dominant stems and any dead wood leaving a naturally balanced healthy crown. Pruning a young tree in order to produce a tree which in maturity will be free from major physical weakness. We achieve this by removing competing leaders, crossing branches and weak branches to ensure the tree has one main leader or central trunk.

Hedge Cutting - Tree Service - The reducing and trimming of a hedgerow, these are normally reduced to a desired height then trimmed or pruned to achieve a neat, manageable hedge line.

And so much more... See our Website at www.jjandbtreecare.co.uk

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NPTC - Tree Surgery CS39

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