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Electric cooker installation, servicing and repairs in Scunthorpe

Looking for electric cooker installation, servicing or repairs in Scunthorpe? You’ve come to the right place. We can help you find experienced professionals in your local area quickly and easily. Plus, our members are recommended by your neighbours.

Below are two ways of finding electric cooker engineers in Scunthorpe:

  1. Look online for local electric cooker experts and contact them directly.

  2. Save time using our request a quote feature. Just fill in our online form with the details of your job and we’ll pass this onto three electric cooker fitters in Scunthorpe. They’ll then get in touch to offer you three separate quotes.

  • What are the pros and cons of electric cookers?

    If you’re considering switching to an electric cooker, it may help to know the advantages and disadvantages of these appliances. Depending on your requirements, an electric cooker may be the best choice for your home. Having said that, some homeowners prefer gas cookers.

    Below is a list of pros and cons of electric cookers:


    • Easy maintenance - Electric cookers and hobs can easily be wiped clean once cooled.

    • Consistent temperature - Electric ovens usually heat food more evenly than gas cookers.

    • Functionality - Many electric cookers have multiple functions. This means you can use both the fan and grill at the same time.

    • Grilling - Electric cookers are generally better at grilling than gas cookers.


    • Hobs stay warm - Even after you switch off your electric cooker, the hob will stay warm for a while. This can be dangerous and if you leave food on your electric hob, it will keep cooking.

    • Running costs - Electric cookers are usually more expensive to run than gas cookers.

    • Heating - Gas cookers are faster to heat up than electric cookers.

  • How much does it cost to install an electric cooker?

    Once you’ve chosen your new electric cooker, it’ll need to be fitted by a professional. It can be difficult to give an exact figure for how much your electric cooker installation will cost without considering the below factors:

    • Hob - If you choose an oven without a hob, it’ll be less expensive to install.

    • Size - Whether you pick a single or double oven will affect the installation cost.

    • Fuel - Some ovens are dual fuel, for example, an electric oven with a gas hob. These ovens can be more expensive to install than single fuel options.

    • Built in - Depending on whether your oven is built in or freestanding, the installation price can vary.

    • Compact - Compact ovens may be cheaper to buy and install than standard ovens.

    Electric cooker installation cost

    When it comes to budgeting for your electric cooker to be fitted, you may be wondering what the average electric cooker installation cost is. Well, the average fitting cost of a like for like electric oven replacement is £150. You can find more prices and information in our oven installation cost guide.

    Why not use our free search feature to find an experienced professional who offers electric cooker installation in Scunthorpe?

  • How to install an electric cooker:

    In order to safely install an electric cooker, you need to have experience working with electrics. We’d recommend hiring a professional for this job as the potential risk is quite high. Remember, faulty electrical connections can cause fires. If you do decide to do the work yourself, it’s vital your wiring is checked by a qualified electrician before you turn the power on.

  • How to disconnect an electric cooker:

    Disconnecting an electric cooker is a much simpler process than disconnecting a gas cooker (which requires a Gas Safe Registered Engineer). You just need to turn off the mains power supply in your home and unplug the appliance.

    How much does it cost to disconnect an electric cooker?

    If you don't feel comfortable doing this yourself, you can hire an electrician to do the work for you. An electrician will charge an average hourly rate of £40 and this job will take less than an hour. This means the average cost to disconnect an electric cooker is £40.

  • How to repair an electric cooker:

    If you’re having issues with your electric oven, the safest option is to stop using the oven until an electrician can come out to make any necessary repairs. However, if you have experience working with electric appliances, there are a few common issues you can fix yourself.

    Remember to always turn off your mains power supply before getting started. If you’d like to learn how to repair an electric cooker, use the below tips:

    1. Your oven thermostat isn't working - If your oven is not reaching the right temperature, you may need to replace the thermostat.

    2. Your oven door seal is damaged - You can order a replacement seal and change this yourself.

    3. Your oven fan isn't working - If your food isn't cooking evenly, you may need to buy a replacement oven fan.

    4. Your oven element isn't working - If your oven isn't heating up when you switch it on, you may need to replace the heating element.

    If you’d prefer to hire a professional for this job try our free search feature. Using your postcode, we can help you to find an expert in electric cooker repairs in Scunthorpe.

    Electric cooker service in Scunthorpe

    Unlike gas cookers, electric cookers don't need regular servicing. However, cleaning is important to keep them running effectively and reduce bad smells. If you don't have time to clean your oven, you can hire a cleaning service to do the work for you.

    Looking for electric cooker installation or repairs in Scunthorpe?

    If you need a professional to install or repair your electric cooker, let us help speed up your search. What's more, our members each pass a range of checks so you can be sure you’re hiring someone you can depend on. They’re even recommended by your neighbours.

    We can help you find electric cooker engineers in Scunthorpe in two ways. One option is to use our free search feature. Just type in your postcode and we’ll show you a variety of professionals in your area.

    Alternatively, our request a quote feature is the perfect choice for busy homeowners. Send us the details of the work you need doing and we’ll pass these on to three electric cooker fitters in Scunthorpe. You can then get on with your busy day while they draw up three custom quotes.