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Water leak detection in Chatham

If you have issues with a water leak then chances are you need it fixed, pronto. Thankfully, we can help you save time on your search by providing the details of qualified professionals in your local area.

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  • What is leak detection?

    Water leaks are often hidden problems that can cause untold damage to a home. If not resolved they can lead to costly fixes for floors, ceilings and walls, as well as repair costs for appliances and pipework.

    Keeping an eye out for leaks is an important step for any homeowner, especially if you want to avoid large bills down the line and an unexpected increase in water bills. Leak detection involves identifying the cause of these issues and resolving them.

    You can do some simple checks yourself, including:

    • Reviewing water bills/meters

    • Checking underneath sinks

    • Spotting any damp or mould patches

    • Identifying a decrease in water pressure in the shower

    • Looking for puddles near toilets, showers and any appliances

    Whilst these checks will give you some awareness of a leak, it’s highly recommended you use a leak detection specialist in Chatham to explore the issue. If you attempt to repair it yourself you may only be addressing the visible symptoms and not the root cause. This can lead to unseen damage and costly repairs down the line including structural damage to a property.

  • How much does water leak detection cost in the UK?

    The average cost for water leak detection in the UK is £840, however prices can vary widely on a case by case basis. This is because water leak detection can be a fairly quick fix, or, require significant work to find and fix any issues.

    The leak detection cost you pay will be determined by:

    • Type of test performed - Depending on whether the leak detection specialist uses infrared cameras, acoustic devices, tracer gas or other tools, the leak detection cost will vary

    • Amount of leaks - The more leaks the specialist has to identify, the greater the cost

    • Size of the leak - Likewise, the bigger the leak, the more it’ll cost to repair

    • Damage to the water service line - It costs around £330 - £1,500 to conduct any water line repairs

    • Location - The price you pay for water leak detection in Chatham will vary depending on where you’re located

    • Adding a water shut off valve - This will make it easier to fix future issues. Water shut off valves cost between £150 - £420

    For a full breakdown of these costs, take a look at our water leak detection cost guide.

    A water leak detection company in Chatham won’t repair any damage to your home. In this case you’ll have some additional costs to consider. These may include water removal costs, repairing water damaged floors and ceiling water damage repair costs.

  • How does leak detection work?

    Leak detection services in Chatham will use one or more techniques to identify any issues with the flow of water in your home. This includes:

    • Toxic free water dye

    • Acoustic listening and correlation

    • Tracer reels and utility trackers

    • Tracer gas infrared cameras

    • Borescope cameras

    • Leak noise correlation

    Hiring a professional will ensure the root cause of a leak is found so it can be stopped and prevented from recurring.

  • What are the two most common leak detection tests?

    Leak detection services typically fall into two parts; trace and access. In the trace stage, they will mainly use non-intrusive and non-destructive tests, meaning they won’t damage your home or the pipework where possible. There may be occasions where some access is needed, such as removing a bath panel or drilling a hole for a camera, but this damage will be minimal.

    In terms of which method they use for the test, this will vary from company to company as well as the nature of the issue itself. Therefore it’s impossible to state which tests are most likely as the approach for a small leak is very different than for a significant issue.

    In the access stage, the leak will be repaired. If the pipework is not accessible then destructive access is generally needed to repair the leak. This is because they’ll need to remove part of the wall, ceiling or floor, or dig up the ground, to make the necessary repairs. You may choose to use a plumber for this work instead, or speak with your insurer first to make sure the work will be covered if it’s a large job.

  • How long does a leak test take?

    Water leak detection typically takes around half a day, although this can be longer depending on ease of access and the extent of the issue. It’s impossible to predict this beforehand as seemingly simple issues can often be more complex.

    Whilst leak detection is typically completed in a single visit, if there’s lack of access then a second visit may need to be arranged.