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Building Merchants in Bury

Finding a building merchant in Bury doesn’t need to be a long, complicated process. We can help you find local builders merchants who come checked and approved by us.

So, if you're looking for a reliable local provider of building materials & equipment, supplies, tools and timber, look no further.

There are two ways of finding building merchants in Bury:

  1. Scroll up on this page to see our recommended building merchants near you.

  2. Use our request a quote feature - you can save time using our request a quote feature. Fill in our online form with the details of your job, and we’ll pass this on to three building merchants in Bury. They’ll then get in touch to offer you three separate quotes.

  • What is a builders merchant?

    Builders merchants sell construction supplies and can advise on the best materials to use. So, if you’re planning some home renovations or improvements, a builders merchant is a great source of materials and support.

  • What are building materials?

    Building materials are any materials used during construction projects. These materials can include a wide range of options such as timber and brick. You’ll need a variety of building materials for any construction you plan to do, and choosing the right materials is important for the success of your project.

  • What are the most common building materials?

    Depending on what you plan to build, you’ll need to choose materials that are suitable for your job. If you’re unsure where to start, talking to a builders merchant is a great choice.

    Or, it may help to know the most common building materials used in construction.

    These include:

    • Timber

    • Stone

    • Brick

    • Steel

    • Concrete

    Each building material has its benefits and uses. For example, steel is strong and perfect for adding support to homes. While timber has a beautiful, natural appearance and is used for building frames.

  • Why are building materials so expensive?

    Price increase originally started following Brexit but widespread lockdowns have caused further rises.

    What's more, building material shortages are also affecting both consumers and tradespeople, leading to longer waiting times and project delays. Some of the building materials that are more expensive and difficult to come by include cement, timber and roof tiles. You can find more information in our materials price rise guide.

  • What are the average building material prices?

    It’s difficult to give an accurate figure for building materials as this will vary from job to job. The main factors that affect building material prices are:

    • Amount of material - The more you need of a building material, the more it’ll cost.

    • Quality of material - Higher quality construction materials are generally more expensive than basic materials.

    • Type of material - Prices will also vary depending on the type of building material you need. Steel will be priced differently to cement. In addition, there are a range of different types of each material. For example, timber is available in a variety of types, each with a different price.

    • Demand - The higher the demand for construction materials, the more you can expect to pay.

    Type of job - Depending on how you plan to use a certain type of building material, you may need to pay more for the right option for your job.

  • Building supplies prices

    Due to Brexit, lockdowns and supply issues, the price of different materials has risen a lot over the last few years. Looking at a few types of construction materials, the average building supplies price has changed a lot. For example:

    • Softwood lumber has increased by 113% from 2020 to 2021

    • C16 and C24 lumber increased by 60%-70% from 2020 to 2021

    • Structural steel has increased to around £700 per ton

    • Stainless steel has increased to £620-£934 per ton

    • Brick has increased to £700 per 1,000 bricks

    If you’d like to learn more about building supplies prices, check out our wood price rise guide, our steel building prices guide and our cost of bricks guide.

  • Want to speak to builders merchants in Bury?

    If you’re ready to start your home improvement project, you’ll need to find a local builders merchant. Unsure where to start? Our members each pass a range of checks and are recommended by your neighbours so you know you’re working with someone you can depend on.

    There are two ways we can help you to find your nearest builders merchants. Firstly, our free search feature is a great way of finding builders yards in Bury. Just type in your postcode to see a range of options near your home.

    Alternatively, use our request a quote feature. Send us the details of what you’re looking for and we’ll pass your information to three building suppliers in Bury.

  • How do builders merchants work?

    Builders merchants are the essential supplier for all types of construction materials. A builders merchants could be based at a builders yard or a store/shop.

    Builders merchants stock a wide range of products in both an interior and exterior setting with parts of the premises similar to a warehouse and other parts more like a hardware shop.

    Builder merchants work directly with all types of construction professionals and the general public. Some elements of a builders merchants include:

    • Providing customers with product information

    • Loading and unloading material deliveries

    • Processing orders and handling payments

    • Organising goods into storage areas

    • Arranging on-site deliveries

    • Offering professional advice to customers

    • Managing stock control (computerised and paperwork)

    Builders merchants can be set up as sole traders, partnerships or Limited Companies. As a builders merchants grows and sets up new stores, they may change their business status.

  • What type of supplies do builders merchants sell?

    Some builders merchants specialise in certain areas of the building trade. They may focus on plumbing equipment, electrical supplies, or general construction materials as mentioned above.

    Supplies you are likely to find at a builders merchants include:

    • Sheet materials

    • Cement and aggregates

    • Insulation

    • Plaster and plasterboard

    • Roofing (tiles, felt, slate)

    • Guttering and drainage

    • Mouldings and cladding

    • Bricks, slabs, and lintels

    • Water and damp proofing products

    • Fascias and soffits

    • Screws, nails, and other ancillary products

    • Protective sheeting

    • Trade paint

    • Sealants and adhesives

    • Cleaning supplies

    The larger the builders merchants, the broader the choice. Some builders merchants may also supply a range of tools, both manual and electrical.