Oil Tank Installation in Lincolnshire (3)

Oil tank installation in Lincolnshire

If you’re looking for oil tank installation in Lincolnshire, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you find professionals to fit your oil tank in no time at all. Our members are even recommended by your neighbours.

Here are two ways of finding oil tank fitters in Lincolnshire:

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  2. Or, save time and energy using our request a quote feature. Tell us about your job and we’ll send your details to three domestic oil tank installers in Lincolnshire. Then you can get on with your day while they draw up three personalised quotes.

  • What is an oil tank?

    While the majority of homes in the UK are connected to the mains gas grid, many properties aren’t. If you buy a home that isn't connected, you’ll need to find an alternative fuel source to provide hot water and central heating. One of the more popular alternatives to gas is oil. Oil is a great way of powering your boiler but you’ll need to have an oil tank fitted.

    So, what is an oil tank? These large containers are installed on your property to store oil before it’s needed. You’ll need to arrange regular oil deliveries to top up your tank, ensuring you have a constant supply of fuel.

    Types of oil tank

    There are a range of different types of oil tank to choose from. The three most popular options are:

    • Underground oil tanks - Installed underground, these tanks don't take up any precious space on your property. They’re also hidden from sight with pipes running underground to your central heating system.

    • Above-ground indoor oil tanks - Oil tanks are quite large so if your tank is installed indoors it’ll need to be fitted in a basement or garage.

    • Above-ground outdoor oil tanks - Usually installed near to your home, these tanks don't take up space inside your property.

  • How far away from the house does an oil tank have to be?

    When it comes to choosing the location of your oil tank, it can't be positioned too close to your home to prevent accidents. Your oil tank should be at least 1.8 metres from your home.

    How long does an oil tank last?

    Unfortunately like most things, oil tanks aren’t designed to last forever. This means you’ll need to change out your tank over time. Most oil tanks will last from 10 to 15 years before they need to be replaced.

  • Do I need planning permission to install an oil tank?

    Whether you need planning permission to have your new oil tank fitted depends on your circumstances. There are strict regulations regarding the position, maintenance and installation of oil tanks. If you’re unsure whether you need planning permission, we’d recommend contacting your local authority for advice.

  • How much does an oil tank cost?

    The amount you pay for an oil tank to be installed will vary from job to job. There are a range of factors that impact the cost of oil tanks. These include:

    • Size of oil tank - Smaller oil tanks are less expensive than large oil tanks.

    • Type of oil tank - Depending on the type of oil tank you choose, the price you pay will vary.

    • Brand of oil tank - Different brands of oil tanks will have different costs.

    • Replacement or new oil tank - It’s usually cheaper to replace an old oil tank than to set up an entirely new oil tank system.

    • Location - Depending on where you live in the UK, oil tank installation costs will vary.

    New oil tank cost

    After considering the above factors, let's take a closer look at new oil tank costs. If you choose a standard oil tank, this will cost an average of £750, while a double walled oil tank will cost an average of £1,050. You’ll also need to pay for installation.

    The average oil tank installation cost is £1,200. If you’re looking for more prices and tips, visit our oil tank installation cost guide.

    Want to speak to oil tank fitters in Lincolnshire?

    Once you’re ready to get started with your oil tank installation in Lincolnshire, why not let us help you find the right professional for your job. Our members are recommended by your neighbours and pass thorough checks to ensure they provide the best service possible.

    There are two easy ways we can help you find domestic oil tank installers in Lincolnshire. Firstly, try our free search feature. Just type in your postcode to see a variety of specialists who offer oil tank installation in Lincolnshire.

    Alternatively, our request a quote feature is the perfect solution for busy homeowners. Fill in our online form and we’ll pass your information to three oil tank fitters in Lincolnshire. They’ll then contact you with three fair quotes.

    How much does it cost to remove a UK oil tank?

    If you no longer need your oil tank or you’re planning to switch to another fuel source, you are probably wondering how much it costs to remove a UK oil tank? Depending on where your tank is located, whether your tank is empty, and the size of your tank, the oil tank removal cost can vary.

    The average oil tank removal cost is £750 but as we mentioned above, this cost is not fixed. For more information and advice, check out our oil tank removal cost guide.