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Furniture repair in Coventry

Are you looking for qualified furniture repair technicians in Coventry? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

At Checkatrade, our member database includes a wide range of furniture repair technicians in Coventry. You can:

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  • What is a furniture repair technician?

    urniture repair technicians are carpenters specialising in furniture repair and refurbishment. They work with various materials, like wood, metal, leather and fabric to ensure furniture looks good and works well.

    You can find these professionals in various work environments, like repair shops, retail furniture stores and in client’s homes working as sole traders.

    Their unique skills and proficiency with certain tools allows them to assess damage, repair both structures and upholstery, assemble and disassemble furniture, and otherwise bring furniture from a state of disrepair to a high-quality condition.

    How do you repair damaged furniture?

    Depending on the type of furniture and extent of the damage, there are various tools and techniques you may need to use. In general, repairing furniture involves these steps:

    1. Assess the damage

    2. Gather materials

    3. Clean and prep

    4. Fix loose parts

    5. Fix scratches and dents

    6. Fix veneer

    7. Reupholster

    8. Refinish

    It’s best to consult a professional if you aren’t trained in furniture repair, especially when dealing with an antique. Here’s a helpful guide on furniture repair costs.

  • How do you use furniture repair markers?

    Furniture repair markers are a great way to cheaply fix minor scratches and nicks on wood furniture, and they come in various shades to match your colour requirements. Here’s an overview of how to use these tools:

    1. Clean. Wipe the area to remove dust

    2. Choose colour. Select a shade that matches the wood

    3. Apply. Fill the scratches with light strokes

    4. Blend. Use your finger or a cloth to blend with surrounding wood

    5. Wipe excess. Remove any excess marker around the repaired area

    6. Seal. Apply polish or finish to seal the repair

    Also, be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions and work in a ventilated area.

  • How do you repair cracks in old furniture?

    Central heating radiators can overheat, and leaving the problem unchecked can cause damage to furniture and your heating system, besides creating a safety hazard.

    Overheating typically indicates an issue with the system, so it’s best to contact your furniture repair technicians or a heating engineer in this situation.

  • How do you repair a damaged finish on furniture?

    Fixing minor finish damage is straightforward, but you may need a full refinish for serious damage, which is more difficult and usually requires professional attention. Here’s how to repair damaged finish:

    1. Clean the surface. Use mild soap and water to clean the surface

    2. Sand the surface. Use a fine-grit sandpaper to lightly sand the area

    3. Apply stain. Find a matching stain, apply to the sanded area and leave to dry

    4. Apply finish. Evenly apply finish, allow to dry, sand lightly and apply a second coat

    5. Buff and polish. Buff the surface then apply wax or polish and buff to a shine

    A full refinish follows a similar process, but you sand the whole surface and remove the old finish completely with finish remover or stripper.

  • What is better, to repair old furniture or to buy a new one?

    The decision between repairing old furniture and buying new ones depends on a few things, such as:

    • Is the furniture repairable?

    • Does it have sentimental value?

    • Is it a high-quality piece?

    • How much would repair cost vs. replacement?

    • Is sustainability important to you?

    • Do you know how to repair furniture?

    Considering these points can help you decide whether it’s best to repair your furniture or buy replacements. Essentially, it comes down to cost, convenience and how much the furniture matters to you.