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Solar Roofs in Tenterden

Finding solar roof installation in Tenterden doesn’t have to eat into your free time. Let us help speed up and simplify the process. We can even show you solar roof contractors who are recommended by your neighbours.

Below are two common ways of finding solar roof companies:

  1. Go online and search for solar roof installation in Tenterden and contact companies directly.

  2. Or, use our handy request a quote feature. Just fill in our online form with the details of your job and we’ll send this to three solar roof installers near you. You can then sit back and relax while they put together three personalised quotes for the work.

  • What is a solar roof?

    While solar panels are becoming more popular, as a sustainable way to power your home, they are not the only way to collect solar energy. Another, less common option is to choose a solar roof. Rather than adding large solar panels to your roof, you can choose to replace your roof tiles with individual solar tiles.

    Each tile has a small solar panel built in creating a seamless finish. These tiles are a great option if you hate the appearance of bulky solar panels but want the benefits that come with solar energy.

  • How does a solar roof work?

    Solar roofs work in the same way as solar panels, they just look better. The tiles are commonly made using photovoltaic cells and layers of silicone. So, when sunlight hits your solar roof, it’s converted into energy that powers your home.

    Different solar roof tiles

    There are a range of different brands that offer solar roof tiles, each with their own advantages. Some of the solar roof tiles available today are made by:

    • Tesla
    • Nulok
    • Solecco
    • GB Sol

    How much power does a solar roof generate?

    Similar to solar panels, solar roofs can generate a good amount of power to be used in your home. The amount of power your tiles produce will depend on the size of your roof and what solar roof tiles you choose. If your roof is large enough, it may be possible to generate enough energy to completely power your home.

  • What are the benefits of solar roofs?

    Solar roofs have all the benefits of solar panels, with the added bonus of enhancing the appearance of your roof. Of course, these roofs also have a few disadvantages. So, before you make up your mind about solar roofs, take a look at their pros and cons:


    • Sustainability - Solar roofs work using energy from the sun, this renewable energy is sustainable as sunlight is always readily available. They even work during cloudy days.
    • No fossil fuels - Solar roofs don't need to use fossil fuels to work.
    • Maintenance - These tiles are easy to maintain as they have no complex moving parts, just keep them clean and they’ll function well.
    • Safety - Solar roof tiles are very safe to use.
    • Listed buildings - Unfortunately, listed buildings aren’t always compatible with heavy solar panels. Solar roof tiles are a great alternative.
    • Durable - Generally, solar roof tiles are more durable than standard roof tiles.


    • Price - These tiles can be expensive, usually costing more than basic solar panels.
    • Efficiency - Solar roof tiles are generally less efficient than standard solar panels.
    • Installation - As solar roofs replace your current roof, installation takes longer than it would for solar panels.
  • How long does a solar roof last?

    The good news is that solar roofs are designed to last. They’re stronger than normal roof tiles, meaning they have a longer lifespan. You can expect your solar roof panels to last for up to 30 years.

    How efficient are solar roof tiles?

    While solar roof tiles are quite efficient, they tend to be less efficient than standard solar panels. As a rough estimate, solar roof tiles are up to 15% less efficient than solar panels.

  • How much do solar roof tiles cost?

    If you’re budgeting for solar roof tile installation, it can be tricky to accurately calculate how much funding you’ll need. This is due to the fact that every job is affected by a range of factors, impacting the price you pay.

    If you need to know how much solar roof tiles cost, consider the below variables:

    • Brand of tiles - Different brands of roof tiles will be priced differently. For example, Tesla roof tiles have many benefits but are expensive.

    • Size of roof - The bigger your roof, the more you’ll pay for solar roof tiles.

    • Condition of roof - If your roof is in poor condition you may need to pay extra for repairs before your new tiles can be fitted.

    • Amount of solar tiles - Of course you don't need to cover your entire roof with solar roof tiles. The more solar tiles you use, the greater the cost.

    • Ease of access - If your roof is difficult to access, this may increase the cost of installing solar roof tiles.

    Solar roof tiles cost

    One of the key factors that will affect the cost of your solar roof tiles is the size of your solar roof system. For example, a 1kW system will use less tiles than a 3kW system and the price between the two will vary. As a rough guide, the average cost of a 2kW system is £9,900. You can find more prices and advice in our solar roof tiles cost guide.

  • Want to speak to solar roof installers in Tenterden?

    If you’re considering having solar roof tiles fitted on your home, it’s important to find the right professional for your project. You can do this by looking for solar roof contractors with experience and qualifications. What’s more, to put your mind at ease, our members each pass 12 checks and come with the recommendation of your neighbours.

    Once you’re ready to find professionals who offer solar roof installation in Tenterden, there are two ways we can help with your search. Our free search feature is a fantastic way to see a range of solar roof companies in your area using your postcode.

    Alternatively, our request a quote feature is perfect for busy homeowners. Send us the details of the work you need completing and we’ll get in touch with three local solar roof installers. They’ll then contact you with three fair quotes.