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Radiator cover fitter in Bristol

Are you looking for qualified radiator cover fitters in Bristol? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

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  • Is it a good idea to cover radiators?

    People typically cover radiators for two main reasons: safety and aesthetics. Radiator covers can protect you from burns, which is a particular concern for those with small children. They also come in all kinds of designs and can improve the visual appeal of a room.

    Plus, radiator covers prevent dust accumulating on your radiator, potentially improving the air quality of a room. You can also use them as shelves for storing items or placing decorations. Radiator covers give you added functions without seriously compromising your radiator’s performance.

  • Do radiator covers reduce heat efficiency?

    A well-designed radiator cover will have almost no effect on your radiator’s heat efficiency, as it will allow hot air to flow through it easily.

    Improperly designed or poorly fitted radiator covers, on the other hand, can reduce your radiator’s heat efficiency.

    It’s possible for radiator covers to improve heat efficiency, as they might enhance heat distribution or make use of reflective materials. Here’s an interesting article about how radiator covers affect heating.

  • What can I use instead of a radiator cover?

    If you want to disguise or improve the look of a radiator or protect people from its hot surface without using a radiator cover, there are many creative alternatives.

    For example, you could place slim pieces of wooden furniture around it, like a bench or a shelf. You could also paint the radiator to blend in with its surroundings, though this doesn’t come with the same functions as a radiator cover.

    Another option is placing some plants around the radiator to direct attention away from it, or you could build a small bookshelf.

  • Are radiator covers outdated?

    You can have radiator covers built according to your tastes and the style of your home, so they can look modern or traditional.

    Radiator covers aren’t outdated because as long as radiators are in use some people will need radiator covers. Others simply like their look and functionality.

    If you think bog standard radiator covers are outdated, opt for something personalised and more modern looking.

  • Do radiator covers need a gap at the bottom?

    Yes. Radiator covers need a gap at the bottom to allow air to pass through and efficiently heat the room. Cool air comes through the bottom, is heated by the radiator, and exits through the top.

    Having a gap between the cover and the radiator also allows you to access the radiator if you need to, such as when removing dust.

  • Do radiator covers need to be fixed to the wall?

    No. Radiator covers don’t need to be fixed to the wall, but they can be if that’s your preference. Fixed covers can provide more stability, meaning they won’t fall over if you bump into them.

    Freestanding covers are typically lightweight and can be moved around easily, which can be convenient when cleaning or accessing the radiator.

  • How much does it cost to build a radiator cover?

    It costs about £200 to £300 to have a custom radiator cover built. If you have the required skills, you could save money building one yourself. Check out our guide to radiator cover costs.