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Solar panel installation in Tenterden

Finding qualified solar panel installers in Tenterden doesn’t have to be a long, complicated process. Let us give you a helping hand with your search. Our members are even recommended by your neighbours.

Below are two ways of finding companies who offer solar panel fitting in Tenterden:

  1. Search online for solar panel fitters in your area and contact them directly.

  2. Use our request a quote feature. Just send us the details of the work you need doing and we’ll pass these to three local solar panel installers. They’ll then get in touch with you to offer you a quote.

  • How does a solar panel work?

    Solar panels are a great choice if you want to power your home through sustainable energy. They work by absorbing heat from the sun and transforming this energy into electricity to power your home. You also need an inverter to convert the energy produced from direct current electricity to alternating current electricity.

  • What are the benefits of solar panel installation?

    Solar panels are becoming more popular every year with responsible homeowners looking to generate sustainable energy. What's more, solar panels have a range of other benefits too. These include:

    • Versatility - Solar panels can be fitted onto most flat surfaces, from property roofs to countryside fields.

    • Reliability - Even on cloudy days, solar panels can generate electricity. Although they do generate more during sunny days.

    • Safety - These panels are extremely safe to use. There is no risk of electrical fires and shocks.

    • Silent - Solar panels operate silently, keeping your home quiet and peaceful.

    • Low maintenance - Solar panels require little maintenance.

    Grants - You can often find government grants to help with the cost of solar panel installation.

  • How much energy does a solar panel produce?

    The amount of energy produced by your solar panels will vary depending on their type and size. Having said that, the average panel produces 0.25kW-0.4kW per hour. Solar panels are installed in groups, generating an average of 3kW per hour. Over a year, a 3kW set of solar panels can produce 2,600kWh.

  • What size solar panel do I need?

    To calculate the size and amount of solar panels you need, it’s worth considering the size of your roof, the amount of electricity you want to produce and the strength of your roof. Your roof will only have a certain amount of space, so you can only install a limited number of solar panels.

    What's more, solar panels can be heavy when grouped together so always consider whether your roof can support these panels. Finally, consider how much power you want to generate. Generally, solar panel systems can generate between 1kW and 4 kW so consider the size of your home and your energy needs.

  • What are the different types of solar panel?

    There are two main technologies used to create solar panels: solar photovoltaic and solar thermal panels. Each type of solar panel works differently but gives similar results. Unsure which is best for your home? We’ve summarised both options below:

    • Solar photovoltaic panels - Solar PV panels are installed on your roof and use silicon based technology to collect sunlight and change it into electricity. Solar PV panels can last up to 30 years, won't freeze during cold weather and can provide up to 60% of the energy you need. However, they’re quite expensive and take up more space than solar thermal.

    • Solar thermal - Panels are added to your roof that contain tubes full of liquid. This liquid is then heated up by sunlight and flows into your cylinder. Solar thermal technology is more efficient than solar PV panels, takes up less space and works well for water heating. However, they don’t work as well during the winter and tend to have a shorter lifespan.

  • How long does a solar panel last?

    This depends on the type of solar panel you use. Generally, you can expect your solar panels to last for between 25 and 30 years. After this time they’ll still continue to work just at a lower efficiency than a new solar panel would.

  • What is the best roof direction for solar panels?

    South facing roofs work best with solar panels as this gives the panels the best opportunity to absorb sunlight. However, east and west facing roofs can also work well. North facing roofs are the least effective, producing about 30% less power than south facing roofs.

  • How much does a solar panel cost?

    In order to budget for your new solar panels, you need to know how much these clever home additions cost. There are a few factors that affect your solar panel installation cost. These include:

    • Number of panels - The more panels you need, the higher the price.
    • Type of panels - Different solar panels will vary in price (see our “What are the different types of solar panel?” section above).
    • Your property - Depending on how big your home is, you may need more solar panels, increasing the cost.
    • Solar battery - If you decide to add a solar battery to store excess power, this will be charged at an additional cost.

    Solar panel installation cost

    The amount you pay for your solar panels will be strongly affected by the type of solar panels you choose. For example, a 5kW PV system will cost an average of £8,000, while a solar thermal system of 3.6m2 will cost an average of £4,500.

    You find more prices, advice and information about solar panels in our solar panel installation cost guide.

  • Want to speak to solar panel installers in Tenterden?

    Once you’re ready to start using solar power, you’ll want to find a solar panel fitter you have confidence in. The best way to do this is to hire an experienced, qualified solar panel installer. Our members all pass thorough checks and come with the recommendation of your neighbours to give you peace of mind.

    We can help you to find companies who offer solar panel installation in Tenterden, saving you time and energy. There are two excellent ways to find solar panel fitters. Either use our online search feature. It's completely free to use, we just need your postcode to show you a range of professionals who offer solar panel fitting in Tenterden.

    Or, to save time, try our request a quote feature. Fill in our online form and we’ll send your details to three professionals who install solar panels in Tenterden. You can then sit back and relax and wait for them to contact you with three separate quotes.