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Cunning cupboard storage ideas

Want to create a place for everything? These clever cupboard storage ideas will help you to banish the clutter and bring calm and order to your home.

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Find a place for everything with these nifty cupboard storage ideas. From the hallway to the bathroom, the kitchen to the home office, when you give everything a place, it becomes incredibly easy to tidy things away and create order in your home. And when you have a neat and orderly home, you’ll find life runs that little bit easier.

Storage comes in all sorts of guises, from fitted cupboards to basic baskets, so don’t feel you have to spend a fortune to get on top of the clutter. Simply follow these cupboard storage ideas and you’ll find clever solutions for every space. Let’s be honest: you can never have too much storage!

Like what you see? There’s more where this came from. Check out the Checkatrade blog for more tips, ideas, how-tos, and inspiration.

Cupboard storage ideas

1. Mix up your storage

Storage cupboard ideas

For storage cupboard ideas in an open plan living space or kitchen diner that sees lots of activity all day long, we recommend choosing a mix of closed cupboards and open shelves. This will create a dynamic storage solution that can be used for many different things.

With this handy storage combo, you’ll be able to hide the not-so-attractive stuff behind closed doors, like kids’ toys or craft materials, and display your pretty tableware and ornaments on the open shelves for a chic feature.

2. Maximise space inside cupboards

Inside cupboard storage ideas

Bulging kitchen cupboards but no wall space to add more units? The secret is to double their internal capacity by adding more shelves or glass racks to maximise every centimetre of storage space.

Speak to a carpenter near you about your requirements and ask them to add a bespoke touch to your existing cupboards so you can squeeze even more in.

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3. Consider drawers over cupboards

Kitchen cupboards storage ideas

When it comes to kitchen cupboard storage ideas take time to think about how and who will be using the kitchen so that you can design an ergonomic space that all ages can easily use.

For example, adding drawers below the worktop, instead of base units, allows heavy items such as plates and pans to be accessed from above rather than having to bend or kneel in front of cupboards. Also, ensure all drawers and cupboards are soft close to avoid any trapped fingers.

4. Pull out laundry cupboard

Airing cupboard storage ideas

Consider adding an easy-to-pull-out laundry basket to your airing cupboard where you can separate colours and whites for practicality.

Drawers designed with holes will ensure air circulates around sheets and towels that might still be damp, while wide shelves offer plenty of space for extra bedding storage, such as duvets, pillows and winter blankets.

5. Bespoke boiler cupboard

Boiler cupboard storage ideas

Although essential, a boiler isn’t the nicest of things to look at and can ruin the aesthetic of a smart room scheme. Found yourself searching for boiling cupboard storage ideas? Consider hiding it away in a purpose-built cupboard and you’ll have a clean finish.

You are likely to need to build a bespoke cupboard to fit around it as you’ll have to ensure it remains easy to access. Use our free search tool to find a carpenter who can help you get what you need.

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6. Under stairs cupboard

Under stairs cupboard storage ideas

Fed up with a cluttered hallway? Nowhere to hide shoes and coats? Try utilising the valuable space underneath the stairs and create bespoke cupboards and drawers that will conceal all manner of unsightly paraphernalia.

Some under-stair storage ideas include creating pull-out drawers for shoes, a hanging area for coat storage and cubby holes for bric-a-brac, to maximise every valuable centimetre.

Want to know how much you’ll have to spend? Our guide to under-stairs storage costs should help.

7. Bespoke bedroom cupboard storage ideas

Bedroom cupboard storage ideas

In small bedrooms where space is tight, finding storage for everything is key for ensuring a calm and restful room. Consider building a wall of bedroom storage that includes hidden units for clothes and open shelves for convenience.

If you want to add a TV, create a space within the shelves for a small flatscreen to fit, and stick to handleless cupboards for a fuss-free feel.

8. Hidden hallway storage

Hall cupboard storage ideas

The hallway is one of the busiest spaces in the home and has to work extra hard to maintain calm and order. If you have the space, combine wardrobes for coats, hooks for bags and open cubby holes for baskets that can keep scarves, gloves and smaller items in one place. A bench with drawers underneath will be great for putting on shoes.

Turning your entrance into an efficient, hardworking and robust space will help to make family life that little bit easier.

9. Kitchen corner cupboard

kitchen corner cabinet

It can be tricky to make the most of kitchen corners. Take time to plan your corner cupboard storage ideas so you don’t lose out on valuable space.

Carousel corner units are a brilliant solution for corner kitchen cupboards as they allow you to use the entire internal area of the base unit, and swing out to allow you access to the contents easily. No more reaching into the back to retrieve that elusive pan lid!

10. Pull out pantry

Food cupboard storage ideas

Forget precariously balanced cans cluttering your kitchen units. A pull-out pantry cupboard with sturdy, robust drawers will instantly elevate your kitchen storage to a new height of efficiency.

Not only will deep drawers keep heavy food jars, cans and bulky packets in one convenient cupboard where they can be accessed easily, but the drawers will also encourage you to keep all items neatly arranged.

11. Bathroom vanity cupboard

Bathroom cupboard storage ideas

Whether you’re planning a new bathroom from scratch or updating an existing one, choose a vanity unit that will offer endless storage options.

A design that offers deep drawers with different compartments will enable you to keep all sorts of bathroom bits and bobs in neatly hidden storage. What’s more, everything can be seen from above in one easy glance, while little baskets can be used for keeping smaller items in order.

For more clever solutions, take a look through these bathroom storage ideas.

12. Maximise utility space

Utility cupboard storage ideas

Want to create a useful utility cupboard away from the kitchen? To save on space, stack up your washing machine and dryer for a streamlined look, and then build shelves and cupboards around them for storing cleaning products and laundry items.

Use lightweight baskets for storing things like loo rolls, so they can be lifted off the shelf easily when needed. And if you don’t have space to add cupboard doors to your utility area, a smart curtain will do the trick.

13. Clever shoe cupboard idea

Shoe cupboard storage ideas

Whether you need to create somewhere for shoes in the hallway under the stairs, or in a bedroom wardrobe, a dedicated shoe cupboard or drawer will make finding that matching pair when you’re in a rush all the more easy!

Add a bar across a wide deep drawer so you can stand shoes at an angle. This way, not only will you protect them, but you’ll also avoid that big shoe mountain from reappearing.

14. Add compartments to a cupboard or drawer

Stationery cupboard storage ideas

Wow! Now that is one organised stationery drawer. The secret to a super-orderly arrangement like the one above is to separate a big drawer into compartments using smaller boxes, trays and drawer dividers to keep everything separate and easy to find – particularly tiny items like paper clips.

Having a place for everything will mean you can locate things in a dash and will also encourage the household to tidy things away back to their rightful spot.

15. Home office open cupboard storage ideas

home office cupboards

Transform a home office by turning one wall into a bespoke shelving unit. Instead of enclosing the space by incorporating cupboards with traditional doors, opt for open cupboards so you can neatly store all of your stationery and accessories.

If you don’t have the budget to go bespoke, you can always purchase cube storage units and stack them on top of each other.

16. Living room media wall

modern media wall in living room

Make the most out of your living space and build a bespoke media wall unit around your TV. This way, you won’t just be maximising your space but you’ll also transform your TV area into a stylish focal point that doesn’t look intrusive and won’t ruin the overall vibe of your space.

If you’re interested in getting a quote for a media wall – or you fancy adding any of these other cupboard storage ideas to your home – just contact a local carpenter. Checkatrade members have to pass up to 12 checks and are regularly reviewed by homeowners. So, you know you’re hiring someone you can trust.

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