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Last updated on July 20th, 2023

How much does a home air con service cost?

Wondering how much a home or office air con service costs? Whether you're looking to improve the airflow in your home or office, this guide will help you to budget for the costs involved.

Regular servicing of your home or office air con unit will make sure your air conditioning is fully functional when summer arrives.

It’ll help to make sure the unit is working at its optimum efficiency while reducing electricity bills. This is because clogged air filters, dirty condenser coils, and other impurities force the air con unit to work harder to perform, therefore using more energy.

Home air con service cost

ItemRough cost
One-off aircon service£70 - £120 per unit
Annual service/maintenance cover (one unit)£40+ per month
Indicative repair bills if parts need replacing
New circuit board £300+
New expansion valve £200+
New thermostat £100+
New fan £200+
Compressor (In this case, it may be more cost effective to replace the whole unit)£1,000+

Our costs are ballpark averages – get a local tradesperson to quote now

An office or home air conditioning service cost comes in at around £70 - £120 per unit. The cost largely depends on the size of the units and your location in the UK.

Depending on how much the AC is used, it could be more cost-effective to arrange for a monthly air con service cost with your chosen company. This will cover you in case the unit ever breaks down and you need an emergency repair.

Prices for a monthly air con maintenance agreement usually start around £40+ per month.

Unless you’re qualified and experienced in handling air con repair, we recommend you find a trusted air con specialist to get a bespoke quote to suit your needs.

For residential or commercial air con support, use our search to find a tradesperson near you.

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Air con engineer hourly rates

An air conditioning engineer will normally charge between £30 - £60 per hour to service or regas an air conditioning unit.

You will also be charged for the cost of the refrigerant required, which could be between £35 - £130.

If you require a call-out to your location, you could be charged a call-out fee of approximately £130 - £180 on a weekday or £170 - £220 on a weekend. Note these charges include the first hour of work.

If you’re based in London or the South East you can expect to pay a higher rate.

Air con unit service by a professional tradesperson

Air con service cost calculator

When getting your air con unit serviced or regassed, the total cost will be dependent on:

  • The labour charge plus any call-out fee
  • The cost of any new refrigerant
  • Any new parts that may be required to bring your unit back to full working order

You may also need to pay for any additional services including cleaning or antibacterial treatment which can cost in the region of £15 - £30.

Air conditioning spare parts

There are four main parts to an air conditioning unit: the evaporator, the condenser, the compressor, and the expansion valve. The most expensive part to repair or replace is the air compressor. Depending on the age of the air con unit, it might be worth considering replacing the AC unit altogether. Generally, it’s recommended this is done every 10-15 years.

Other parts, such as the air filters, are much cheaper to replace. This should be done at least six times a year to keep the air clean, especially if you have pets.

Air con service quotes

If your air con is in need of a service then it’s time to get a quote! We always recommend getting a minimum of three quotes for any job or service. This means you can compare what’s included as well as the price.

Use our request a quote feature to post the details of the job. We’ll send it to three local air con specialists and you’ll receive quotes straight to your inbox.

Alternatively, type your postcode into our search feature below to find a list of professional air conditioning service experts in your local area.

See the tradespeople we've checked and recommend for your job

Find out more information about the size and type of air conditioning units available, and the cost of installation.


What does an air conditioning unit service consist of?

A thorough clean of the systems components such as the filters, coil, fan and drain pan.

How often should a home air conditioner be serviced?

Conditions vary greatly between industrial buildings, offices, and residential properties. Each situation will need to be evaluated on an individual basis. Generally speaking, we recommend getting it checked at least once per year.

How much does it cost to service an air conditioner?

Air con maintenance will cost around £30 - £60 per hour for the labour, plus the cost of any refrigerant required. This can cost between £35 - £130.

Is an air con service worth it?

The benefits of an air con service are that the unit will perform more efficiently, and any problems will be spotted early, which could save you money in the long run.

Can you recharge a home air conditioner yourself?

No. You will need to ask a professional to service your air con due to the complexity of the various elements within the unit itself.

How much does it cost to install air conditioning?

Take a look at our air conditioning cost guide for information on costs.

See the tradespeople we've checked and recommend for your job
The Checkatrade guarantee
The Checkatrade guarantee

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Working with professional estimators, we collate cost estimates for the common home improvement and repair jobs in the UK.

All the costs are estimates only. For accurate costs for your particular requirements, you are encouraged to reach out to professional tradespeople to receive a quote for your job.

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