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Skip hire in Portsmouth

There are a variety of professional skip companies in Portsmouth recommended by your neighbours. You can find local skip hire in Portsmouth in two quick and easy ways:

  1. Search online for skip hire services and contact businesses directly.

  2. Try our easy to use request a quote feature to save time and energy. Let us do the hard work for you. We’ll pass the details of your job on to three skip companies near you, who will then get in touch with you directly.

What are the benefits of using skip hire services?

If you’re planning a home renovation, this can be a messy project with large amounts of waste. One of the best ways to get rid of used, excess materials is to hire a skip. You can then move any waste and clutter out of your home straight away.

There are many benefits to hiring a skip, including:

  • Keeping your home tidy: Instantly clear away waste and gain more space to work on your renovations. This also helps prevent injuries if you have children or pets.

  • Saving time: You won’t need to spend hours carting unneeded materials to your local tip.

  • Convenience: Having a skip sitting on your property means you won’t need to travel to dispose of your waste. Once full, your skip will be taken away by your skip hire company.

  • Less environmental impact: Many companies who offer skip hire in Portsmouth will recycle your waste, reducing any negative environmental impact.

How long can you hire a skip for?

Many skip hire companies will offer different timescales for hiring a skip. However 7-10 days is the most common skip hire duration. If you need your skip for a longer time, contact skip companies in Portsmouth to discuss your requirements.

Where can I position a skip?

Generally, you should try to put your skip on your own land. This could be a driveway or in your garden, although bear in mind, skips may damage soft ground. If you need to position your skip on public land, contact your local council to request a permit.

Different skip sizes

There are many different skip sizes available depending on how much waste you need to get rid of. Please be aware, the larger the skip, the more waste you can throw away but the skip hire price will increase as skips get larger. Generally, skips are available based on how many yards they cover. For example, you can hire a 2, 4, 6 or 8 yard skip.

What is the smallest skip you can hire?

The smallest skip size offered by hire companies will normally be 2 yards.

How much does it cost to hire a skip?

Luckily, skip hire prices are not too expensive, making hiring a skip one of the most affordable ways to get rid of waste.

The price you pay when hiring a skip will be affected by the following factors:

  • Skip size: The larger the skip, the higher the cost

  • Location: Skip hire prices will vary depending on where you live

  • Weight of waste: Heavier types of waste may be more expensive to remove

  • Type of waste: Skip companies will need to know the type of waste you need to get rid of as they’ll need to arrange for disposal

  • Length of hire period: The longer you need your skip, the greater the price

  • Permits: If you need a permit for your skip, this will add an extra cost

Skip hire prices

The factor that has the biggest impact on your skip hire price is the size of the skip.

For example, hiring a 2 yard skip will cost between** £165 and £250**, while hiring an 8 yard skip will cost between £280 and £425.

You can find more costs and factors that affect prices in our skip hire price guide.

Skip hire prices near me

If you’re wondering about skip hire prices near you, we’d recommend contacting local skip companies to get a range of different quotes.

Can I save money on skip hire in Portsmouth?

Absolutely! Make sure to hire the smallest skip you need to save on expensive hire costs. Having said that, if you overfill your skip you’ll likely be charged a premium when it’s collected, so do plan ahead.

You can also avoid extra fees by only putting the right type of waste in your skip.

How to hire a skip

If you’ve never considered hiring a skip before, you may feel a little anxious. But hiring a skip is generally quite a straightforward process.

Firstly, you’ll need to decide how big a skip you need. This will depend on the amount of rubbish you plan to get rid of.

Next, figure out where to position your skip and if you need a permit (more on this below).

Once you’ve planned for your skip, get in touch with a local skip hire company in Portsmouth. They’ll be able to provide you with a quote and arrange delivery of the skip to your property. Usually, your skip will be delivered the following day.

Do I need a permit for a skip?

Some local councils require you to get a permit before hiring a skip. You can check whether this is necessary by contacting your local council directly. The good news is that even if you do need a permit, these only cost between £15 and £60.

How can I protect my driveway from being damaged by a skip?

Generally, a skip won’t cause damage to your driveway. But if you’re concerned about damage, particularly if your driveway is made from soft tarmac or paved, you can use sheets and timber planks to protect the surface.

Can you put anything in a skip?

No, there are restrictions on what can be safely thrown into a skip. Most general household waste is ok, although always check with your skip hire company to ensure they don’t have any restrictions.

Usually, the following types of waste are ok to put in your skip:

  • Cardboard

  • Carpet

  • Mattresses

  • Plastic

  • Plasterboard

  • Bricks

  • Paint cans

  • Timber

  • Metals

  • Glass

  • Nails

  • Tree stumps

  • Roofing materials

The below types of rubbish are not suitable for skip disposal, although there are others so please check with the skip company:

  • Asbestos

  • Batteries

  • Gas cylinders

  • Electrical items

  • Oil

  • Explosives

  • Animal waste

  • Tyres

  • Chemicals

What happens to the waste in a skip?

This really depends on the type of waste you throw into your skip and the skip hire company. Many companies will recycle as much of your rubbish as possible but some companies take all the waste to a landfill.

If you want to reduce your impact on the environment, choose a skip hire company that recycles where possible.

How full can a skip be?

Often, skips will have a level load policy. This means you can’t add any waste that is higher than the sides of the skip.

If you do go over this line rubbish could fall out of the skip when it is transported, causing accidents. And there’s the chance that the skip lorry driver will refuse to take away a skip that’s overfilled.

How much weight can a skip hold?

Skips will usually have a weight limit but if you’re disposing of general household waste it’s unlikely you’ll go over this. If you do need to dispose of heavy materials, check with your skip hire company what the weight limits for each skip are.

For example, a 2 yard skip may have a weight limit of 2 tonnes.

Want to speak to companies who offer skip hire in Portsmouth?

If you’re planning a big clear out or home renovation, choosing local skip hire in Portsmouth is a brilliant idea.

You’ll want to hire a professional, trustworthy company to ensure everything goes smoothly. The best skip hire companies will be happy to discuss your needs and advise you of the right skip to choose.

Finding skip companies in Portsmouth couldn’t be easier, just use our free search feature to find a variety of local companies in your area.

Or, try our request a quote feature. Give us the details of what you’re looking for and we’ll pass these on to three skip companies near you, who’ll then offer you a quote.