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Air conditioning repair in Nuneaton

Why is it you have issues with your air conditioner when you need it most?

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  • Why is my AC running but not cooling?

    As with any system, there are a few reasons why your air conditioner may not be producing cold air. Some of the causes could be down to user error, however, it may also be necessary to repair or replace a component in your air conditioner.

    Below’s a list of the most common reasons why your AC isn't blowing out cold air:

    • Thermostat isn't set to a low temperature

    • Blockage in the condenser unit

    • Air filter is dirty or needs replacing

    • Frozen evaporator coil

    • You need a bigger unit

    • Leaks

    While you can make a few checks yourself, for all serious issues, you’ll need to get in touch with an AC repair expert in Nuneaton.

  • Is it worth it to repair an air conditioner?

    If you’re having issues with your air conditioner, you’re probably wondering whether paying for repairs or buying a replacement unit is the best option. Before you make any decisions, consider the below points:

    • Age of air conditioner - Most air conditioners are designed to last between 10 and 20 years. So, if your air conditioner is over 10 years old, getting a replacement may be more cost effective.

    • Type of damage - Some types of damage (for example, a blocked filter) are quite cheap to repair. If this is the case, getting a repair is the smart choice.

    • Severity of damage - The more severe the damage is, the higher the repair will cost. In serious cases, it may cost as much to repair your air conditioner as to buy a replacement.

    • Availability of parts - If your air conditioner is old or from an obscure brand, it may be impossible to find parts for repairs. This may mean you have to pay for a replacement.

    • Cost of repairs - If the repair price you’re quoted is low, it’s usually well worth getting your unit repaired. Especially if your air conditioner is quite new.

    Multiple breakdowns - If your air conditioner keeps breaking down, repair costs can build up. Getting a replacement unit may be the more affordable option in the long term.

  • What is the most common AC Repair?

    Air conditioners are quite complex with many moving parts so repairs are often needed. Having said that, there are a few issues that are very common. These include:

    • Clogged or dirty air filters

    • Blown fuses

    • Condenser drain and fan damage

    • Low refrigerant

    Each of these AC issues can be repaired easily by a fully trained air conditioning repair specialist in Nuneaton. Use our free search feature to find experts in your local area today.

  • How much does it cost to fix an air conditioner that is not cooling?

    It’s very difficult to give an accurate air conditioning repair cost because you could end up paying anything from £50 to hundreds of pounds. The best way to get a proper estimate for repairs is to contact an aircon repair professional in Nuneaton.

    To help when setting a budget for this job, bear the below factors in mind that’ll impact your air conditioning repair cost:

    • Type of air conditioner - Different types of air conditioners will have different repair costs.

    • Type of damage - Depending on the type of damage that needs to be repaired, the air conditioning repair cost will vary. For example, a filter change will be a lot cheaper than replacing a condenser.

    • Severity of damage - The more severe the damage is, the more you’ll pay for repairs.

    • Age of air conditioner - Repairs will often be more expensive in old air conditioners due to the lack of available parts.

    • Repair or replacement - Depending on whether your air conditioner can be repaired or needs to be replaced, the amount you pay will vary.

    • Location - Labour costs can go up or down depending on where you’re located in the UK.

    Number of issues - If there are multiple issues with your air conditioner, the air conditioning repair cost will be higher.

  • How do I fix my air conditioner that is not cooling?

    If your air conditioner isn’t properly cooling your home, there are a few quick fixes you can try before calling in an expert.

    Remember, before you make any checks, to turn off the power supply to your home to prevent electrical shocks.

    Then, try the below ideas:

    • Ensure the thermostat is set low enough

    • Remove and clean/replace the air filter

    • Check your AC drain line isn’t blocked

    • Replace any broken fuses

    There are a number of other reasons that your air conditioner may not be pumping out cold air. However, these issues should be repaired by a trained professional to prevent injuries and damage to your AC unit.