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Central heating installation cost guide

A new central heating system is a big investment for any homeowner or landlord, and the price can vary depending on the type of boiler or heater, the number of radiators and other key components. It can cost anything between £2,300 and £5,500 to have central heating installed, depending on fuel source, boiler location and property characteristics.

It’s important to compare prices for heating systems and get a number of different quotes. It’s also crucial to ensure you get a reputable, trained tradesperson to carry out the installation work.close up of hands being warmed on a radiator

Here, we’ll look at the average costs of central heating installation for oil, electric and gas systems – so that you can choose the option that works for you and your budget.

Oil central heating installation cost

Oil central heating systems are a suitable option for people whose properties aren’t connected to the main gas grid. The fuel is heating oil, used to power the boiler which then heats the water for your radiators and the hot water for your taps.

The benefits of oil central heating include:

  • High efficiency of fuel
  • The opportunity to stock up on oil when prices are lower
  • A heating option for homes not connected to mains gas.

However, there are also potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Oil prices can fluctuate
  • Modern condensing boilers are much more efficient
  • Installation of oil heating systems can be expensive
  • A chance of running out of oil if delivery is impossible (i.e. due to bad weather).

Electric central heating installation cost

Electric heating is another option for properties without access to the mains gas network. The most popular system involves night storage heaters, which store electricity obtained at night-time when prices are cheaper. The stored heat is then used to heat the property throughout the day.

Modern storage heaters now come with thermostats and features such as remote wi-fi controls and programmable timers. You can also buy high heat-retention storage heaters, which are designed to be more efficient than previous kinds.

The pros of electric heating systems include:

  • Storage heaters are cheap to install
  • Heaters require little maintenance
  • A heating option for homes without access to mains gas.

But like other systems, there are disadvantages to consider too:

  • Electricity can be much more expensive than gas
  • You could face delays and a cold house if your heating hasn’t been switched on.

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Gas central heating installation cost

This is the most common heating system in the UK. Gas from the mains network is the fuel which powers your condensing boiler, which heats water for your radiators and hot taps.

There are quite a few advantages of installing a gas central heating system, including:

  • A high level of fuel and boiler efficiency, making it cheaper to run
  • It’s straightforward to replace a boiler if you need to
  • There’s no need to store gas if you’re connected to the main network.

But there are drawbacks too, such as:

  • Expensive to install a full gas heating system from scratch
  • Boilers need regular servicing
  • Gas prices are affected by global market fluctuations
  • Gas is a fossil fuel – so it isn’t the most eco-friendly option.
    Cost of installing central heatingLowestHighestAverage
    Oil system£4,500£5,500£5,000
    Electric system£3,230£4,350£3,790
    Gas system £2,300£4,500 £3,400

Central heating installation costs

The costs of installing your new heating system will vary depending on the size of your property and number of bedrooms, as well as how many heaters or radiators you need.


Which heating system is the cheapest to run?

Gas is usually considered to be the most cost-effective heating system compared to oil and electricity. However, it may not be an option for properties not connected to the mains network.

Who should install my new heating system?

It’s essential to use a fully qualified, registered heating engineer, no matter which heating system you choose.

What other heating options are available?

Oil, electricity and gas aren’t the only heating options out there. You can also look into renewable sources of energy to heat your home, such as solar panels, biomass heating and ground/air source heat pumps.

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