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There are many experienced gas central heating engineers in Wickford and we can help you find them. They’re even recommended by your neighbours.

Finding local gas central heating engineers couldn’t be easier, just pick one of the following options:

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  • How does gas central heating work?

    Gas central heating is the most common way of keeping UK homes warm and providing a constant supply of warm water. So, how does gas central heating work?

    Well, your central heating system creates a loop starting at your gas boiler. Here water is heated using gas which is then pumped throughout your radiators. Cooler water then returns to your boiler where it’s once again heated.

    Many systems also use tanks to store hot water ready for you to use in your kitchen and bathroom. You’ll also have a thermostat that allows you to control how much hot water is produced and the temperature of your radiators.

    Is it worth having gas central heating?

    If you’re unsure whether having gas central heating is the best option for your home, we can help you decide. Below we’ve summarised the pros and cons of gas central heating:


    • You won’t need to store gas on your property as it comes from the mains gas grid

    • Gas boilers can be 90% efficient, preventing wasted energy and saving you money

    • Gas boilers are generally reliable

    • Gas is often cheaper than alternative fuel sources


    • Gas prices can vary as demand increases or decreases throughout the world

    • Gas central heating systems can be expensive to install

    • When gas is burned it gives out carbon dioxide meaning gas isn’t a clean energy source

    • Your gas boiler will need regular servicing

  • What is gas central heating servicing?

    Gas central heating servicing involves an engineer coming to your home and inspecting your system. They perform a range of different checks to make sure your boiler and central heating are functioning correctly. Many boiler manufacturers recommend getting annual services.

    Is it worth having your gas central heating serviced?

    Absolutely. There are a variety of benefits to getting your central heating serviced including:

    • Safety: Regular servicing can check your system is running safely and there are no leaks that could be extremely dangerous.

    • Warranty: In order for your boiler warranty to be valid, some manufacturers require regular services.

    • Efficiency: Getting your central heating serviced can help improve its efficiency saving energy and money.

    • Spotting issues: When an engineer services your boiler, they can often spot issues that are developing. Fixing a problem quickly may avoid expensive repairs in the future.

  • Who can install and service gas central heating systems?

    Working with gas and installing or servicing central heating systems can be a risky job. Unless you have the proper training and experience it’s extremely dangerous to work on a gas system. It’s also illegal.

    In order to keep your family and home safe, you will need to hire a Gas Safe registered engineer for gas heating installation/servicing.

    How long does it take to install gas central heating?

    The time needed for gas heating installation will vary from job to job. It really depends on the size of your home, the number of radiators you have, the type of boiler you choose and the number of engineers involved. Generally, gas heating installation will take up to five days.

  • How much does it cost to install gas central heating?

    The amount you pay your gas heating engineer will depend on a few different factors. To estimate your gas central heating installation cost, consider the following:

    • Size of home: The larger your home, the higher the cost

    • Type of boiler: Some boilers require water tanks which will add extra labour time, increasing the amount you pay

    • Number of radiators: The more radiators you need, the greater the cost

    • Location: Installation prices vary depending on where you live in the UK

    • Pipework: If you need new pipework fitted, this will increase the price of installation

    Gas central heating installation cost

    Once you’ve taken the above factors into account, you’re in a better position to estimate the cost of gas central heating installation. The average price you can expect to pay will generally fall between £4,500 and £6,000. For more central heating installation costs including oil and electric, check out our central heating installation cost guide.

    How much does it cost to run gas central heating?

    This comes down to the size of your home, how much hot water you use, the temperature of your home and current energy prices. Gas central heating running costs are usually quite affordable but you will need to keep an eye out for any price hikes.

    The average annual price of gas can be varied, but you can find more information in our gas central heating running cost guide.

  • What are the alternatives to gas central heating?

    Whether your home isn't connected to the gas mains or if gas central heating isn't for you, you have alternative options. These include:

    • Oil: Requires a storage tank and regular oil deliveries

    • LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas): Also requires a storage tank and regular LPG deliveries

    • Electric

    Want to speak to gas central heating engineers in Wickford?

    Gas central heating is a great choice to keep your home warm and provide hot water. Once you’re ready to book your installation, we can help you find the right gas central heating fitters for your job.

    Remember, it’s vital to hire a Gas Safe registered engineer for this job. We’d also recommend choosing a professional you feel comfortable inviting into your home.

    Looking for local gas central heating engineers? Just try our free search feature to look through our trusted members in your local area.

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