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AM Shirley Builders
AM Shirley Builders Logo
AM Shirley Builders
9.13(58 reviews)

Operates in Solihull

We are a family run business with 30 years experience. We can provide a wide range of services. We do not employ sub-contractors; our workforce comprises of local, trustworthy, reliable...
Call07458 165276
HB Building & Roofing
HB Building & Roofing Logo
HB Building & Roofing
10(42 reviews)

Operates in Solihull

HB are here to offer solutions to all your building and gardening work. We love what we do and will always welcome any queries or free quotes.
Call07488 814699
D.R. Sears Developments
D.R. Sears Developments Logo
D.R. Sears Developments
9.68(39 reviews)

Operates in Solihull

We are a small friendly company serving mainly the domestic sector with some commercial work.We undertake a wide range of work as listed from a single storey extension to a fitted kitchen to full...
Call07458 165670
JSC Renovation
JSC Renovation Logo
JSC Renovation
9.16(49 reviews)

Operates in Solihull

 Affordable, Reputable, Quality for 12 years. JSC renovations is a newly established business which has grown and developed through many years of experience. With a keen eye for detail and a...
Call07458 172847
Lewis Family Builders
Lewis Family Builders Logo
Lewis Family Builders
9.15(23 reviews)

Operates in Solihull

Thank you for your interest. We are Lewis Family Builders Ltd, we specialise in, plastering, roofing, plumbing, tiling, decorating, garden cleaning, extension, carpentry and conversions.
Call07488 821839
J.A.J Builders Ltd
J.A.J Builders Ltd Logo
J.A.J Builders Ltd
9.84(104 reviews)

Operates in Solihull

J.A.J Builders Ltd is a professional building company with over 20 years experience in the building trade. Professional, tidy, reliable, friendly and always to the highest standards.
Call07458 188499
EB Home Improvement
EB Home Improvement Logo
EB Home Improvement
10(160 reviews)

Operates in Solihull

EB Home Improvements specialise in the design, supply and installation of Bathrooms, Kitchens and Flooring along with General Carpentry work.
Call07458 165424
i-furb Ltd
i-furb Ltd Logo
i-furb Ltd
10(48 reviews)

Operates in Solihull

we look at all extension and new build projects within our area. We look forward to receiving your details, Andrew and Emma.
Call07458 188173
J Field Construction
J Field Construction Logo
J Field Construction
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Operates in Solihull

Extensions and Bricklaying services - local team available for your projects
Call07488 849010
Steven Smith Builders
Steven Smith Builders
9.77(61 reviews)

Operates in Solihull

Home extensions,Property builds and Maintenace.Across Coventry and west Midlands. For high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service, contact Steven Smith Builders.
Call07893 906964

Refurbishment companies in Solihull

Finding a refurbishment company in Solihull for your project doesn't have to be an effort or a gamble. We’ll make sure it’s not.

We can help you to find a refurbishment contractor easily in just a few clicks. Even better, all our refurbishment professionals are checked by us and come recommended by your neighbours.

Ready to get started? Choose one of the below two options:

  1. Go online and search for refurbishment companies in Solihull. You can then contact them directly.

  2. Or, to speed things up, use our request a quote feature. Use our contact form to pass along the details of your job and we’ll send these on to three experienced refurbishment contractors near you. They’ll then get in touch to offer you three different quotes.

  • What is a refurbishment?

    Over time our homes can become damaged and worn. A refurbishment is the process of returning your property to its former glory. This may include anything from decorating, fitting new windows and replacing old flooring.

    What’s the difference between refurbishments and renovations?

    Often these two words are used to mean the same thing, however there is a difference between the two.

    Refurbishment means restoring your home to how it once was. Renovation means transforming your home into something new.

  • What are the different types of refurbishment?

    Refurbishment is a broad term that covers a number of different jobs and projects that improve your home.

    The main goal of a refurbishment is to revitalise and refresh your home. It can include everything from small, quick jobs to large scale refurbishments.

    Common types of refurbishment include:

    • Cleaning dirty, worn areas
    • Cosmetic work to improve the look of your home
    • Repairs to damaged parts of your home
    • Replacing fixtures and fittings
    • Converting an unused space
    • Improving the energy efficiency of your home
    • Upgrading parts of your property
    • Fitting new windows
    • Replacing missing roof tiles
  • How to plan a refurbishment project:

    Depending on the scale of your designs, planning is an important part of the process. If you want to make small, cosmetic changes you likely won't need a detailed plan.

    However, significant refurbishments should be properly planned out.

    Use the below steps to learn how to plan a refurbishment project:

    1. Create a design of how you want your refurbishment to look and function. This can be done by an architect for really effective results.

    2. Seek any necessary planning permission for major refurbishments.

    3. Decide whether you’ll project manage your refurbishment works or hire a professional.

    4. Set a budget for each stage of your refurbishment and decide how you’ll fund your project.

    5. Find local tradespeople and get quotes for the work.

    6. Create a schedule of refurbishment works.

    7. Start construction.

  • How long does a refurbishment take?

    It can be hard to give an exact timescale for your refurbishment as every project is different. In order to estimate the time needed, consider the following factors that impact the duration of your refurbishment:

    • How large your home is

    • What part of your home you plan to refurbish

    • The current condition of your home

    • How complex your plans are

    You can also work with a project manager to plan how long your refurbishment will take. As a rough guide, cosmetic changes could take up to 3 months, while major refurbishments may take up to a year.

  • Do I need planning permission for a refurbishment?

    Well, it really depends on the type of refurbishments you’re planning. Many refurbishments won't need planning permission, for example, internal alterations, cosmetic changes and repairs. However, large scale refurbishments that alter the size and shape of your home may need planning permission.

  • How much does refurbishment cost?

    As we mentioned above, each refurbishment is unique so it can be difficult to give accurate prices. Before setting a budget, consider the below variables:

    • Age and condition of your home: If your home is old and in poor condition, renovations will be more expensive

    • Type of refurbishment: Small cosmetic changes will be much more affordable than converting an entire room

    • Your location: Depending on where you live in the UK, labour prices will vary

    • Size of your home: Larger homes are more expensive to refurbish

    • How complex your refurbishments are: Simple refurbishments will be much more affordable than complex jobs

    • Materials used: High quality, long lasting materials cost more than basic materials

    Flat refurbishment cost

    The best way of getting an accurate price for your refurbishments is to ask for a quote from a refurbishment company. However, we can look at some rough costs for your refurbishment. Below are three average flat refurbishment costs for different projects:

    • Redecorating: £2,500

    • Basic refurbishments: £16,500

    • Full flat refurbishment: £40,500

    To learn more, please see our flat refurbishment cost guide.

    House refurb cost per m2

    Houses will be more expensive than flats to refurbish as they are generally larger, with more rooms. Again, it can be tricky to give a realistic guide price as each renovation will differ but below are a few example house refurb costs per m2:

    • Laminate flooring: £30 per m2

    • New carpeting: £30 per m2

    • Artex removal: £15 per m2

    • General refurbishments: £850 per m2

    • Painting: £8.50 per m2

    You can find more prices and information in our house refurbishment cost guide.

  • What to look for in a refurbishment contractor

    Refurbishment contractors are fully qualified to handle your refurbishment plans. However, it’s essential that you find a professional you can trust to do a great job.

    The first thing to do is to invite a few tradespeople to your home so you can get to know them.

    If you’re unsure what to look for in a refurbishment contractor, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Do they have positive reviews on Checkatrade?

    • Are they willing to provide pictures of past projects?

    • How many years of experience do they have?

    • Are they open to questions and happy to explain the refurbishment process?

    • What qualifications do they have?

    • Are they offering a fair quote?

    • Are they friendly and professional?

    Want to speak to a refurbishment company in Solihull?

    If you’re a little nervous about inviting a refurbishment contractor into your home, we can help put your mind at ease.

    Our members pass 12 checks to ensure they’ll provide you with the best service possible.

    You have two options to find a refurbishment company in Solihull that’s recommended by your neighbours.

    Firstly, try our free search feature. Just give us your postcode and we’ll show you a variety of refurbishment contractors in your area.

    Or, why not give our request a quote feature a go? Send us all the information about what you need doing and we’ll pass this on to three professionals in your local area. They’ll then either ask for more details or send you a quote.