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LA Painters And Decorators
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LA Painters And Decorators
9.97(86 reviews)

Operates in Kingston upon Thames

Welcome to LA Painters and Decorators, we cover all aspects of painting and decorating, and handy man services, we are here to help anytime you need - thank you from the team.
Call07488 820756
HMD Painting and Decorating
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HMD Painting and Decorating
9.79(35 reviews)

Operates in Kingston upon Thames

Welcome to our checkatrade page and taking the time to read about us. We are a family run painting company. We have 10 years' experience and we pride ourselves in professionalism. We have good
Call07488 821080
A.J Painting Services & Property Maintenance
A.J Painting Services & Property Maintenance
9.71(141 reviews)

Operates in Kingston upon Thames

Welcome to our Checkatrade page and thank you for taking the time to look into our details. AJ PAINTERS have been established for 10 years offering quality advice.
Call07488 827704
10(42 reviews)

Operates in Kingston upon Thames

PaintingToby. Painter and general handyman.
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R Greca Painting & Decorating
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R Greca Painting & Decorating
9.72(163 reviews)

Operates in Kingston upon Thames

My name is Roland Greca and my company is called R Greca Painting & Decorating.My company is a family run business and I have been in the trade for more than 18 years. We undertake all...
Call07488 829579
Lady painters
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Lady painters
9.8(53 reviews)

Operates in Kingston upon Thames

Team of lady Painters and decorators. Any area. All aspects of painting an decorating carried out. Tackling wallpapering, any damp damaged areas. interior and exterior.
Call07488 841439
D H Painting and Decorating
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D H Painting and Decorating
9.64(111 reviews)

Operates in Kingston upon Thames

D H Painting & Decorating is a company with over 17 years worth of experience specialising in domestic and commercial work, interior and exterior work. Please take a look at our profile page.
Call07488 824099
J&J Decorators and Builders
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J&J Decorators and Builders
9.83(31 reviews)

Operates in Kingston upon Thames

J&J Decorators & Builders is a professional, reliable decorating & building company with nothing but expertise in the industry. With over 15 years’ experience, we focus on
Call07488 842834
Thames Decor Service
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Thames Decor Service
10(6 reviews)

Operates in Kingston upon Thames

Thames Decor Service is a painting and decorating establishment based out of Southwest London but covering all surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in our high quality finish and exceptional price.
Call07458 167696

Anti vandal painting in Kingston-upon-Thames

Looking for anti vandal paint specialists in Kingston-upon-Thames? No problem, we can help you find a range of professionals who are recommended by your neighbours.

Below are two ways of finding anti vandal painters in Kingston-upon-Thames:

  1. Search online for local painters who specialise in anti vandal coatings and contact them directly.

  2. Or, save time using our request a quote feature. Send us the details of your job and we’ll pass this information onto three anti vandal coating painters in Kingston-upon-Thames. They’ll then get in touch to offer you three fair quotes.

  • What is anti vandal paint?

    Anti vandal or anti climb coatings are a great way of preventing criminals from getting into your home. It’s applied like paint and makes the surface of your home or walls slippery or sticky. This ensures burglars will struggle to access your property. This paint can also be applied to drainpipes, roofs, fences and gutters.

    You may find anti climb paint on churches, schools or businesses to stop thieves in their tracks. It's important to note that anti vandal paint is usually only available in dark colours and this will affect the appearance of your home.

  • Is anti climb paint legal in the UK?

    Yes, however there are legal considerations you need to be aware of if using this paint. In the UK, all property owners have a duty of care towards any visitors. This even includes criminals. As such, if you paint your home with anti climb paint and an intruder falls and injures themselves, you’re liable for the damage.

    Luckily, there’s a way to get around this law. You need to add signage that makes it clear that anti vandal paint has been used. As long as this is visible, you won't be liable for any accidents and injuries. In addition, anti climb paint is only recommended for use over 7 feet from ground level.

  • Types of anti vandal paint:

    When it comes to choosing anti vandal coatings for your property, you have a few options. There are types of anti climb paint that make your walls slippery, sticky or even leave a coating of paint on any intruders (perfect for identifying them later). The best choice for you depends on your requirements but all the options make excellent deterrents.

  • How long does anti vandal paint last?

    One of the benefits of anti vandal paint is that it can last for years before it needs to be redone. This paint could last up to 5 years and can be reapplied without removing any remaining paint.

  • How to apply anti vandal paint:

    If you decide to use anti climb coatings anywhere on your property, proper application is important. The best way of ensuring this is done correctly is to hire a specialist to do the work for you. They’ll have the right training and experience for this job, guaranteeing flawless results. This will also save you a lot of time and energy.

    In addition, applying anti vandal paint in high places can be dangerous if you have limited mobility. Wondering how to apply anti vandal paint yourself? Use the below tips:

    • Make sure you use a thick (2-3mm) coating of paint

    • Use a paintbrush that you can dispose of after use

    • Protect your hands using gloves as this paint can be very difficult to wash off

    • Cover any areas you don't want to paint

    • Remove any spills or mistakes using white spirit

    • Use goggles to prevent any paint splatters getting in your eyes

  • Professional anti vandal paint application cost:

    Going with professional application is a wise decision but you may be curious as to how much this will cost. The price of the paint itself will vary depending on the type, brand, quality and colour you choose. In addition you’ll need to pay for labour by a qualified painter or decorator.

    The average cost of a painter is £190 per day. For more prices and information, check out our painter and decorator cost guide.

    Want to speak to anti vandal paint specialists in Kingston-upon-Thames?

    Once you’re ready to hire a professional to apply your anti climb paint, you’ll want to find someone trustworthy and experienced. Our members all pass full checks to ensure you get great service time and time again. They’re even recommended by your neighbours.

    We can help you find anti vandal painters in Kingston-upon-Thames in two ways. Firstly, try our online search feature. It’s completely free to use, just type in your postcode to see a variety of professionals in your area.

    The second option is to use our request a quote feature. This option is perfect for busy homeowners. Use our online form to tell us about your job and we’ll pass this information to three anti climb paint experts in Kingston-upon-Thames. They’ll then contact you with three custom quotes.