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Clever kitchen storage ideas

Good storage is key to making sure your kitchen functions effectively and is free of unsightly clutter. These clever kitchen storage ideas have you covered.
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The Checkatrade guarantee

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Your kitchen is a workhorse that’s got to look great and function seamlessly. Clever kitchen storage is key to making that possible. From kitchen wall storage to kitchen island storage, we’ve picked out some of the best kitchen storage ideas around to help you achieve a functional and fashionable kitchen.

Kitchen wall storage ideas

Peg rail

kitchen peg rail

Peg rails aren’t just for hallways and utility rooms. Nail a peg rail to the wall of your kitchen to hang any of your necessities. They are fantastic for storing tea towels, dust pan and brushes and any utensils.

You can pick up peg rails for a very affordable price in a lot of high street stores, or why not scour your local vintage shop to see if you can find one second-hand that you can then upcycle?

Box shelving

kitchen box shelving
Box shelving kitchen concept

Open shelving is all the rage for all styles of kitchen. However, have you considered box shelving? It’s like a kitchen wall cabinet without a door, so all of your goodies are on display.

These are a popular option for smaller kitchens as they allow you to use your wall for storage without completely closing off the space.

Hanging hooks

hanging mugs in kitchen

Purchase a pack of hanging hooks to put on a rail. These cost as little as £1 but can be a handy space-saving kitchen idea.

Use these hooks to hang mugs, utensils and measuring equipment. Not only will it look great but it’s practical, as all of these accessories will be easy to access.

Beautiful baskets

baskets on kitchen shelves
Baskets kitchen concept

Fill your kitchen shelves with decorative baskets. Choose a selection of the same basket design for a uniform look, or if you prefer something a little more rustic, collect a bunch of mismatched baskets instead.

You can use baskets to store lots of different things including tea towels, fruit and veg, and any dried goods.

One continuous shelf

minimalist kitchen design
Shelving concept image

We love the idea of having one continuous kitchen shelf above the worktop. More often than not we see stacks of open shelves, which look great, but one long shelf creates a seamless look.

Perfect for Scandi-inspired kitchen designs, this storage idea will allow you to store things but also to display some of your favourite bits and bobs.

Under sink storage ideas

Portable shelf

under sink storage

Under the sink can quickly become a dumping ground. Try your best to organise this area by incorporating a portable shelf. This will give you two surfaces to store things on rather than just one and it should make it easier for you to grab your cleaning supplies.

Hanging bin

under sink storage with mini bin

Store your bin away and avoid having it on show by putting it under the sink. You can get hold of miniature bin designs that can be attached to the door, meaning it won’t take up any floor space.

This is a great idea for those that have a small family and a small kitchen that don’t produce much rubbish and don’t have the space for a full-sized bin.

Kitchen roll dispenser

kitchen roll dispenser under the sink

Kitchen roll on the kitchen counter isn’t the most stylish addition. Hide it away under your sink but in a practical way.

Install a kitchen roll dispenser on the inside of the door so you can easily pull off a sheet of two without having to rummage around to find it.

Stackable crates

tidy under the sink

Use as much height that’s available under your sink as possible. These wire stackable crates are a great idea for storing things neatly away.

Sponges, clothes, tea towels and other cleaning supplies can be stored in these and they won’t end up getting piled up making it impossible to find anything.

DIY kitchen storage ideas

Old jars as food storage

kitchen open shelves with jars

Kilner-style jars are really popular for storing food and other kitchen supplies. They look stylish and rustic and are a great addition to any kitchen.

However, avoid buying these brand new and instead search charity shops for second-hand ones. Or, use jars that you’ve already used yourself.

Hanging baskets

boho inspired kitchen with hanging baskets
Concept image of a kitchen with hanging baskets

Be inspired by this boho kitchen pictured above and hang baskets on the wall for a funky storage solution.

This homeowner has used them to display plants, however you can also use them to store more practical things.

Second-hand palettes

old palettes as kitchen storage

If you’ve got empty floor space and are crying out for more kitchen storage, try stacking old fruit and veg palettes and using them to display your kitchen goods.

Vintage palettes are more attractive than new ones as they offer character and rustic charm, so try and source some from your local antique shop.

Scaffold boards as shelves

scaffold boards as kitchen shelves

Source some second-hand scaffolding boards to use as kitchen shelving. This is a very popular DIY storage solution as they look very effective.

All you need to do is purchase a pair of standard shelving brackets that are available in your local DIY shop and screw them onto the wall.

Kitchen island storage ideas

Crockery shelves

kitchen island with built in shelves

Leave a section of your kitchen island open and install shelving to store your crockery.

This will add a visual point of interest and will allow you to add pops of colour to your kitchen design through the choice of crockery that you choose to display.

Bar stool storage

green modern kitchen
Kitchen island concept image

Rather than designing a solid kitchen island, make sure to incorporate a worktop overhang to act as a breakfast bar and store any seating you may have.

Bar stools are a popular choice for kitchen islands and are great for socialising.

Deep shelving

deep shelving in kitchen island
Island storage concept image

Including one deep shelf in your kitchen island can provide handy storage space for any larger items that you usually find tricky to store away.

Any larger utensil pots, appliances or vases that you struggle to fit anywhere else will fit perfectly into a deep shelf. Usually, an island is placed in the middle of a kitchen so these will be easy to grab, too.

Incorporate appliances

kitchen island with integrated appliance

If you’re after clever kitchen appliance storage ideas, why not incorporate them into a kitchen island design where possible? If you’ve decided to put your sink in your island then having a dishwasher right next to it makes for a seamless design decision.

Wine fridge

kitchen island with wine fridge

Keep your wine stored in one place and in the perfect conditions. Including a wine fridge in your kitchen design gives it a sense of luxury and is ideal for any wine lover.

Putting a wine fridge in the island will mean it’s at reaching distance as this is often the biggest expanse of work surface area and is most likely where you’ll be preparing drinks.

Kitchen pantry storage ideas

Uniformed containers

pantry storage
Kitchen pantry concept image

Design your kitchen pantry with organisation at the forefront. Gather lots of containers in different sizes to fit what you want to store in them.

Tall, skinny containers are perfect for storing pasta and rice and smaller, wider containers are ideal for storing teabags and porridge oats.

Fruit and veg baskets

pantry storage with baskets
Pantry storage concept image

If your pantry features deep shelves, these are ideal to store baskets. Using a deep shelf to pile things on top of each other can look cluttered and untidy.

Use old baskets to store your fruit and veg in a tidy fashion. Make sure to take them out of the plastic packaging first.

Old jam jars

old jam jars as pantry storage

Jam jars are ideal if you’re looking for kitchen food storage ideas. Once you’ve finished with your jam jar, wash it out thoroughly with dish soap and warm water and then it can be used to store anything you want, from lentils to couscous.

Personalised labels

labelled pantry containers

Make your pantry even more organised by labelling your jars and containers. Use a label maker to print out your own labels or use a Sharpie pen instead.

Using a pen may be a better option if you know you’re going to mix up what’s stored in the jars.

Spice wall rack

spice wall rack

Keep all of your spices in one place by displaying them on mini shelves in your pantry.

No doubt you could do these as a DIY project using offcuts of wood. If you don’t have the time though, you can purchase them online.

Kitchen storage ideas key takeaways

  • Prioritise kitchen storage ideas that are practical and aesthetically pleasing, like shelving or peg rails.
  • Don’t forget to incorporate clever kitchen cupboard storage ideas too, whether that’s for organising your cleaning products or hiding a bin out of sight.
  • Explore DIY kitchen storage options or second-hand items if you’re on a tight budget.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of kitchen storage options if you only look hard enough. Whether you’re after budget cupboard storage options for organising your cleaning products or aesthetically pleasing kitchen wall storage, there’s sure to be a solution out there to suit your needs.

A trusted kitchen fitter will be able to help incorporate these kitchen storage ideas into your overall design.

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