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Smoke alarm installers in Horley

If you're looking for smoke alarm fitters, you've come to the right place. We can help you find qualified smoke alarm installation experts in Horley who come with the recommendation of your neighbours.

Below are two ways of finding smoke alarm installers:

  1. Search Checkatrade for smoke alarm fitting in Horley and contact the companies directly.

  2. Try our request a quote feature. Send us the details of your job and we’ll send these to three smoke detector installation specialists in Horley. They’ll then get in touch to offer you a quote.

  • Do I need a smoke alarm?

    Unfortunately, no matter how careful we are, house fires can still happen with devastating results. Having a working smoke alarm is the best way of getting an early warning that a fire has broken out in your home. These alarms can give you the extra precious seconds you need to escape or even neutralise the fire before it spreads.

    Having a smoke alarm isn’t a legal requirement but they’re strongly recommended to keep your family safe. If you’re a landlord, however, you’re legally required to have a smoke detector system in place before you let out your property.

  • Where should smoke alarms be placed?

    There’s some confusion about whether smoke alarms should be placed on a wall or ceiling. As smoke rises, having a ceiling smoke detector is the safest option. The alarm should also be placed in the centre of the ceiling over 30cm away from lights and walls. This positioning will help your alarm to detect smoke very quickly compared to other positions.

  • How many smoke alarms do I need?

    This depends on the layout of your home. The sooner a smoke alarm detects smoke, the quicker it’ll warn you of the danger. This means the more smoke alarms you have, the better you’ll be protected from fires.

    It’s recommended that there be at least one smoke alarm on each floor of your home. But for larger properties, you may need more than this.

  • How often should smoke alarms be tested?

    Luckily, smoke alarms need very little in terms of maintenance. Apart from occasionally using your vacuum brush attachment to remove any dust, your alarm should keep functioning properly.

    However, regularly testing your smoke alarm is a must. We’d recommend testing your smoke alarm every six months and changing the batteries annually.

  • How often should smoke alarms be replaced?

    Smoke alarms aren't designed to last forever, although they do last quite a long time. For safety reasons, it’s recommended that you replace your smoke alarm every 10 years.

  • How much does it cost to install UK smoke detectors?

    Installing smoke detectors can save your home and your life, so they’re well worth the investment.

    Wondering how much it costs to install smoke detectors in the UK? Well, firstly, consider the below factors:

    • The type of alarm - There are a range of different smoke alarm systems available, each with a different price tag.

    • The size of your home - If your home is on the larger size, you’ll need more smoke detectors and possibly a more complex smoke alarm system.

    • Installation - Depending on how complex the installation process is, the price you pay will vary.

    • The number of alarms - The more smoke alarms you choose to have installed, the more you’ll pay.

    • Accessibility - Difficult to access areas in your home mean longer labour times and higher labour costs.

    Smoke alarm installation cost

    Looking at some of the most common types of fire alarm systems available, the average smoke alarm installation cost will vary from £25 - £6,000. For example, a simple, battery powered smoke alarm costs around £50, while a commercial fire alarm system costs on average, £4,000.

    You can find more prices and information in our fire alarm installation cost guide.

  • Why does my smoke alarm keep beeping?

    There are a few reasons your smoke alarm keeps beeping and depending on the type of noise it’s making, you should be able to figure out the issue.

    If your smoke alarm is bothering you, consider the following potential problems:

    • Loud and constant beeping - Your alarm may be detecting smoke but if there’s no fire, it could be triggered by steam, humidity, an electrical issue or even a build up of dirt in the sensor.

    • Continuous chirping - Usually this means the alarm’s batteries need to be changed as soon as possible.

    • Random chirping - This is often an indicator that your batteries are running low but it could also mean your alarm has a loose wire.