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15 pretty and practical utility room ideas

Stuck for utility room ideas? Don't worry. We'll explore 15 of the best ideas from both a pretty and practical standpoint below.

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Imagine having a space entirely dedicated to laundry. A room that you walk into and you’re hit with the scent of your refreshing detergent. Also imagine extra storage for all your cleaning products, along with a home for your usually on show shoes and coats.

With these ingenious utility room ideas, you can free up your kitchen and create a unique area for all your utility needs.

From storage ideas to decorating options, building a space that works for you is essential. Even the smallest of areas can be converted into a utility room – we’ll look further into exactly how you can make the most of every nook and cranny to suit your individual needs here.

Utility room storage ideas

The best storage solution for your utility room will depend on the size of the space you have available.

The following are all excellent utility room storage ideas:

Add shelving

utility room idea

Shelving can be a great choice for utility room storage. Not only are shelves a practical solution for storing cleaning products, piles of clean laundry and more. They’re also a great way to add character to your space by displaying pictures, plants and other decorative items alongside those non-negotiable practical ones.

The image here shows how a small utility room that doesn’t have a lot of storage space can really benefit from shelving. A washing machine and tumble dryer fit perfectly under a shelf that can be used to sort washing out. Additional shelves that sit over the wall cupboard make use of underutilised space to store items that don’t need to be accessed frequently.

Maximise closed storage

Utility room storage ideas

Although shelves can be a great aesthetic choice, utility rooms are often packed with unsightly items that might be better stored away from view. Enter closed storage options!

Fitted cupboards and drawers are often the go-to for hiding away mounds of cleaning products, laundry detergents and clutter. But if you don’t have the budget for them, you can also achieve a similar effect by filling boxes and baskets and placing them on open shelving. This utility room boasts a fantastic combination of cupboards, drawers, baskets and boxes to ensure the homeowner has enough storage space for every eventuality.

Make use of every nook and cranny

Utility room ideas

The utility room here might be better described as a utility corner. It’s a great example of how you can utilise every corner of your home to maximise your storage – and how even homes that don’t have the space for a dedicated utility room can still enjoy the same benefits.

The open shelving offers plenty of storage, while the addition of baskets and boxes helps to keep the area looking clutter-free (particularly important as the area is located in one of the home’s primary living spaces).

We also love how the homeowner has added curtains in front of the appliances. In this way, the appliances don’t have to be in full view from the kitchen, but they’re still easily accessible.

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Modern utility room ideas

Modern homes are becoming more and more popular but keeping up with modern utility room ideas can be daunting. That’s why we’ve summarised the best ways to design a modern, sophisticated area below.

Go monochrome

Utility room extension cost

Work with shades of white, grey, and black to create a monochromatic design theme. Black and white are great for making a statement as black absorbs light while white reflects it. As such, this high-contrast colour scheme is ideal for modern homeowners looking to make a statement.

The utility room here pairs a beautiful white marble worktop and splashback with sleek black units, a black tap and even black wire laundry baskets. It’s a consistent scheme that’s dramatic yet refined. Monochrome utility rooms also work well with small pops of colour if you want to brighten up a modern space.

Choose sleek and shiny finishes

modern utility room ideas

Choose sleek and shiny finishes to complement a modern utility room, such as silver or glass components.

This utility room looks slick and modern with its shiny white units and shelving. The chrome doors of the appliances match the chrome taps, giving the room a cohesive feel that’s bright and clean.

Embrace minimalism

Sleek utility room with a modern finish

Minimalism fits perfectly with a modern room. Storage is key if you want to aim for this aesthetic so that you can keep everything neat and tidy at all times.

The utility room in this image is simple yet effective. There are no unnecessary features but everything there is has been done to the highest standards. There’s an abundance of storage with multiple cupboards and drawers, perfect for hiding away washing products and much more. 

Garage utility room ideas

Creating a utility room in your garage will free up space in your house and give you the potential to create a large, dedicated room for your laundry needs.

Consider your layout carefully

Garage utility room ideas

A utility room is a room with a purpose, so it’s important to make it as efficient as possible – especially when you’re dealing with a larger space like a garage.

In this utility room, the washing machine and tumble dryer have been placed side by side, so that wet clothes can be quickly loaded up, ready to dry. Better still, the laundry hampers are located next to the washing machine and a set of drawers and clothes rail are installed next to the tumble dryer. In this way, the whole room has been set up like a production line, keeping everything within reach and allowing for the quick and easy processing of laundry.

Combine it with a mud room

Utility room and mud room ideas

Why not make use of the space that your garage offers to combine your utility room with a mud room? This idea works particularly well if you have an internal door separating your garage from the rest of your home. Not only will this save your home from wet footprints, but it’ll also make it easy for you to throw muddy items straight in the wash as you enter the house!

The utility room/mud room in this image features a comfy bench – perfect for putting on and taking off shoes – as well as an obligatory dog wash station (check out our guide to the cost of a dog shower if you’re a fan of muddy dog walks). We also love the wood panelling that’s covered in shelves and hooks. It’s a practical way to store outdoorwear but it looks great too.

Make it comfortable

Converted garage with utility room

Garages can be cold, uninviting places to be. Instead of simply adding some storage and appliances to your garage, consider converting it into a proper room so that you can do your laundry in comfort. Our handy garage conversion cost guide can help.

This garage has been beautifully converted into a fully functioning utility room with endless potential. A stunning water feature adds tranquillity and practicality, while the pebbles and a wood false wall only serve to further enhance the space. What’s more, a unique floor-to-ceiling storage unit houses both machines while adding extra storage to this incredible room.

Basement utility room ideas

Having a utility room in your basement will prevent you from having to go outside to your garage on cold or rainy days, at the same time as freeing up valuable space in your kitchen. Considering converting your basement? Check out our helpful guide to cellar conversion costs, along with these basement utility room ideas.

Make it an all-in-one laundry room

Average cost to finish a basement

If your basement is large enough, why not make it into a fully-functioning laundry room, complete with a drying rack (for clothes that can’t be dried in a tumble dryer), an ironing board and more? If you choose to go down this route, it’s definitely worth adding a radio or TV to your basement so that you can enjoy ironing in peace.

This basement is a perfect example of a spacious and practical utility room that includes a TV. It’s perfect for long hours of ironing! Decorated in creams and whites, this is a soothing space that also feels homely thanks to the beautiful rug that adds a cheerful pop of colour.

Add a sink

utility room ideas with sink

If your reason for converting your basement into a utility room is to free up space elsewhere, you might be considering moving your appliances down and having done with it. Although this will reduce your costs, we’d argue that no utility room is complete without a sink!

A utility room sink is useful for handwashing articles of clothing, as well as rinsing off dirty boots and other items without making a mess in the kitchen. The basement utility room in this picture only has a small sink, but it’s perfect for washing smaller items, as well as washing hands after touching cleaning products and detergents.

Confine all your unsightly appliances to one space

Utility room appliance ideas

A basement utility room is a great way to get unsightly appliances out of the way. As well as using it to house your washing machine and tumble dryer, why not add other appliances that you don’t use too often? For instance, you could move your microwave down here, or even add a second freezer!

The utility room here boasts a large freezer ideal for overflow food items – especially when guests are staying. By housing it here rather than in the kitchen, the homeowner benefits from a less cluttered living space, with unsightly appliances hidden from view.

Aesthetic utility room ideas

Of course, it goes without saying that your utility room needs to be practical. But it also needs to be a space you don’t mind spending time in. Otherwise, you’ll never be motivated enough to get those piles of laundry dealt with!

With that in mind, here are some utility room ideas to help you get this space looking its best.

Consider the lighting

Lighting is important both so that you can see what you’re doing and so that your utility room feels nice to be in. The best lighting for a utility room will usually include a combination of overhead lighting and wall lights. That way, you’ll be able to get rid of dark and gloomy corners and will be able to adjust the lighting to suit your mood and needs.

This stylish utility room boasts LED under-cabinet lighting. As well as serving a practical purpose so that the homeowner can see what they’re doing at the sink, it also gives the room a high-end, polished feel that adds to its overall character.

Pick your floors carefully

Aesthetic utility room ideas

Your utility room floors need to be hardwearing. But your flooring choice will also influence the room’s look and feel more than you might expect.

The utility room here features uniform grey tiles. They’re durable and easy to clean but they also add to the room’s slick and modern design. The look is completed by a small rug, which helps to soften the overall picture.

Add some personality

characterful utility room ideas

At the end of the day, remember that your utility room is an extension of your home. So, it’s important to make it feel like yours! Adding a splash or colour, some family pictures or some plants are all ways that you can help to inject some personality into your space.

This characterful utility room beautifully combines teal units with a wooden worktop to create a traditional farmhouse effect. Fun inspirational quotes and the addition of foliage give it a homely vibe that shows off the homeowner’s personality.

Utility room ideas key takeaways

  • Your utility room should be a practical space that looks great too
  • Storage is key to making your utility room functional and avoiding clutter
  • Focus on the layout to make sure you can do your laundry efficiently without walking great distances

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