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Sustainable construction companies in Northampton

Looking for sustainable construction companies in Northampton? Let us help speed up your search. We can even show you sustainable construction contractors who are recommended by your neighbours.

Below are two options for finding eco friendly construction companies:

  1. Search online for sustainable building companies in Northampton and contact them directly.

  2. Alternatively, why not try our time saving request a quote feature? Just send us the details of your job and we’ll pass these on to three sustainable construction companies in Northampton. They’ll then get in touch to offer you a quote.

  • How can a construction company be sustainable?

    Construction companies offer services that can enhance and improve your home in a wide variety of ways, ranging from extensions to loft conversions or conservatories. During these home transformations, a large amount of materials are used which take energy to produce. This means the construction industry is responsible for a lot of global pollution.

    The best way for a construction company to prevent further damage to our planet is to use sustainable construction materials and resources. It’s also vital to reduce waste during construction and consider the local environment.

  • What are sustainable building materials?

    Sustainable building materials are created by recycling materials that have been used before. These materials are durable and strong, designed to last. Some examples of sustainable building materials are:

    • Wood/timber

    • Sustainable concrete

    • Metals

    • Mud bricks/straw bales - These aren’t recycled materials, instead they’re created sustainably to be used in construction.

  • Why use sustainable building materials?

    When new materials are produced for a construction project, this uses energy, emitting greenhouse gases. In fact, the construction industry is responsible for over 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions!

    A key way for construction companies to reduce damage to the environment is to use sustainable building materials. That’s why it’s essential that more sustainable building materials are used in construction to prevent further pollution.

  • Why is sustainable construction important?

    As we mentioned above, sustainable construction is important to protect our planet and local environments. However, there are a range of other benefits to using sustainable construction to improve your home. These include:

    • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

    • Increased worker productivity - Due to working in a better environment

    • Helping to prevent climate change

    • Health improvements for residents - Thanks to the use of sustainable materials

    • Increased property value - Using sustainable materials will make your property more appealing to buyers

    • Reduced energy bills

  • How much does it cost to build a sustainable building?

    A great way to live more sustainably is to buy or upgrade to a Passive House. These houses are built to strict standards ensuring they’re energy efficient, built using sustainable materials and have low emissions. If you’re considering making your current home more sustainable, it’s possible to make changes to upgrade your property to a Passive House.

    The cost of a Passive House will vary due to the following factors:

    • New or upgrading - If you’re building a new Passive House, this will be more expensive than upgrading your current home.

    • Size - Larger homes require more materials and longer labour times, this increases the amount you pay.

    • Materials - The type and quality of materials will affect your sustainable home cost.

    • Location - Property values and labour prices vary throughout the UK.

    • Layout - If you choose a more complex layout for your new home, this will increase the price you pay.

    Sustainable building cost

    Bearing the above factors in mind, let's look at some average sustainable building costs. For these examples, we’ve used homes built to Passive House standards. The average cost of a Passive House is £2,150 per m2. Alternatively, if you want your home to be close to the Passive House standard, this will cost an average of £2,000 per m2.

    For more information about sustainable building costs, please see our Passive House cost guide.

    What other ways can I make my home sustainable?

    If living sustainably is important to you, there are a range of ways you can make your home more sustainable. Below are a few examples of how to start living in a more eco friendly way:

    • Changing to double or triple glazing to reduce noise pollution and retain heat

    • Increasing insulation in your loft, ceilings and walls to reduce wasted energy

    • Installing underfloor heating for a cleaner way of heating your home

    • Using renewable energy sources like solar power

    • Reducing the amount of single use plastic you use

    • Using recycled furniture, clothing or products

    You can find more advice and tips in our sustainable living home planning guide.

    Want to speak to sustainable construction companies in Northampton?

    If you’re planning a home renovation project, choosing a sustainable building company is a great choice. You’ll also want to hire someone qualified and trustworthy. To put your mind at ease, our members each pass 12 checks to ensure they’re perfect for your job. They even have the recommendation of your neighbours.

    We can help you find sustainable construction contractors in Northampton in two ways. Firstly, our free search feature can show you a range of experts in your area using just your postcode.

    If you’re particularly busy, the chances are you don't have the time to search for local eco-friendly construction companies. In that case, our request a quote feature is the perfect choice. Just fill in our handy online form and we’ll pass your information to three sustainable building companies. They’ll then contact you with three personalised quotes.