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Hallway ideas: Create the perfect modern, bright or small hallway

Modern hallway ideasA transitional space, hallways help to guide us through our homes and into different living areas. Unfortunately, many hallways have become a space to dump shoes, coats and other items. Now is the perfect time to claim your hallway back, and our hallway ideas will guide you through this process.

Is your hallway narrow and dark? Dull and boring? Or in a state of disrepair? No matter the issue, it is possible to create a beautiful space full of life and light. Below, we’ve looked into the effects of colour and style as well as easy changes you can make to update your hallway today.

Small and narrow hallway ideas

If your home is quite small, there is a good chance your hallway is too. You may feel like there is nothing you can do to improve this, however, that is not the case. With the following small and narrow hallway ideas, you can transform a neglected space into a hallway to be proud of:

  • Using light colours on walls can make the smallest hallways look more spacious and open.
  • Mirrors reflect light and add an extra element of depth. Adding a well-placed mirror can greatly enhance a narrow hallway.
  • Sometimes small or narrow hallways can seem to be dark and dingy, with not much natural light entering the space. Carefully chosen lighting can help to make a hallway appear brighter and wider.

Dark hallway ideas

Dramatic and luxurious, a dark hallway can be a great feature in larger homes. You can create a stunning and intriguing hallway yourself using the following dark hallway ideas:

  • Your floor and walls give the perfect opportunity to add darker shades. There are many wallpaper and paint options as well as flooring styles that can complement this theme.
  • Patterned wallpaper can add depth and intensity to a wide hallway.
  • If you want to stick with light or neutral walls and flooring in your hallway, adding dark furniture or pictures can create a striking contrast.
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Light hallway ideasBright hallway ideas

Bright hallways can be difficult to achieve in small homes but there are ways to infuse light into a dark hallway. Following these three bright hallway ideas will help to make a shift from a boring, dingy space to a light, airy hallway:

  1. Painting the walls and flooring in a bright or light colour can transform a dull hallway and create a happy space.
  2. Brightly coloured artwork and pictures can bring an influx of character and joy into your hallway. This is particularly true if your walls are painted in light or neutral colours.
  3. Lighting can completely change the feel of a dark hallway, especially if no natural light penetrates that area of your home.

If you don’t want to do the painting yourself, our guide on painter and decorator prices will help you find vetted tradespeople who can help.

Modern hallway ideas

These days it is very common for homeowners to strive for a modern theme in their homes. But, keeping up to date with modern hallway ideas can be tricky. Below we have summarised the best and easiest ways to achieve a modern finish for your hallway:

  • Use a monochromatic palette with shades of white, grey and black (we have a great grey and white hallway idea below). Add silver metal accents and glass wherever possible. For example, using silver picture frames or glass stair panels.
  • Keep clutter in your hallway to a minimum by utilising smart storage solutions. This will look even more modern if your storage incorporates glass or metallic silver shades.
  • Create seamless transitions between your rooms and hallway by using the same flooring and wall colours throughout your home.

Long and large hallway ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a long and large hallway, there is so much potential just waiting to be unlocked. Consider the following long and large hallway ideas to make the best use of this space:

  • Add storage to larger areas, including sideboards, cupboards and ottomans. This will allow you to keep clutter tidied away and create a clean, open space.
  • Use similar styles of art and decorations throughout the hallway to enhance the flow of your home.
  • Slimline storage solutions can give long hallways a purpose, even if you don’t have a wide hallway. You can also use mirrors and lighting to open up narrow hallways.

Bright, bold and beautiful hallway ideas

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